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5 Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom Walls

5 Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom Walls

5 Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom Walls

Decorating your bedroom can be a lot of work, and it isn’t always easy. Yes, for some it comes naturally, but sometimes we don’t know exactly what we want our bedroom to look like or what vibe we even want. With that in mind, it takes a lot of thought and sometimes time to finally choose what you want to place around your room, such as lamps and what kind of bed frame you want if any, but it can sometimes be even more difficult to come up with decor ideas for your walls. Empty walls can make a bedroom feel anything but homey, so I have made a list of five decor ideas for your bedroom walls!

1. Posters

Whether it be your favorite rock band, a still from your favorite movie, or even a poster of your favorite author, posters can help make your bedroom feel like you. Everybody is into different things, and there are posters out there for all of them. Just get on the internet and you will find it in a flash! Place posters of your idols or things that inspire you all around your bedroom walls so that when you get to your room, it really feels like your space and you can be happy and comfortable in it.

5 Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom Walls

2. Paintings or Art

If you are an artist, you can hang your own art or paintings on your walls so that you can be reminded of your talents every day. If you are not so much an artist, but still admire art, you can find paintings and pieces of art that you enjoy and that inspire you and hang them on the walls! They can be dark, gruesome paintings, or beautiful pictures of a flower field. Art is what speaks to you so find what speaks to you and make it a part of your personal space so that you are greeted by that every morning and night, and in between.

3. Pictures

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and when it’s pictures of you and your family, those a thousand words make up your memories. Find some pictures that fill you with good memories and place them up on your walls. This way, whenever you look at them, which will be often, you will be flooded by these great memories, putting you in a good mood and making your bedroom a place you feel happy in.

5 Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom Walls

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4. Lights

Hanging lights up on your walls is a great way to make your room light up. There are lights in the shape of stars or moons, tiny lights that look like fireflies, or even big round rainbow lights. Putting lights up around your room can help make you feel as though you are a fairy in a beautiful cave, and that cave is your bedroom.

5. Mood Board

With a mood board, you can do anything. You can put pictures of people that inspire you, clothing that you like, words that make you emotional, anything at all that makes you feel inspired, or just something that you like to look at. It’s a great way to make something, or you can even collage something, that is totally and completely you. It is made up of little pieces that make up your personality and who you are. It’s a great way to put yourself as a part of your room decor.

5 Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom Walls

Do you have any other bedroom wall decor ideas? Have you used any of these decor ideas in your bedroom? What did you think of them? Let me know in the comments down below!

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