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A Day In The Life Of A UofT Student

A Day In The Life Of A UofT Student


Every university experience is different, and comes with its own routine. From rushing to class on a freezing day, to spending countless hours in Robarts, there are many classic trademarks of a UofT student. Keep reading to find out what a day in the life of a UofT student is really like!

First, wake up and hit snooze a couple dozen times.

Sure, that run that you planned to go on this morning would be super productive. However, when you hear the irritating sound of your alarm that wakes you from your spectacular dreams, the run seems like your enemy… So you hit snooze a few times, promising that tomorrow you’ll actually go.

You wake up again an hour before your 9 o’clock class, and know that if you could just make it out of bed, you’d have time for a good breakfast and be actually be able to make an effort with your appearance today… but your bed is just so comfy.


Finally, you wake up at exactly 9, in a panic because you “slept through your alarm”. This is usually the definition of a day in the life of a UofT student. Luckily, that means you still have ten minutes to sprint to class because of UofT’s timings. You throw on some sweatpants, whatever t-shirt you can find, look in the mirror and cringe, and run out your front door.

Then, go to (most) of your lectures and tutorials.

You try your best to go to all your classes, but sometimes it’s really hard… you know, it can be -30C and both the Scarborough and Mississauga campuses are closed. Or you could have a paper due tomorrow and that has to take priority, so you skip school for school. Or maybe you’re just exhausted from running around campus all day!

It can be pretty damn tiring to sprint from a philosophy class at Victoria College across Queen’s Park to Sid Smith with only ten minutes to get to your next lecture. So if you miss a couple throughout the week- don’t worry, you’re just like every other student.



Try to find some time to grab lunch.

By lunchtime, us UofT students aren’t even halfway through their day, because some classes go on until 9pm at night. That means that sometimes, you have a 12-hour span from your first class to your last (gross!). This also means that it’s unlikely that you were organized enough to prepare yourself a meal, so you’re left spending your money at one of the locations on campus. A meal might be a bit of a stretch, as I know many UofT students rely on a steady diet of Starbucks coffee.

Spend any of the spare time you might have at Robarts.

There’s plenty of libraries spread across all three campuses, but realistically, you always end up at Robarts. After you show your Tcard downstairs and get yelled at by the woman manning the elevators for bringing in food, you make your way to one of the 14 floors. You walk past fellow UofT prisoners, all with their heads in their books and their souls slowly dissipating. Eventually, you find a spot, and join the rest of your peers in their slow demise as you all attempt to get even half of your readings done for the week. You spend most of your time making to-do lists to avoid completing one of the 27 things you want to get done by tonight, and stare blankly at your screen imagining how wonderful your life would be if you went to a party school like Laurier or Western…

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Now that your academic obligations are over, it’s time for the clubs you’re a part of…

Yes, you may be absolutely shattered from a long day of listening to professors drown on, but that doesn’t mean the day ends there. There are over 800 clubs, and someone has to help run them. Whether it’s intermural sports, a chapter meeting if you’re part of Greek life, or the Energy and Natural Resources Group, you begrudgingly make your way to your clubs trying to remind yourself that you actually voluntarily signed up to be a part of these. It will look great on your resume, right?


Finally, you can return to your beloved bed!

It’s been a really long day in the life of a UofT student, but it is finally over. For the last time tonight, you bundle yourself up in your sweater, scarf, boots and jacket, and bare the freezing cold back to your room. You had planned to socialize with some of your res friends, but you have absolutely no energy to interact with humans other than Ross and Rachel. So you tuck yourself in bed, start binge watching Friends on Netflix, and set your alarm for 7 o’clock to go for that run tomorrow morning…

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