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8 Daytime Activities To Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has lots of activities and places to go. I’m sure everyone has heard about LA from some sort of source. Living in Los Angeles has its ups and downs, some of the ups is the historical land marks, activities and celebrity culture. This draws lots of tourism and traffic in LA all year. If you are planning to visit this article is for you!

As I stated earlier, I am an LA girl, born and bred. With that being said, there are still lots of activities and places I’ve not experienced. This list however, is some easy and accessible activities that I’m sure every local has done. Some are more about enjoying the scenery, learning information and doing something out of the ordinary. LA is a huge play ground, so let’s see which parts of it we should explore!

Go Visit Museums

Los Angeles is home to loads of activities.  As an LA native, there are still things I have not done. Museums are all around the LA area and I have been to a few hoping I get to see them all one day. Two popular museums sit right next door to one another in the popular Fairfax area. The LA Brea Tar Pits and the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) are well known, getting lots of visitors per year. 

The Tar Pits has tons of science and ice age information. This museum is very interesting to say the least with interactive displays and actual tar pits. It has indoor and outdoor displays so you can enjoy the California sun. The LACMA sits literally on the other side of the walk way. This museum is known for its display of Urban Lights. These street lights are from 1920s Los Angeles and restored as an art display! Its so cool! After visiting these museums, take a stroll down Fairfax and enjoy a coffee!

Go to Brunch

Having brunch in LA is a two for one activity depending on where you dine. Los Angeles being home to lots of celebrities, this puts visitors and locals in a position to catch them out and about. Imagine catching Hailey Bieber grabbing an avocado salad while you’re eating with your friend or catching Tom Cruise on a break from shooting a movie in the area! It is all possible in the city of dreams. 

There are a lots of highly rated restaurants all around LA; a few that comes to mind are Aeirloom Bakery, Zinquè, Met Her At A Bar and the list goes on. In my experience it’s best to eat in an area with lots of businesses around. This is ideal because you can take a walk after and sight see, as well as get a little exercise. LA is not like New York City where lots of things are walking distance, it will be smart to frequent areas with multiple options. Get an all you can drink mimosas brunch near the Santa Monica Pier or eat brunch on Melrose and catch a celebrity out and about! 

Go To A Wreck Room

Yes, you’ve read that right! Wreck room! A wreck room is an activity that involves you wrecking random breakable items. A well known wreck room in Los Angeles is Rage Ground. This activity helps you release anger or rage in a safe and protected atmosphere. They provide protective gear and make sure everyone is properly prepared. 

You will use tools like pipes, bats, mallets and of course items to break! I first saw this activity on Keeping Up With The Kardashians when the sisters went to relieve some stress. This can be a fun daytime activity for a group of friends. This an activity that is out the ordinary but you are sure to remember for good reason!

Visit Grand Central Market

Visiting Grand Central Market is an activity you must add to your list! This place is full of gourmet food places and some many different choices to choose from. GCM was first opened back in 1917 as a place for people to grab groceries. GCM in the 1920s was located in this hot spot which also had a train you can ride to get from point A to B. You can still ride a train which is cute and fun to add to your experience,

It still sits in the same place today, over a hundred years later. Anywhere from tourist to local families, GMC has garnered a list of loyal fans who enjoy the atmosphere and food. Having been there at night, it does get busy, real busy. They do open up at 9 am so you can opt to go early in the day to avoid the dinner rush. There are more than thirty vendors to choose from, like local American food, Italian, Mexican and lots more!

Go To The Beach

You had to know this activity was going to be on the list. Los Angeles is home to some of the most and iconic beaches. California sits right off the coast of the pacific and is a great destination for beach living.  

One of the most iconic beaches in California  is Venice Beach. My family being Venice natives, raised us on that boardwalk. Its eccentric vibe attracts all types of people especially ones looking to be famous! I’ve seen all types of acts come and go off that boardwalk. Plus Venice is home to some of the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted! No bias. 

Do A Drive Up PCH

One of the best activities to do in Los Angeles is a drive up the famous Pacific Coast Highway. This road runs along the coast of California passing through several beach cities. One of those cities is Malibu!

Yes, Malibu is well known as well. It has such an appeal because on one side is the ocean and on the other the hills. Not to mention the exquisite architecture to add to the serenity and beauty of the scenery. Malibu is also a well known place were celebrities frequent or may even live. Make you a reservation at Nobu and live like a west coast legend for the day.

See Also

Go To An Amusement Park

There are a few amusement parks in LA area that are really fun! Some top parks that are visited year round are Knotts Berry Farm, Disney Land, Universal Studios amongst others. These parks have special festivities around the holidays that are really worth the money.

Universal Studios is definite one worth going to because its linked with the actual filming studio. This studio is the most famous and oldest filming studio in LA. You can tour around the lot, seeing historical places then finish it off with a roller coaster ride at the amusement side!

Take A Hike

This activity is both visually rewarding and physical. Taking a hike around LA is something that us locals do all the time. I don’t want to brag but LA has lots of great scenery to look at.

One of the most iconic places to hike is the Griffith Observatory. This place was background in some iconic movies like Rebel Without A Cause and La La Land.  So put some athletic clothes on and take a hike!

Sunny LA is a great place to find yourself doing daytime activities. With so many choices to choose from, I hope this article helped start your planning. 

Just remember to enjoy some fun in the sun. Don’t let nothing mess with your experience in the city of angels.

What activity are you down to do? Which one have you done already? Let us know in the comments.

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Ralanda Banks

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