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10 Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In

10 Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In

Here are 10 Date Night Ideas For When You Want To Stay In with your man. There are tons of options that you can do instead of going out

Choosing from regular date night ideas is one of the keys to a great  and healthy relationship. While everyone wants to spend time with their significant other, lets face it, execution is lots of time easier said than done. To jump start your weekends, here are 10 date night ideas for when you want to stay in.

1. Video game night

Pull out all of your favorite gaming consoles for a competitive video gaming night. Whether you want to keep it current with games like NBA 2k and the new Spiderman, or take it back a few decades with PacMan and MarioKart, you will be in for some fun with this date night idea. Add  some extra competition by imcluding a bet for the winner.

2. At home wine  tasting

Turn your living room into a winery for these date night ideas. Each of you can pick up a few your favorite wines, and spend the night tasting and drinking away! To get an authentic winery feel add some cheese for taste.


3. Drinks and homemade pizza

This date night idea is one of my personal favorites. There is nothing better than staying in drinking and making a homemade pizza, while spending time with your favorite person. If you don’t want to make your own pizza, a store bought frozen one is great too!

4. Enjoy a home cooked meal

Who says that staying home can’t be romantic? For this date night idea you can show off your culinary skills. Cook your favorite meal for dinner, light some candles and just enjoy each others company.

5. Create a bucket list

Spend the night creating a bucket list of all of the places you want to go, and things you would like to do together. Throughout your relationship you can add to the list and check things off as you continue to explore.


6. Watch your favorite sports team

Break out the sports gear. For this date night idea put on your favorite team jersey, turn on ESPN and enjoy a non spot stream of sports.

7. Karaoke night

It is never too late to show off a secret talent. Pick a few of your favorite songs each and prepare to put on the performance of a lifetime. You can find instrumental/karaoke versions of your favorite songs on YouTube and on demand.

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8. Play the Newlywed game

Whether you are 2 weeks into a relationship or 2 years, it is always fun to know how much your partner knows about you. Create some fun competition with this date night idea by adding a bet for the winner/loser.

9. Camp out

Turn on your fireplace and transform your place into a romantic campsite. Break out the sleeping bags, pillows, and extra blankets. You can add extra fun to this date night idea by roasting marshmellows.

10. Movie marathon

Cuddle up on the couch and prepare to watch your favorite movies. You can even add a theme to the night and watch only superheroes, romcoms, or whatever your heart desires.

Comment below which one of these date night ideas you are going to try!
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