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DIY Nail Art With A Bobby Pin

DIY Nail Art With A Bobby Pin

Looking for a new nail art trick, but don't want to break the bank on a manicure! Then give this DIY bobby pin nail art a go!

Nail decorations don’t just have to be something that you can only get done at the salon. You can make your own bobby pin nail art using things you have around your house.


  • Nail polishes
  • Bobby pins
  • Toothpicks
  • Rhinestones (if you want)
  • Clean coat polish
  • Paper plate

First apply your two base coats of the nail polish color you want as your base. Wait for it to dry completely before you start making your design.

Next take your bobby pin and bend it until it’s straight, or enough that you can use it and it won’t get in the way.


Pour out small amounts of the nail polishes that you are going to use for your decoration onto a paper plate or another surface that you don’t mind getting messy.

Now dip in your bobby pin or your toothpick and start making your design. A bobby pin will give you thicker lines or dots while a toothpick will give you thinner lines and dots.

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Draw or dot carefully, and make sure not to bleed colors. If your hand is unsteady, just use a friend.

If you want a little extra,  you can put rhinestones on your nail as well. When you’ve finished with your design, put a layer of clear coat polish on. This will give your nail extra shine and will help to secure the rhinestones if you chose to use them.

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