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8 Defining Traits Of A Flaming Scorpio

8 Defining Traits Of A Flaming Scorpio

8 Defining Traits Of A Flaming Scorpio

Those born between the 23rd of October and the 22nd of November are Scorpios according to the astrological calendar. This makes them the 8th astrological sign for the year and also imparts onto them a mysteriousness that not all others will understand. So here are just 8 defining traits of a flaming scorpio, someone born powerful!

1. Intense

Scorpios are known for their intensity, both in their emotions and in their lives. Some may see this as a more challenging trait in another person but all flaming Scorpios will know that it makes them unique and incredibly empowering to be around. So if you feel more confident around a friend than you do around others chances are they might be a Scorpio and you are feeding off their intense energy!


2. Passionate

A Scorpio is almost always a passionate person. They will love the people in their lives fiercely and will have a strong commitment to what they feel are their passions in life. They are lead almost exclusively by the values which are important to them and this translates to a passion that cannot be unnoticed when you are in the presence of a Scorpio.

3. Clever

Someone who is a Scorpio can be known for their quick wit and intelligence. These people are very clever. You can’t hide your intentions from a Scorpio because they will see straight through your defences. They are very self-aware and never miss a joke!


4. Ambitious

This comes as no surprise when Scorpios are so clever. They are incredibly ambitious and when they have a goal in sight they will stop at nothing until they achieve what they set out to do! Often you will feel motivated when around a Scorpio because of the ambition that they have. They make for great friends because they will motivate you to work hard for your dreams, in the same way they do.

5. Competitive

If you have picked a fight with a Scorpio it is unlikely you will win. They are an incredibly competitive group of people. Many Scorpios make for great athletes because they like to win but they are not always the most enjoyable to play Monopoly with as they too, want to win that game. Though it can be fun to challenge a Scorpio and see if you can keep up.

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6. Outspoken

Notoriously quick to speak, Scorpios are very outspoken. They will not hold back if they disagree with something you say or believe. Scorpios are not afraid to say what others are too afraid to tell you. This makes them incredibly honest and can see them getting in trouble for things they have said. While some may think of this as a negative trait, it is outspoken Scorpios whose voice can help change the world. When we wouldn’t dare to stand up for what we believe in, you’ll see a Scorpio already standing.

7. Temperamental

Scorpios have a big and strong temper. They feel everything so intensely so it is no surprise that they often have fiery emotions that present as a temper not controlled. Don’t let this scare you because while Scorpios have emotions that can transition from joy to dread in an instance, it is their fearlessness to feel things that makes them who they are. They are good people, and their temper will be useful when you need someone strong on your side.


8. Seductive

There are very few signs as seductive as a Scorpio. They find empowerment through their sexuality and often lead very interesting sex lives. Scorpios are alluring and it is this quality which makes them so attractive. If you become romantically linked with a Scorpio it will be a pairing that you reflect and remember for life. 

Does this sound like a someone in your life? I bet they’re a flaming Scorpio! Let us know in the comments below if as a Scorpio you also carry these qualities.

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