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7 Delicious Alcohol-Infused Food Ideas For A Boozy Kick

7 Delicious Alcohol-Infused Food Ideas For A Boozy Kick

Are you looking to put an exciting, boozy twist on your food this season? Or are you looking to bring some spirit into the start of a new academic year?…get it? If you find yourself shifting into one of these two categories then please, read on. Drink on. I support you.

From the end of October to January, life becomes a slurry of party after party filled with too many alcohol-infused food dishes to count. First there’s Halloween, then Guy Fawkes Day (if you’re especially festive), Christmas, New Years, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the amount of holidays this time of year contains.

When a party does roll around, you don’t want to be caught empty handed on the booze front, but you don’t want to overdo it either. Alcohol-infused food is a great way to combat this dilemma, and makes for a creative dish to take over to friends house party. Just make sure to keep the kids away!

1. Ginger Stir-Fry With Plum Wine Soba Noodles

To sweeten up my stir-fry dishes I usually use just a quick drizzle of honey to douse out the fire on those chilli flakes. But I’ve another great method that works just as well is using a splash of plum wine.

This dish is full of tang and ginger spice that attacks your nose with a pleasant burn. It’s a fragrant a light way to start off the boozy period of the year with a light alcohol-infusion and minimal work for beginners. Just don’t leave the wine of the heat for too long, or you’ll burn off the alcohol- and nobody wants that!

Click on the image below for a recommended recipe!

7 Delicious Alcohol-Infused Food Ideas For A Boozy Kick

2. White Wine Gingerbread And Pear

Forget men, gingerbread with white wine is where it’s at. This isn’t actually a gingerbread biscuit recipe. It’s for a sweet and spicy gingerbread loaf stuffed with wine-soaked pear. And if you’re in need of some quality comfort food throughout this season then this is a recipe you’ll want to be taking down.

Oven roasted pears are always a hit since the roasting caramelises the pear and intensifies the sweetness. But when combined with the complex spices in gingerbread and the dry tang that comes from the white wine, this alcohol-infused dish is suddenly brought to a whole new level.

Check out Sarah’s incredible recipe on Broma Bakery below by clicking on the image! Sarah is all about indulgence and sweetening up the kitchen which makes her the perfect gingerbread tutor.

7 Delicious Alcohol-Infused Food Ideas For A Boozy Kick

3. Beer-Battered Sweet Potato Chips

I have many fond memories of eating beer-battered chips by the beach with my friends. But the added sugary flavour of sweet potato gives my childhood memories a lovely honey glow.

Beer battering is common and underrated as it adds a level of rich bitterness to the batter that you don’t usually get with the usual flour and egg combo. It’s something cheap, easy for beginners, and completely doable when you’re alone at home. And, made right, is completely vegan and cruelty free. It’s definitely one of my favourite alcohol-infused food fantasies.

Click on the image below for Barbs incredible vegan recipe of this dish!

7 Delicious Alcohol-Infused Food Ideas For A Boozy Kick

4. Coco-Lime Colada Pie

I love a good piña colada on a Friday night. And I love pie. Put them together, what could possibly go wrong?

Imagine a key-lime pie with a good old piña colada kick. That’s what we have here. It’s a lime-zesty treat with copious amounts of coconut and rum. It could be considered a comfort food of sorts (I won’t blame you if you eat it by yourself at home), but it’s the type of dish that you can always count on to be a hit at parties in both the summer and colder periods. Serve it with a slice of pineapple on the side to complete the tropical air. Trust me, your friends will love this one.

Click on the image below for a recommended recipe!

7 Delicious Alcohol-Infused Food Ideas For A Boozy Kick

5. Irish Cream French Toast

You’ve made French toast for breakfast before, right? Then why not start your mornings off the right way? The Irish way, that is.

It also makes a great cheeky dessert, or a fantastic midnight snack for when your friends come round for a chill night of drinks and you need a quick and simple dish to keep you all going. Simple add a cup of Bailey’s Irish cream into your eggs and whisk thoroughly before soaking your bread. Don’t forget to add a dollop of whisky cream on the side to complete this dish.

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The Food channel does a great boozy French toast recipe if you want to try and experiment further. Try it out by clicking on the image below.

7 Delicious Alcohol-Infused Food Ideas For A Boozy Kick

6. Vodka Mac And Cheese

Mac and Cheese. From our childhoods to adult life, this is one of those rare dishes that doesn’t need a boozy kick to become a classic. But why not?

The addition of vodka might not sound like the most natural of choices for alcohol-infused food. It’s not enriching like wine, nor is it spiced and sweet like rum. But surprisingly, vodka brings a powerful heaviness to the sauce. This is a recipe for those who want to experience the unexpected.

Kankana from Playful Cooking is who you have to thank for this alcohol-infused food experiment. Try out her recipe by clicking on the image below.

7 Delicious Alcohol-Infused Food Ideas For A Boozy Kick

7. Bourbon Brownies

A bit of alcohol in chocolate is something I never like to shy away from. But a bit of alcohol in a densely packed chocolate brownie? Yes please!

Boozy chocolate is a rookie trick that makes your food look and taste gourmet with minimal effort. For this alcohol-infused recipe bourbon is used. Bourbon is spicy and rich which compliments smooth chocolate well and will leave you craving more.

Carroll Pellegrinelli from The Spruce Eats does a beautiful brownie recipe. You want to be taking notes. Click on the image below to check it out!

7 Delicious Alcohol-Infused Food Ideas For A Boozy Kick

Did any of these boozy alcohol-infused recipes take your fancy? Let me know in the comments!

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