10 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas


Date night is an important part of the week for a couple. They are something to look forward to after a long week of school and/ or work as well as help the week go by faster. More importantly, these nights allow the couple to reconnect, especially if the couple have two different schedules and rarely get to see each other the rest of the week. Unfortunately, date nights can be expensive and can eventually add up after a couple weeks. Therefore, couples should try to take a break from the restaurants or movie theaters and try having date night at home. A date night at home presents a more intimate setting for a couple to have deep conversations allowing them to get to know each other on a deeper level as they reconnect. However, date night at home can be boring unless there is an activity planned out for the night. Here are some ideas to instigate during date night:

1. Watch a Movie/TV Show

The keyword in this suggestion is “watch” because if you don’t actually watch the movie, there won’t be anything for you two to discuss after the movie, which is part of the date night activity. Therefore, it might be helpful to choose a movie or tv show that neither of you have seen but has aspects that interests you both. This way you both will have motive to pay attention and something to talk or comment on after the movie or tv show. This is more fun if the couple creates a cozy pillow fort to watch the movie or tv show in!

Fun Cooking Together!

2. Cook a Meal or Bake

There are so many recipes out there of tasty dinners or gooey deserts, but most of the time people only watch the videos or pictures rather than actually making the food. Well, here’s your chance! Choose a recipe, go grocery shopping, and then cook the meal together. This also allows the couple the chance to see what it’s like to work with one another.

3. Game Night

For couple’s edition, each person should choose a game that they enjoyed as a child to play together. Then, choose a new game to learn and play as a couple to spice things up a bit. (Preferably, these games should be made for two players.)

4. Story Time

This activity allows the couple to get to know each other by telling stories they have never shared with one another. It would be beneficial to create a bowl of possible story topics so neither of the couple can direct the story topics in a specific direction, but it isn’t necessary. It also allows the couple to see how much they truly know about each other.

Romantic Living Room Picnic

5. Picnic in the Living Room

For this activity, the couple can either cook the meal or order in from a favorite restaurant. The more important aspect of this date night is to create a cozy and romantic setting for the picnic allowing for a quiet environment for the couple to talk and reconnect. It definitely beats trying to talk over the other chatter in the restaurant.

6. YouTube Karaoke

This is an opportunity for a couple to let loose and have fun singing their hearts out. Pick some solos to sing to your significant other along with duets that you can sing together but don’t forget to get weird and have fun!

7. Create A Couple Bucket List

This activity allows the couple to think about other activities that they wish to do with the other, such as travel or taking a dance class. These activities will help both of you to grow as a couple as you try new things together.

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8. Make an Everything But The Sink Sundae

Pick a big bowl and fill it with lots of ice cream. Then, find every food in the kitchen that can be used as a topping and mix it in. Finally, top the sundae off with some chocolate syrup and whip cream. Now, you have the perfect snake to share as you talk and reconnect.

Signature Cocktails

9. Make Your Signature Cocktail

Find all the alcohol in the house or apartment along with juices or sodas that can be nicely mixed. Then, choose your favorites and start mixing them together to become your signature cocktail as a couple. You could also take your favorite drinks and combine them to create a single cocktail.

10. Play Truth or Dare

This is the perfect game to play when you have questions about your significant other. That being said, a significant other doesn’t have to answer a question if they are willing to partake in the dare option. This activity promotes the couple to talk and discover new facts and interests about each other.

What do you think of these stay-home date night ideas? Let us know in the comment section below!

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