10 Dating Stories That Will Make You Swoon

Not to sound like an absolute cynic, but sometimes it is hard to believe that love really exists. More often then not it feels like life is against love rather than for it. Whether it be conflict, long-distance, or growing apart, it seems like life does more to get in the way of love than bring two people together. Although love may appear to be fickle and rare, these 10 stories showcase an entirely different stance. These cute dating stories show that life is not actually against love and that love is more common than we would initially think.  Love is unexpected but always around the corner. It is something we should not lose hope in, but if you do find yourself losing hope in it, read these stories and you might just regain some of it back. Not only that, but it might just make you smile, blush, or cause your heart to skip a couple beats. In a word, these stories are sure to make you swoon. 

1. Cute Date Stories –The One Time, At Band Camp: 

“I had just finished training as an Army musician and been posted to my first band. When I’m nervous I lose my appetite, so I hadn’t eaten much before my first engagement, which involved standing on a parade square for about an hour and a half. Needless to say, I blacked out and one of the other musicians saw me swaying and caught me and my saxophone before I fell. It took three men to carry me off the square, and the first person I saw when I came around was the musician who caught me. We’ve been together 10 years now and married for eight!”

– claireg455b41447 told Buzzfeed


10 Dating Stories That Will Make You Swoon

2. Cute Date Stories – The Swing On The Bridge:

“On our first date, we were on our way to a baseball game when a friend called him and asked if we wanted to canoe down a river instead. We spent the rest of the day going down a little river which led to an abandoned bridge that they had set a swing up on. We stayed there for hours, just swinging off the bridge and walking around that area, then hiked up a hill and watched the sunset over a small lake. His friend is a photographer and documented our first date, and we have the perfect picture of us sitting next to each other in the tall grass with the sun setting.”

– hannahaallen told Buzzfeed 


3. Cute Date Stories – The Sweetest Birthday:

“A guy I had just met through some friends was celebrating his birthday, so I called him up and started singing the birthday song. He was so shocked and overjoyed and mentioned I was the first one to greet him. I ended up asking him out to dinner that night because I felt like he shouldn’t be alone on his birthday. I didn’t actually get him anything, so after dessert I went inside the cafe, bought a cupcake, asked for a candle, and went outside singing the birthday song. After that night, this guy went to the ends of the earth just to marry me.” 

-kriziapamelacruza told Buzzfeed

10 Dating Stories That Will Make You Swoon


4. Cute Date Stories – From Douchbag To Sweetheart:

“I wanted nothing to do with my SO when we first met. He showed up to the bar I worked at with a super douchy guy. They ended up hanging up with a girl whose character I was not okay with, and my SO’s douchebag friend started dating that girl right away.

Every time my SO came to the bar with them, he would drift away from their table and hit on me. Long back story short, I assumed that the girl in question had told him that I would be an easy lay, so I was NOT nice to him when he would do this.

Then, one day I was bartending in the afternoon and I brought my dog with me. SO shows up and spends like 3 hours sitting with my dog. At one point he asked me whose dog it was and if he could take him for a walk. They had the best time together.


When he left, he gave me his business card and said I should call him if I need someone to watch the dog while I’m working. I figured that my dog was a good judge of character and maybe I should give this guy a chance. I texted him that night and pretty much said the dog was fine, but that I could use some company.

He never texted back.

At that point, I wanted nothing to do with him. Like, fuck this guy who bothers me for weeks and then can’t be bothered to return a text.


The next weekend, he comes full-on running up to the bar, flings the door open, and yells “They printed my business cards wrong!!!”

He was so upset when he realized the number was wrong, that he RAN like 1.5 miles to get to the bar to tell me. It immediately melted my heart. I told him to hang out until my shift was over and he could be my date to a party.

We’ve been dating for 3 years, and I now think that he is the greatest person in the world.”


– ambivalent_graffiti told PizzaBottle

5. Cute Date Stories – No Shy Guy

“Tinder date. As fate would have it, we had spoken for 6 weeks before meeting.

He was lovely and I was keen but he had let me know he was shy and that he wanted to work on his face-to-face communication skills.


I expected a really shy guy, so I came armed with light getting to know you questions. I am a trained counsellor and figured the first meeting might be a bit of making him feel comfortable, not putting too much pressure on him, but rather thinking how i could support him in not being too nervous. I spent so much time googling ‘getting to know you questions’.

None of it mattered because I couldn’t shut him up. It was so natural and just flowed. The restaurant had to beg us to leave so they could close. I asked him about it much later, and he said he was surprised as he had never talked that much in his life.

A year later he asked me to marry him. So I’d say it went pretty well!”


