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How To Survive Dating A Vegan 101 By Trying The Healthy Alternatives

How To Survive Dating A Vegan 101 By Trying The Healthy Alternatives

Take a look at the ways to start dating a vegan and learn to love the healthy non-meat and non-dairy food alternatives. You will want to be vegan too!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, here is your crash course on how to survive dating a vegan! “Finally!” the masses shouted, their prayers at long last answered. In all actuality, dating a vegan is not impossible and one definitely doesn’t need a crash course in order to make it work. There are a few guidelines, pointers if you will, that do help and might make you realize that veganism isn’t a deal breaker after all! Take a look at how to go about dating a vegan!

1. Don’t write off the vegan alternatives

In recent years, veganism has come a long way in terms of the alternatives and how closely they resemble the real thing. So before you think that nothing can compare to pulled pork, try jackfruit. Before you think nothing can compare to a burger, try the impossible burger. You may be surprised by how much you actually like them. This is one of the tips on how to go about dating a vegan!

Learn how to go about dating a vegan!


2. Dating a vegan is just like dating anyone else

Believe it or not, the vegan thing is just one small part of the relationship. You’ll find that, for the most part, the relationship is the same as dating someone who eats animal products. You can still go to movies, you can still go out to parties and so on. This aspect of your relationship will be a major roadblock only if you allow it to be.

3. Show interest in their lifestyle

Relationships are all about showing at least a minute interest in each other’s lifestyles and interests. Maybe occasionally, cook a vegan meal for your significant other (just give it a try). Even if the meal turns out to be garbage, they’ll appreciate the fact that you thought of them and have an open mind to new things. (Your food palate might expand as well).

The Room Tommy Wiseau
The wise Wiseau said it best

4. Don’t push the “I don’t know how you live without eating meat” thing

Becoming a vegan is personal choice and you’d be surprised on how many don’t really miss meat at all. Also, this has to be the number one thing to piss off your animal-free better half. It’s something that they have to had heard a thousand times before. You want the relationship to survive, then don’t beat this dead horse (get it? horses are made up of meat? forget it.) This is one of the tips on how to go about dating a vegan!


5. Keep calm and keep your meat eating friends

Just take a deep breath through your nose and slowly exhale out your mouth. You’ll still have your friends that enjoy a nice juicy steak as much as you do. Dating a vegan doesn’t mean that you have to completely change your lifestyle. Just like how you can find time to indulge in their way of eating, you can find time to eat the things you have always enjoyed.

Learn how to go about dating a vegan!

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6. Become a vegan yourself

Contrary to the point listed above, maybe you”ll find that being a vegan isn’t bad after all. It’s healthy, cruelty free and expensive. Ok being expensive isn’t a positive, but feeling good about yourself is worth shelling out a few extra bucks here and there. Don’t think that you could survive this way? Just ask your vegan significant other, because they’ve been surviving just fine. This is one of the tips on how to go about dating a vegan!

7. Make sure they don’t know you’re reading this article

How to survive dating a vegan 101, like rule number one, is that they can’t know you are searching the internet on how to date them. There is probably (more like extremely likely) not a single situation where this would go over well. They may be a foreign species to you, but it’s best not to make them feel like that (just a suggestion).

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You got sum splainin’ to do

8. If this person is special to you, the vegan thing won’t even be a thing at all

In the end, relationships are about more than just what one person eats and the other person doesn’t. The connection and the general happiness this person makes you feel is what’s most important. If “surviving” is something you have to do at all (at least when it comes to dating), then that’s a major red flag and you’d be better off breaking up. When you find someone you truly like, everything trivial will be thrown to the wayside. This is one of the tips on how to go about dating a vegan!


Did this article make you see veganism in a different light? Are you ready to tackle dating a vegan? Let us know in the comments!

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