15 Date Night Outfits That’ll Knock Him Dead

Date night outfits, as everybody knows, are just as important, if not more so than the actual date. If you’re stuck for a look that is sure to make that boy worship your every move, then we have a solution for you! Here are 15 date night outfits that will knock him dead!

1. Off the Shoulder Black Dress

If you need anything done, slipping on a black dress will do the trick, no matter the situation. On date night, the LBD is especially potent with the right smouldering look. An off the shoulder dress takes the more elegant route, with clean lines that outline the silhouette. Now’s the time to show off what you got!

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2. Jeans and a Lacy Bodysuit

This saucy number is all about the best of both worlds in one outfit; comfortable jeans and body hugging lace. Lace bodysuits are a great way to look dangerously sexy, while still playing it cool by pairing it with your favourite jeans. Throw on some heels, and you’re good to go!

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3. Mini Skirt and Blazer

All too often, we find ourselves running from the office to a hot date, which is where this date night outfit comes in handy. The mini skirt and blazer combo is so easy to put together and always looks great with a plain top underneath and a pair of heels, or boots for more of a casual feel.

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4. Skinny Jeans and Off the Shoulder Top

This is another sweet look that will definitely get him flirting with you in no time. Again, mixing casual with an elegant top, you can be comfortable while at the same time flashing some shoulder and showing off your shapely legs!

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5. Mini Dress and Light Jacket

Mini dresses are great on their own, but paired with a jacket that sits around your shoulders, this date night outfit is an absolute winner! Flaunt your legs and keep it cool with a light jacket, whether that be denim, suede, cord… it doesn’t matter! He’ll be wanting to slide it off your shoulders anyway and offer you his own before the night is through!

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6. Leather Skirt and T-shirt

There’s no date night outfit more captivating than a little leather skirt. This is the definitive ‘cool girl’ date night outfit, especially paired with a band tee or just a plain white tee. He’ll think he’s on a date Cara Delevingne!

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7. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are so especially easy to throw on, and with the popularity of formal and cocktail jumpsuits making the rounds, there are so many styles, colours and prints to choose from! For a date night, however, go for a sleek design and a bright colour, like a stunning red, ensuring your date has eyes for no one else.

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8. High-waisted Shorts and Simple Top

A cute pair of high-waisted flowy shorts are so underrated these days (in my non-professional opinion, anyway). Shorts with a cute print, like stripes, with a tie at the waist and a simple cami or tee tucked in not only shows off your waist and figure, but your fantastic legs as well!

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9. Floral Maxi Dress

Floral prints are so feminine and make your date night outfits pop, especially in pictures! Look breezy and classy in a floral maxi dress, paired with heels or sandals and your hair flowing down your back. Now this is an outfit that’ll get his heart fluttering!

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10. Midi Skirt and Kitten Heels

Get Parisian-chic with this classic date night outfit that transcends time and trends! What better way to knock your date off his feet with a classic midi dress in a fun print and a pair of kitten heels that scream 50’s elegance and style, that are also surprisingly comfortable!

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11. Blazer Dress

Now go with me here; you may think a blazer is just for the office (or part of a fun date night outfit!), but have you ever thought of just how good a blazer dress looks with a pair of thigh high boots? Especially if you intend to stop traffic and send your date into a hot tizzy!

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12. Slip Dress and Thigh High Boots

Keeping with the boots theme here, imagine them now with a slinky slip dress and tell me you wouldn’t be absolutely feelin’ yourself in this killer date night outfit! I know your date would, so trust me on this one.

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13. Printed Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are some of the most flattering dresses out there, but with a cute print and a pair of heeled boots and a waterfall-esque hairstyle, you can’t go wrong with this outfit! Whether its a mini, midi or maxi dress, printed wrap dresses will always catch a glance or two!

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14. Swing Dress

As far as date night outfits go, swing dresses are the most comfortable of the bunch, but don’t be deceived; comfortable as they are, the right swing dress can still turn a few heads. Designed to look effortless, this is exactly what they are, while still having feminine movement and showcasing your pins.

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15. Floral Crop Top and Skirt

This last date night outfit is probably the most summer appropriate, however even on a cold night, it can heat things up! If you want to give off vibes of a balmy holiday in Havana or the coast of Italy, then this is the outfit for you! It’s especially effective when the top and skirt match, but you could pair any bright floral skirt with just a plain tee or crop top for a more casual look.

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Are you vibing with any of these date night outfits? What’s your perfect date night look? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature image source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/452400725065846053/
Diyana Henkel

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