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Dating In Quarantine: The Dos and Don’ts

Dating In Quarantine: The Dos and Don’ts

After so many months on your own, it can get so lonely in quarantine. Scrolling through endless pictures of happy couples all cozied up at home on Instagram. It gets you wanting a relationship of your own. With the new age of the internet, it’s gotten easier to meet new people online so finding a date is not the hard part. It’s keeping someone interested online long enough for them to want to meet you in person. If you can captivate someone long enough then I’ve got a few tips for you. I present to you the Quarantine Dating Dos and Don’ts. 

DO: Be Open-Minded

This is not to say that you should be open to everyone you meet on dating apps but since it will be online just feel okay sharing a little more. It’s going to be harder getting to know each other over text and possibly video chat so give the other person the opportunity to express themselves by starting off being open yourself. Be open to the new possibilities of dates also! Online dating can be fun if you let it be. Play games together online or watch a movie together on Netflix’s party. There are so many cute ways that you can enjoy the presence of each other just through your computer screen. The person that you are speaking to will feel more comfortable opening up to someone who is honest with them. You want to make the most of your quarantine dating and by being open and honest to someone you’re genuinely interested in you will receive the same reaction. 

Dating In Quarantine: The Dos and Don’ts

DON’T: Be Too Trusting

While being open and open-minded is a good thing don’t be too trusting of people that you meet online. Be careful of what you share the information you give. You have to give yourself high standards because you are a queen and you deserve to have all your thoughts and feelings cherished by the person receiving them. You want to protect yourself from every broken heart you might receive and it’s best to not add fuel the fire. Do not give someone a reason to use your feelings against you. Keep your important thoughts to yourself and when you feel like the person that will be hearing about them is going to take care of those feelings then feel free to share. Only you can make that call. 

DO: Be Prepared To For Rejection

Online dating can be scary and you have to be okay with the idea that not everyone is going to like you. Prepare yourself to be rejected by someone you may have been speaking to for months. It happens to the best of us! You’ll be talking to someone you met online for months and you start to think maybe he’s different, maybe he really likes me. Then all of a sudden the texts get less and less and suddenly you stop speaking and you don’t know what you did wrong. Well girl you didn’t do anything wrong. They decided to stop speaking to you for reasons unknown but you can’t wrap your brain around a relationship that was never there, to begin with. Rejection is inevitable when it comes to dating but becomes even more prevalent when it’s online dating.

Dating In Quarantine: The Dos and Don’ts

DON’T: Ghost People!

Just as you should be prepared for rejection also be prepared to reject other people but don’t ghost! A lot of us can agree that ghosting is one of the worst things you can do to someone you’ve been talking to online. Just getting blocked out of nowhere and sending people into a mental spiral questioning everything they did wrong. I know ghosting people seems like the easiest option when you’re speaking to someone you want to stop talking to but just remember they have feelings too. If you wouldn’t want to be hurt that way then try not to hurt others the same. There are always better alternatives to ghosting people like just being honest with them. More times than you think people will respect your honesty because they could possibly be in the same boat as you. You might even influence that person to not ghost others in the future! It’s all about being respectful to each other when we’re all in the same situation. 

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DO: Have Fun

It is supposed to be fun! The dating apps are made easy so you can have a good time getting to know people. When you find someone you have things in common with just have fun with it and see how you guys connect. You want to find someone who you truly enjoy speaking to every day and who makes you feel like the conversations are effortless and easy. Dating is meant to be fun, if it ends up being too complicated or stressful for you it is just not worth it. Try not to base your likes all on looks. What I mean by that is find someone that you at least have a few things in common with. Hopefully, you can find a significant other that you will enjoy spending time with and who makes your life a little more fun!

Dating In Quarantine: The Dos and Don’ts

DON’T: Take It Too Seriously

Like I said this is all lighthearted fun, not something that should be taken so seriously. Seriousness is for exclusive relationships. Dating is just surveying your options and seeing who you connect with the most. If dating someone gets too stressful or they get serious too fast than that might be a sign to move on. Sometimes that can be difficult to do. If you find someone that you really like it is hard to see the red flags when you only focus on what’s good. I’ve fallen trap to this because I fall too hard. I’ve learned to just not take dating too seriously anymore because these guys aren’t my boyfriend! They are just guys I’m interested in dating. Find out what your worth is and go from there. I know what I deserve and what my standards are so that’s what I base my dating off of. Overall just take your time because a real relationship takes time. 

How’s dating going for you in quarantine? Let us know in the comments below if these tips were helpful to you. Don’t forget to share with your friends so they know the Dos and Dont’s of dating in quarantine.