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Date Spots In Danbury CT You Need To Check Out

Date Spots In Danbury CT You Need To Check Out

Ever get sick of doing the same thing for every date? Well we're here with a list of great date spots in Danbury CT to help you spice up your dating routine!

Sometimes, when life gets hectic, it’s nice to take some time with your special someone and go on a nice date. Whether you like to be indoors or outdoors, laid back or fancy, there’s a great date spot for everyone in Danbury CT. Check out these great date spots in Danbury CT!

1) Bear Mountain Reservation

At Bear Mountain Reservation, there are many beautiful trails to hike. If you need to cool down at the end of your hike, just jump into Candlewood Lake using the rope swing attached to the tree at the bottom of the trails! This is a perfect date spot for summer adventures.

2) Loews Theater AMC 16

If you’d rather snuggle up and watch a movie, look no further than Loews! With so many screen rooms inside, there are always several movies to choose from. The theater rooms are spacious, the snacks are delicious, and the staff is always friendly!

Great date spots in Danbury CT.

3) Danbury Fair

The Danbury Fair Mall holds the Great Danbury Fair every summer, and it is a perfect date night spot. Spend some time playing carnival games together, and win each other some prizes. Or, you can go on the ferris wheel and see the city lights from up high! It’s fun any time of day, but it’s so beautiful at night when the lights come on. Stick around for a bit after to see some fireworks, too!

Great date spots in Danbury CT.

4) Danbury Duckpin Bowling

Bowling is always a fun activity, any time of year! Go during the day for regular bowling, or wait until night time to go glow-bowling. Invite some other couples to make the game more competitive, and have a fun double or even triple-date!

Great date spots in Danbury CT.

5) Tarrywile Park and Mansion

Tarrywile is a great place to be outdoors. There are SO many trails all over the property for hiking, and a beautiful mansion on the property that is open to the public for special occasions. So, if your hiking date goes really really well, come on back for your wedding, too!

6) Danbury Ice Arena

The Ice Arena is a great date spot! Located in the center of the city, the enormous ice arena is a great spot to cool off and have fun. There are two separate ice rinks inside. One is used primarily for free-skating by guests. If you don’t feel like skating yourself, you can catch a hockey game in the other rink! Plus, they have the best fries at the snack shack inside!

Great date spots in Danbury CT.

7) Monster Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love a round of mini golf?! At Monster Mini Golf, things are a little bit different than your average mini golf course- here, everything glows! You enter the dark room and follow the neon glowing maze, with a new obstacle and monster awaiting you at each hole. After you finish all of the holes, you can go play some old-fashioned games in the arcade at the entrance!

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Great date spots in Danbury CT.

8) Ives Concert Park

Ives Concert Park is a great place to enjoy some live music in the warmer days of the year. With an amphitheater on the water, you can enjoy the concerts with a beautiful view. There are also plenty of gardens and trails open to the public to walk as well. Ives one of the greatest summer date spots in Danbury CT!

Great date spots in Danbury CT.

9) Danbury Railway Museum

The Danbury Railway museum is a nonprofit museum run by volunteers, dedicated to the history of the Danbury Railways. Inside, you will find many model trains that actually work with the push of a button. They have a gift shop where you can buy all things railway-related, from Thomas the Tank Engine toys, to real train whistles. In back, there are many no longer running trains that you can actually board and tour. They offer real train rides as well for a few extra dollars. This is a great date idea for history lovers!

10) Danbury Sports Dome

For the more sporty, active couple, the Danbury Sports dome is a fun date option for some friendly competition. It has everything from turf fields, to tracks, so there’s something for everyone! It’s a great place to play any sport while avoiding any outdoor elements such as too much heat, cold, rain, snow, etc.

Great date spots in Danbury CT.

Next time you find yourselves in need of a fun date-night together, check out some of the great date spots in Danbury CT! Let us know what you think in the comments below!
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