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10 Dating Truths You Wish You Knew Freshman Year

10 Dating Truths You Wish You Knew Freshman Year


College dating is a much different ballpark than what we all knew in high school. There is much more freedom and soooo many more boys to choose from. The dating world has its ups and downs. Keep reading for a few dating truths you wish you knew freshman year!

1. You will see your ex around campus.

Do not think you can hide from your mistake- you will most definitely see them right in front of you in the Starbucks line or across from you in the caf. You will never escape them.


2. You won’t always have time for a relationship.

It’s perfectly okay to throw in the towel and admit that you don’t have the time for a relationship in college. Freshman year is so busy and you’re trying to find yourself and keep up with your grades, in all honesty there isn’t much time for a relationship.

3. The newfound freedom changes everything.

Being away from your parents changes absolutely everything. You don’t have to tell your parents someone is coming over or that you’re going out. You’re free to date anyone you want at any time you want.

4. You’re most likely too broke to go on a legit date.

Sure, it would be cool to go out to a nice restaurant every once in a while and wear those cute heels you have. But, really? You don’t have the money for it. You’ll spend every date using your own meal plan which takes all of the romance out of it.


5. You will witness a hookup at some point.

It’s just inevitable. You will walk in on your roommate and her dude. Your best bet is to come up with a system to avoid any shame.

6. Dance floor make-outs are a real thing.

You will witness someone on the dancefloor making out with a stranger…maybe even one of your friends.

7. You don’t have a “type.”

In high school your pickings are slim and you come up with a “type”. Don’t do that in college. Everyone comes from a different place and it’s better to get to know everyone and get to know their story. Don’t come up with weird stereotypes for boys.


8. You have to lower your expectations.

College boys are gross and that’s that. They barely take care of themselves so you really have to just pick the most hygienic rather than having high standards.

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9. Long distance actually can work.

If you’re leaving home with a boyfriend it may not work, you change a lot in college and drift. However, if you meet someone in college (even someone from your home town) you really can make the distance work.


10. Not everyone wants a relationship.

Don’t panic when McDreamy tries to slide into second base too quick. Not everyone is looking for a real relationship and you can’t blame them for that.

Good luck out there everyone!

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