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10 Dating Hacks You Should Be Aware Of

10 Dating Hacks You Should Be Aware Of

Dating is hard. It does not matter who you are or how you identify dating is probably one of the most stressful things people go through. We often stress about what to say, what to do, what to wear, etc. Dating can also be very fun and easy when you have the right mindset. This article is a great guide that anyone can use to help alleviate some of that anxiety and stress around dating. If you want to learn about these dating hacks, just keep reading. 

1) Text them extensively before your first date

This is the best dating hack for someone who suffers from first date jitters. Many folks may disagree, but the main purpose of this is to get rid of pent up nervous energy. When you take extra time to talk and get to know your potential date, it leaves less room for awkward encounters on your first date. Texting on the phone will make you feel less pressured, and you can just focus on getting to know them. You are not face to face, so it will minimize your anxiety. It can also give you date ideas and topics to discuss during your next date.

2) Keep you in mind

Women typically forget about themselves when they start dating. It is very easy to become codependent, but you have to keep a healthy distance from them. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Take time and focus on your self-care. Keep your goals and priorities at the forefront. Living your life outside of the relationship will also give you plenty of things to talk about when you spend time together. Also, just to clarify, I am not advising you to only talk to your date once a month or twice a month, customize whatever is best according to both of your standards.

3) Stay open-minded

Have you ever been in a dating funk? Especially when online dating, things can become monotonous, and nothing seems to work or fit. That’s when you need to take a step back because you are just going to start swiping left on every guy/girl you see (in the literal and figurative sense).
If you are seeing a guy and you are unsure, in some cases you just have to give it a go. This is not for them. It is for you. Dating is supposed to be fun, so keep an open mind. Going on one date with someone will not bond you with them for life. 

10 Dating Hacks You Should Be Aware Of

4) Feel free to say no- Listen to your gut

If you ever have a very strong feeling, to not date someone, then you absolutely should not.
Always listen to your intuition and what your gut is telling you, because you may save yourself from a lot of grief in the future. I understand that it can odd or weird, but your comfort is more important than theirs. 

5) Don’t overthink- see what happens and go with the flow

Dating can be complicated or simple as you want it to be. People tend to overthink and have high or low expectations for a potential date or experience. It is best to not have any preconceived notions.
If you are someone who stresses about being single and wants to find a partner, the best thing you can do is just stop actively looking.Let love find you. Do not assign and daydream about someone that you know very little about. Just focus on having fun and enjoying someone else’s company.

10 Dating Hacks You Should Be Aware Of

6) Know your Worth

Don’t be that girl that has a terrible boyfriend/girlfriend that you complain about all the time. Never settle for anything less than what you are worth. If you let your partner do whatever they please in the beginning, it will set a trend for the rest of your relationship. Always set clear boundaries on what you are okay with and not okay with, in the very beginning.

7) Realistic Expectations

Dating can be hard, and whether your objective is to have fun or find the right person, people tend to be hard on themselves when they do not find it. I completely understand the concept, but you must be kind to yourself. A lot of people may also set their expectations too high for someone that they are dating.  You can daydream and write stories all day long about you and your partner, just don’t be so steadfast on getting married or whatever else.

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8) Wear what’s comfortable AND sexy 

Finding what to wear on the first date can be very difficult to do. The bottom line is that you should wear what you are 100% comfortable in. Do not make the overall goal of your outfit just to be sexy. Your date outfits should be whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident. It also isn’t a bad idea to have a few outfit ideas assembled already in your closet. 

9) Take note of common interests

When you guys have things in common, make sure that you make a mental note of them. Those would be great things to bring up later when you have nothing else to talk about, or it could help you with the next date that you guys have together.

10 Dating Hacks You Should Be Aware Of

10) Get to know them like a friend first

When you start seeing someone, your nerves can get in the way of you becoming familiar with that person. To eliminate some of the anxiety you may have, you should try to be their friend first.
Take note of what you have in common, try to make each other laugh, relax, and have a good time.
If this person becomes your partner in the future, you will have a nice foundation already laid out for your relationship. Your common goal with a partner should always be to be their friend and not just their girlfriend. 

Which of these dating hacks are you most likely to try? And of course, like always be yourself and fun. 
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