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10 Date Night Outfit Ideas To Impress Your Boyfriend

Date night is fun once you’re actually on the date, but the preparation leading up to that point is stressful. If you’re a girl, you’re already aware of everything you must take into consideration before picking an outfit. 

Are you going on a casual date? Do you need to shave your legs? Should you wear heels or trainers? What should you do with your hair?

We’ve made it easier for you and rounded up a few affordable items of clothing for your next date night! 

Here is a list of 10 date night outfit ideas to impress your boyfriend:

1. Cut Out One Shoulder Bodysuit

From: Pretty Little Thing

As the first date night outfit idea, you can’t go wrong with a bodysuit. It goes with almost any item of clothing whether it’s a skirt, jeans or flared trousers. They fit the body well and you don’t have to worry about tucking your top in every time!

The midnight blue shade on this bodysuit will make you pop throughout the night and your date won’t be able to take his eyes off you! 

You can wear it to somewhere more casual as well as a cute little restaurant.

Get the look here:

2. Creped Jersey Dress

From: H&M 

As far as date night outfits go, this simple black jersey dress is effective as well as sexy. It is not over the top, yet it still shows a hint of sophistication. 

Style it with heels or sneakers depending on where your date is taking you! If it’s chilly, grab yourself a denim jacket to elevate your outfit.

Get the look here:

3. Cigarette Trousers

From: Missguided 

These skinny fit black cigarette trousers are perfect for date night, because they are slimming, go with any top or tee and are quite classy. 

We recommend you style it with a pair of high heels if your top is too casual. A casual tee will not be an issue if you know how to style the bottom half of your body appropriately. 

Plus, as long as you’re comfortable, there’s not going to be an issue. 

Get the look here:

4. One Shoulder Lace Midi Dress With Slash Front Detail


Date night outfits are all about seduction and confidence. This black midi dress from ASOS is alluring and shows just the right amount of skin to make your boyfriend want you during the entire date!

Who doesn’t love a good tease?

This dress should be worn with heels in order to give more to the outfit as a whole. Be sure to save it for a fancy dinner date and/or special occasions.

Get the look here:

5. Dobby Plunge Front Flared Shift Dress

From: Boohoo

Luckily, this shift dress comes in three different colors! If you’re not into bright colors, black would be your best choice as it’s sexy and almost mysterious on this dress. Other colors include rust, a sort of burnt orange and chartreuse, a shade of subtle yellow.

The brighter colors would go well with Fall and will not let you blend into the background on your date. 

Get the look here:

6.  Grey Checked Skirt/Blazer Co-Ord

From: Pretty Little Thing

Co-Ords are efficient, because they work perfectly together, but they work well when the items of clothing are separated, too! 

With this grey checked skirt/blazer combo, the date night outfit is more chill and laid back while still remaining sexy. If you choose to pair the two items together, what to wear as a top is entirely up to you whether it’s a t-shirt or a bralette.

Get the look here:

7. Square Neck Culotte Jumpsuit

From: Boohoo

This jumpsuit comes in a variety of colors, but the millennial pink option is the most appealing shade on the clothing as it stands out. 

See Also

For a date night outfit idea, it’s simple yet still holds that certain sophistication. 

Pair with heels to give yourself more of a height as jumpsuits require heels.

Get the look here:

8. Egerton Rigid Cropped Flare Jeans With Rips


These pair of jeans come in a shade of mid aged vintage blue and are not entirely high-waist. 

The jeans fit well, are tight and comfortable. We recommend you pair your upper half with a fancy top to balance out the jeans. If you have some strappy high heels to tie around your ankles, even better!

Get the look here:

9. Lace Top

From: H&M 

For an easier date night outfit idea, this lace top, not only can you wear it all the time, but it’s tantalizingly stylish! 

You can wear it everywhere, because it’s so comfortable, too! They come in black and red, depending on your color palette of the week. With an open back lined with lace, your boyfriend won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

Get the look here:

10. Crepe Open Back Cami Top

From: Boohoo

Like the lace top from H&M, this open back cami top is just as stylish and appropriate for date night! You can style with any pair of jeans for a casual outfit or skirt! 

The tops come in a shade of red and black and allows you to go bra-less due to the fastening on the back. You can tighten the laces as much as you want to keep the girls in place.

Get the look here:

We hope that these date night outfit ideas helped you out for your upcoming date. Share with a friend to help them brainstorm outfit ideas, too!

Featured Image Source:
Yagmur Ozmen

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