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Top 10 Delicious Booze Inspired Desserts

Top 10 Delicious Booze Inspired Desserts

Top 10 Delicious Booze Inspired Desserts

If you are currently reading this, you are a fan of deserts with booze in them! And why shouldn’t you be!? Here’s the top 10 delicious booze inspired deserts to up your baking game. Give any of these names a google and you’ll find tons of recipes to try for each. Find one that works for you.

1) Bailey’s Cheesecake

I feel like deserts with booze in them don’t need much explaining. But wow, when you add baileys to cheesecake you get this dessert among all other deserts. It’s creamy and sweet just like baileys but with extra amounts of creamy Baily’s flavors in it. All seriousness though, the slight heat and little bit of bitter kick that comes from the baileys in this desert, contrast so well with the naturally creamy sweetness that is cheesecake. Add this to your natural menu of deserts that you make, and you’re going to have a lot more company at your house.

Top 10 Delicious Booze Inspired Desserts

2) Stout Cheesecake

Really this name can be applied to any number of deserts actually. But the point is similar to that of the bailey’s cheesecake above. The whole goal of a stout cheesecake is to bring in a more bittersweetness to contrast the naturally sweet cheesecake. And what’s really cool about all the deserts you can make is there are so many varieties of stout. There are flavored stouts like a raspberry-infused one that would go well with some kind of fruit glaze on your cheesecake. Or you could go for a really dark and heavy stout that changes the overall texture of the cheesecake and give it more texture. Plenty of desserts to try with this idea.

3) Spiced Rum Cupcakes

Now we are working with a little bit more variety when it comes to our pairing of booze and sweet desserts. Having spiced rum in your cupcakes allows them to get a little more character. I don’t want to say savory or spicy, but it makes these small handheld deserts so much more fulfilling. Also depending on the rum, you can really play with the contrasting flavors. You can go spicy with something like Plantation’s Overproof rum, or a classic captain morgans which alludes to a more sweet heat with the desert. Figure out your taste and then get baking because these are worth it.

4) Boozy Banana Cream Pie

unlike the other deserts mentioned, banana cream pie with booze mainly applies to the additions to the pie. Yes, you usually put a small amount of the whiskey of your choice in the cream, but the majority of the booze comes from the whipped cream topping/whiskey caramel. Both of which are made by adding sugar to your liqueur and burning it off to be added with cream. We’ll get into this process a little bit later, either way, it is definitely worth it to booze up a classic banana cream pie.

5) Limoncello Tiramisu

Again, we’re back on at the contrasting desert flavors game. Tiramisu is naturally fluffy and sweet, so when you bring flavors like bitter coffee or sharp citrus you get an explosion of flavor. Now fair warning with this one, like all the other deserts it has strong liquor in it, but this one especially keeps the liquor pretty forward. Many of the recipes I saw had reviews on it that involved people burning off more of the liquor than what most recipes suggest. Apparently, these are strong, booze your deserts responsibly.

Top 10 Delicious Booze Inspired Desserts

6) Tequila Orange Truffles

Truffles are kind of not so common things for most people making deserts. But splurging a little and making this one happen might be worth your time. truffles by nature have a soft and chewy consistency to them once prepared. Adding tequila to the mix makes their texture incredibly smooth with just enough chew to be satisfying. Bring in that orange flavor alongside the booze and man this desert starts to make you feel like its summer with every passing bite.

Top 10 Delicious Booze Inspired Desserts

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7) White Russian Fudge

Much like the cheesecake deserts above, this is just another way to make something sweet and creamy-better. The coffee liquor gives a nice bitterness that pairs off well with the sweetness of the fudge. Follow that up with the cream that comes alongside a white Russian and you have this delectable dessert. Again, can’t stress the chew factor of this one, you really don’t need it, but you can’t stop yourself from chewing for two different reasons. One reason is the fact that it just tastes so damn good, and the second being there’s a lot going on with the texture and the flavors. As you eat the fudge certain flavors shine early and then finish later, leaving you feeling like you have to have more to really get the feeling for this recipe that’s now going into your deserts book.

Top 10 Delicious Booze Inspired Desserts

8) Whiskey Caramel Donuts

So unlike the other deserts, this one is kinda cheating because the desert itself really isn’t involving any booze. The booze comes in later once you add sugar to the booze and heat it up together until you get whiskey caramel. This was showcased by some of the other desserts as well. But let’s be honest here, donuts with glaze or caramel or anything is always awesome. So why wouldn’t they be with caramel enhanced booze? Of all the desserts, donuts at their core are begging to have stuff added to them. This combination can only possibly go right.

9) Whiskey Caramel Sauce

So all these deserts are ranting and raving about this whiskey caramel sauce. well little did anyone know it’s just making other deserts jealous because it really is a dessert all on its own. Butter, sugar, and whiskey of your choice all simmering in a pan, that’s how you make the whiskey caramel sauce. Plus, so I’m told by some of the reviews I’ve seen, because of the alcoholic nature of this caramel, it tends to last longer and also not stiffen up and crystalize like most sugary products. In this end, this will always be a good choice to pair with any other deserts.

10) Salted Mudslide Cookies

Like I was mentioning with the other deserts, contrasting and comparing flavors all in one dessert is a great thing. Salted mudslide cookies in its purest essence is a combination of this ideal. You’ve got the richness of the chocolate and the slightly bitter but also the rich flavor of the coffee liqueur, and then right when it feels too rich, you have the booze and the salt to cut through it and even it out. All in all this desert has a lot of direct and very apparent flavors and might not be for some. But if you want to take your tastebuds on a wild ride, this one opposed to all the other deserts hits the hardest in rich flavor.

Please in the comments below, let me know which of these boozy desserts made its way into your kitchen. Also, let us know what kind of booze you used, there’s so many out there that we have endless possibilities to try.

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