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How to Deal with Stress in College

How to Deal with Stress in College


Welcome back to another post from Ask Andie, the column where your questions about life, college strugs, and relationships get answered. The topic we will cover today is all about stress, and how to deal with it; but if you have a specific question, post it in the comments below and you might just see it answered in the weeks coming forward!

This weeks questions are all about:
Dealing with Stress in College

Stress is a major part of college. When you pay that $35,000 annually it’s basically for sub-par dining hall food and constant stress. But that’s okay, as long as everyone else is stressing too, right? We’re all in this together. *cue the HSM flashbacks*


Q: I have three exams, four papers, and a ton of other homework due in the next week. How do I get it all done without pulling my hair out?

A: Great news, you won’t have to become bald. MAKE A LIST, GIRL. At the beginning of each week I map out everything and anything I need to do for the next seven days. As I prioritize my time accordingly, I find crossing things off is possibly the greatest feeling ever, next to finishing the semester of course. Also, prioritizing is a major part of college in general. Set goals for each day stating how much you want to get done during that time.

Q: It’s so hard to not get distracted when I’m around my friends/roommate. How do I prioritize my time accordingly when I can barely focus?

A: I find that times when I’m absolutely secluded I get more done (who doesn’t). The thing about my roommate and I is that we’re also best friends, so when we’re together it’s sometimes hard to get homework/studying accomplished. We know each other’s schedules fairly well, so I try to work in my room while she’s at class and I have a few hours to kill, instead of heading to the coffee shop for socialization. If that’s not how you work, then setting a scheduled time each day to chill in the library by yourself could immensely help with your homework accomplishments. I love to bring headphones with me and listen to music that really makes me focus. Spotify has some awesome playlists for focusing. This one is one of my favorites!



Q: What is an effective study routine that will actually help me absorb a lot of information?

A: When studying for tests that require a lot of memorization of vocabulary and such, I do the 30-10 routine, meaning I study for thirty minutes and rest for ten. Whether that means grabbing a snack or coloring; giving yourself a rest for ten minutes is essential. This strategy really helps me take in a lot of information and not overload my brain!


Some tips for those moments when you want to drop out and become a cat lady

Know you’re not alone.

All college students are going through this with you, some more than others. The good thing is you’re not alone. If you have exams coming up and know other students in those classes, offer to study together! I find group studying really helpful because everybody contributes something different (even the people who only bring snacks and nothing academic).

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Make sure to set aside time for yourself.

Those anti-stress coloring books really come in handy on a week where it seems like all you can do is bury yourself in textbooks and highlighted notes. A ten minute break every half hour of studying/working makes signing your life away to a weekend full of homework suck a little less, trust me. Indulge in your favorite Netflix series or lay down for some rest/relaxation.

Make sure to get plenty to eat/sleep.

And if that’s not enough, hit the gym and blow off some steam. A scientific study from the ADAA shows that people are more likely to be less stressed if they exercise on a daily basis. Makes sense, right? Elliptical=happiness.


Even though it’s a part of life, it doesn’t have to be a significant part. Stress is one of the many things that come with college, including life-long memories and great friends. So buckle down, prioritize, drink a pot of coffee, and nothing should get in your way.

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