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5 Day Trips To Take Near UNT For When You Need To Get TF Off Campus

5 Day Trips To Take Near UNT For When You Need To Get TF Off Campus

Being in one place for too long can make anyone a little antsy, and as lovely as Denton may be, there are times where you just have to get off and explore other places. Day trips are an excellent idea for those wanting to get out and explore other nearby areas. Luckily, we are located near many wonderful places to fill all sorts of needs. Whether you want to go somewhere peaceful and scenic or somewhere that feels like home, I guarantee you there is a place close by that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Trip Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour

Here are some close-by options that will work for you if you do not feel like going too far!


Lake Ray Roberts, TX: About 30 Minutes

If you do not really feel like driving far but, you still want to get away for a bit and just explore the local scenery, then Lake Ray Roberts is a great option. Located in Pilot Point with 29,000 acres of land to be explored, there are many ways to get in touch with nature.

Lake Ray Roberts is located in a state park that is a part of the 22 Trinity River Reservoirs. Entry into the state park is $7 for anyone 12 and up. It offers many exciting things that can help you get in touch with nature such as hiking, fishing, swimming, and even camping if you wish to stay longer. The Isle du Bois and Johnson have great trails with some parts that are paved to make it easier. The park itself has many of its own campsites and a lodge called Lone Star Lodge.

5 Day Trips To Take Near UNT For When You Need To Get TF Off Campus


Downtown Plano, TX: About 45 Minutes

Downtown Plano is a great place to go for a day trip because it offers many things in a seemingly small area. It is located in the Arts District on 15th street in Plano. Downtown itself is a very historic place full of life and culture. Another great thing about Downtown Plano is that the DART rail is located right next to it. The train is connected to many other great feats around the area. It is a quick and inexpensive mode of transportation. 

There are several types of food places to go out and try that are all locally owned from Italian to Japanese, they host a big variety such as the drool-worthy Urban Crust, Lockart Smokehouse, Uni Sushi, and many more. The city hosts many events throughout the year such as farmer’s markets, art festivals, and gallery displays. Plano’s downtown is constantly bustling with boutiques and event halls that are only available in this part of town.

Unlike most downtown areas, Downtown Plano has a more rustic and historical vibe full of one of a kind experiences!


Fort Worth, TX: About 1 hour

One of the connecting cities that make up the Dallas metropolis, is Fort Worth, which has a lot to offer!

It is known as the City of Cowboys and Culture. Places like the cultural district, Stockyards, Fort Worth Zoo, and the Kimbell Art Museum are all a part of what makes Fort Worth so special. It offers many insights into what life was like there hundreds of years ago when the cowboys were still roaming with its stockyards and historical sites like Sundance Square. The city also has modern touches when you visit its art museums and concert venues. Despite being connected and compared to its sister city, Dallas, Fort Worth has plenty of its own experiences, events, and things to offer that make it, unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Fort Worth is the perfect place to go when you wish to experience a bit of both in the same day!


5 Day Trips To Take Near UNT For When You Need To Get TF Off Campus

Trip Time: 2 to 3 hours

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These next few options for a day trip are for when you are feeling EXTRA sick of Denton and want to get as far away as possible but, you still have to make it back in time for your 8 A.M. the next day.

Turner Falls, OK: About 2 hours

Scenic areas are plentiful in Texas but, if you want to really connect with nature and see some amazing sites Turner Falls is the perfect place to take your day trip.

The glorious 77-foot high waterfall is the main attraction in the area. Its cold and refreshing streams are surrounded by hiking trails on the Arbuckle Mountains, caves, and plenty of critters that you can observe. It also has multiple campsites and cabins available for rental if you wish to stay overnight. Another wonderful activity that is common here is fishing. Turner Falls has some of the best trout fishing spots in the state during the wintertime. You can also find sandy beaches and natural swimming areas here. It makes for a perfect getaway trip when you want to enjoy some nature and relax during your day trip.


Turner Falls does have an entry fee depending on the number of passengers in your car but, it is the perfect getaway trip for those wanting to see some beautiful scenery.5 Day Trips To Take When You Need To Get TF Off Campus

Broken Bow, OK: About 3 hours

Home to the Beavers Bend State National Park, Broken Bow is every nature lover’s dream for a day trip, and if you happen to like it even an overnight stay.

Broken Bow is located between the two mountains, Kiamchi and Ouamita. It is a hidden gem that offers many things for all sorts of people. There are many local native sites you can visit to appreciate the culture such as the Gardner Mansion and Museum. Another unique activity that the small town offers is horseback riding or hiking along the David Boren trail. If you wish to see more of what nature has to offer, you can go to the Red Slough Wildlife Management Area and bird watch there or enjoy the water creatures in the Little River National Wildlife Refuge.


In a city full of history and wildlife, there are countless things to do in a place that is overlooked by many!

There are so many amazing places to see within a few hours of Denton! Where do you go when you want to get off of campus?

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