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10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

Dorm room decoration ideas are plentiful for most of the year, but what about the holidays? You need something to give you that holiday cheer while studying for finals. Check out these ten ideas to put you into that holiday mood.

1. Decorating your door

One of the first decoration ideas that comes to mind is to decorate your door. You can choose to go all out or you can choose to keep things simple.

Materials for doors are usually found at almost every store during the holidays, but you can also find them specifically at craft stores.

If you choose to go all out, you can buy wrapping paper to put over the whole door, bows that have the sticky part on the back of them, stickers, a decoration to hang from the doorknob, etc. As long as you have your creativity, you can put anything on your door that won’t get you in trouble with your RA.

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

2. Mini fake tree

Most dorms will not allow you to bring in a real tree to decorate because it is a fire hazard. And let’s face it, dorm rooms aren’t even big enough to have a full-sized Christmas tree. However, you can bring in a fake mini Christmas tree and decorate that.

The branches on these trees are frailer than the average tree so make sure to only hang lighter ornaments on them.

Before you bring in a tree, though, make sure you have room for it in your dorm. The dimensions for the tree are on the box that the tree comes in when you buy it from the store. You might have to reorganize the layout of your room before you bring the tree into it.

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

3. Christmas tree out of lights

Decoration ideas for the holidays usually include items that take up space which is normally either empty or occupied by something else. However, if you make a Christmas tree only out of lights and/or garland then you will only need to occupy a wall which is probably already barren.

You can choose to use spare garland that your family back home won’t use on their Christmas tree or you can buy some of your own from your local holiday store. Before you place the pieces to keep the garland on the wall, have a friend or two help you measure out the length you will need by propping it against the wall.

This way you can see how the tree will take form and where the removable wall hangers need to go. Once you have the garland up, put the lights on top of the garland. You may need something to tie the garland and lights together though just in case the lights begin to droop.

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

4. Decorate your fridge

Holiday decoration ideas for a dorm room are usually pretty easy to do. Especially when you have a fridge. If you’re low on money, then you can just take the Christmas hat you already own and stick it on your fridge. Now it’s festive.

If you want to do a little more, then you can find some decorations that are magnetic and stick them on your fridge. You can achieve the look in the picture below by buying some white decoration that is magnetic on one side but has fabric on the other. Then glue on some more fabric to create eyes and a nose.

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

5. Hang candy canes around your room

Not all Christmas decoration ideas have to be nonedible. Candy canes are a great example of using food as a decoration around your dorm room. You can use them on your tree, or hanging from any edge you can find that you are confident the treat won’t fall down from.

If you like to eat candy canes, then using them as a decoration around your room lets you have a sweet treat from anywhere. You can hang the candy cane from those lights you have strung across your walls or on the edge of your bedframe. The hook on the candy cane is perfect for multiple areas.

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

6. Starlights

Stars are very popular around the holidays since they are usually the toppers on the Christmas tree. They also have a significance for the nighttime and make everything feel nice and warm and beautiful. So why not use them as lights in your dorm room?

Lights can go just about anywhere in the room as long as you have something to hang them from and an outlet. A very popular choice for starlights during the holiday season is in a window. But if you don’t have a window in your room, or if you don’t want to open the curtains on your window, then you can place them on the walls, on your desk, or on your bedframe.

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

7. Christmas Pillows

Chances are you already have pillows in your dorm room. But is there such a thing as too many pillows? Never.

You can buy these special pillows at stores during the holiday season and put them onto your bed, couch, windowsill, or even on your chair when you’re not using it. But what if you are on a low budget or don’t want another pillow in your room? There are holiday covers that you can slide onto your current pillow.

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When you are shopping for that new pillow or just the cover, make sure it’s something you will like for the next month or few months depending on how long you plan on keeping your Christmas decorations up for.

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

8. Christmas rugs

Christmas rugs are great decoration ideas for the holidays. Some just have snowflakes on them so you can keep them out all winter if you wanted. This type of rug is perfect if you celebrate a non-Christian holiday as well since snowflakes are about the winter rather than just one specific holiday.

If you did want one that is specifically for your holiday, you can find them in stores as well. And if they aren’t available in the physical stores, online shopping is your next best friend.

While you may not have a furry friend like in the picture below, you might have a few alternative things you can put on the rug, like fake presents or other decorations.

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

9. Hang stockings on the corners of your bed

Don’t have a fireplace to hang your stockings on in your dorm room? Have no fear. Most bedframes in dorm rooms have pegs on the ends, especially the ones that can stack on top of one another. You can use these pegs as your hooks to put your stockings on.

If you don’t have these pegs, then you can also use removable hooks for the walls and put your stockings up on the walls.

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

10. Wreath on the wall

Wreaths are one of those decoration ideas that are one of the first go-tos, along with the door. Most of the time you will see a wreath being placed on the door as the decoration. But what if you have a different plan for your door this year and still have a wreath?

You can use the empty space on your walls as a new door to hang the wreath on. Grab a removable hook, one big and strong enough to hold the weight of the wreath, and hang that beautiful piece of foliage up.

10 Decoration Ideas For Your Dorm For The Holidays

Dorm rooms don’t allow flammable objects into the room, but they do allow all the items on this list. What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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