– SoftApricot told PizzaBottle 

10 Dating Stories That Will Make You Swoon

6. Cute Date Stories – A Heartfelt Serenade:  

“We wandered around looking for fruit to make jam, bought interesting delicacies in the deli, and custom-ground coffee. Then we trammed to his house and sat on his balcony drinking coffee, eating Turkish delight and talking for hours before actually making the jam with a record playing in the background.


While the jam cooled , I asked him to show me his guitar. He was super nervous but played a bit of Just Like Heaven by The Cure for me before admitting that he had a huge crush on me and officially asking me out.”

Redditor sardonicinterlude

7. Cute Date Stories – So Many Tricks Up His Sleeve:

“My boyfriend took me on an epic first date. We had been texting for about a week after I was his waitress. We would talk about the usual things to get to know each other, turns out we both love horror films and Halloween, and it just so happened to be October.


He also asked me what I looked like with no makeup on and I responded, ‘Like a potato.’

So he comes to pick me up from my house, and I asked what we were going to do. He told me we would go to the next town over and grab dinner, and then we were going in kind of a loop. From that town, we were going to another town on the way home. In that town, they do a haunted prison tour every year so I was pretty excited. On the way to dinner it was kinda awkwardly we were trying to break the ice when he tells me he got me something. He reaches behind my seat and hands me something rolled up in newspaper twisted at each end like a piece of candy. I open it, it’s a potato.

He wrote on it with sharpie and it said ‘You’re one hot potato.’


I laughed so hard.

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He was glad we both had the same sense of humor and said, ‘Incase that didn’t make you laugh, I got you this.’


It’s a tiny blueberry flavored drink, and so I cracked it and we were taking drinks of it.

As we were finishing up the bottle, he looks at me and says ‘I also got you this.’

He then pulled out a flower in a vase. I was floored with how much thought he had put into this. We had a lovely dinner and had a blast at the haunted prison. When we got home, we just sat in the car and talked for what seems like hours. We celebrate three years together this October. Take a risk and be a little cheesy, it might just work.”


– Redditor KriiKat14

10 Dating Stories That Will Make You Swoon

8. Cute Date Stories – Out Of The Comfort Zone:

“My best first date was also a friends-that-ended-up-dating thing. He invited me to a meditation class, which I had never done but was like, sure, why not. #lifeexperiences.


So instead of the yoga set up (what I was picturing) it was a very serious, very intense zen buddhist temple sort of deal. We had to wear robes! I actually had a mini panic attack from the deathly silence and stillness and snuck out during the “walking meditation” part (it was so quiet in there I could hear myself swallowing and that FREAKED ME OUT, MAN). But he handled it like a pro, despite it also not being what he expected at all; he’d only been to more casual places before, and this one described itself as the Navy Seals of meditation.

We had SO much to talk about on the walk home, what with comparing notes on what freaked us out the most, etc, and since it was a beautiful night and we were both hungry, we ate Chipotle outside on the edge of a fountain.

Doing something new and scary like that made me vulnerable in a good way–it opened me up to the dude and forced me to trust him a little (not usually my strong suit), and it gave us something memorable to bond over.


I highly recommend leaving your comfort zone on first dates for instant connecting! And Chipotle. Always get Chipotle.”

– Kathy told Bustle

9. Cute Date Stories – After Midnight Romance

“It was with my last boyfriend, who I met casually for coffee on our first date, not thinking much would come of it. We shut down the coffee shop we talked for so long and then he took me to a fabulous dinner at a Thai restaurant. Then, we went to a nearby park, but it started to rain, so we took cover in a gazebo. Then we made out and cuddled in the gazebo for hours! It was magical and lasted until after midnight.”


– Erin McKelle told Bustle 

10 Dating Stories That Will Make You Swoon

10. Cute Date Stories -As Fate Would Have It:

“I’d been scrolling through Tinder, when I matched with this handsome man who was sat on a plane about to fly home to London. We’d matched while he was in Edinburgh on a work trip. He messaged me saying ‘hopefully I can take you out for a drink one day’. I thought nothing of it, as he was 500 miles away. Two days later, he told me that he was going to be in Glasgow. I was never in Glasgow myself but this particular week I had a meeting scheduled there with one of my clients. Believe it or not, it was the same client he was seeing. Still, we seemed doomed never to meet, as he was due to fly home the same day I’d be arriving. Thankfully, he decided to change his flight so that we could go for a drink. We live together in London now. The universe really helped us along the way.”


– Kelly told Metro 

If these cute date stories didn’t make your heart flutter I don’t know what will. So, which of these cute date stories reinstated your belief in love? Do you have any cute date stories you’d like to share? Let us know down in the comments below!

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