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Dating Truths You Wish You Knew Before Freshman Year

Dating is complicated, especially when you are starting your freshman year with all new people and new experiences! Once you go through your college years, you begin to realize a lot. If you are a freshman now, there are some things you need to know. If you have been through it already, spread your wisdom on the ones who are going through it now! Here are dating truths you wish you knew before freshman year.

You don’t have to find your spouse in college

You probably might have heard that you will find your husband or wife while you’re in your college years, whether it’s a party, a club meeting, class, or in the cafeteria! But, if you honestly aren’t thinking about marriage, that’s totally fine! College is about finding who you are and full of experiences in the real world. And if you do find your spouse while you both are in school, that’s perfectly fine too! No one can tell you how to live your life and if you want to get married young to spend a longer life with someone, then great!

Some guys really aren’t that into you

There might be a guy who takes you on dates and texts/calls you all the time and then completely loses interest in you, but guess what? That’s okay too, because usually that means he wasn’t INTO you, which also probably means he was a F*** boy! And you totally don’t need that kind of stress in your life. And if another guy wants to take you out because he genuinely cares for you, then go all in!

Don’t let a guy make decisions for you

Don’t do something you will regret for a guy that you were with in high school or even in college. Some guys are so insecure that they almost force or beg their girlfriends to follow them to their college, hold them back from academics and extracurricular opportunities, and much more. It’s not healthy for anyone to be held back from any opportunity, so if you feel like you’re being held back, speak up and let them know you don’t like it. If they can’t understand, cut them out of your life!

The power of laughter

These days, everyone wants to look like a celebrity… from the lips, eyes, booty, boobs, hair, and anything else you can think of! Anyone can be attractive, but can they make you laugh? Usually someone who can make you laugh are keepers because they’re not always snooty and uptight (they’re too busy being a goof).

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Maybe you really like a guy and want to tell him; so you should!

You don’t have to wait on a guy to talk to you or wait on him to let you know he wants to take things to the next step. Some guys may like girls who take the initiative, so go for it, whether or not it works out the way you want it at least you can say that you got it off your chest rather than holding back and not knowing and possibly missing an opportunity.

Do you have any other dating truths you wish you knew before freshman year?! Share in the comments below!

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