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Date Night Ideas For When You Can’t Quarantine Together

Date Night Ideas For When You Can’t Quarantine Together

Even for couples who are used to dealing with long distance, this quarantine is definitely proving to be difficult for everyone, especially those who are both separated and in love. Here are a few date night ideas to get you feeling closer than ever, even in these tough times. 

1. Watch Something Together

Pick out a movie you both love, your favorite comedy special, or a new series you’ve both been meaning to watch. You can talk on the phone, find a video streaming platform (for example Zoom or Netflix Party), or just text each other updates of your favorite moments and scenes. 

2. Read The Same Book

If you’re trying to get back into the habit of reading, involving your S.O. might just be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Take some time to pick out a book you’re both interested in, and really lean into the idea of the virtual book club. You can send each other your favorite passages, or read out loud over the phone. 

 Date Night Ideas For When You Can’t Quarantine Together

3. Schedule Video Chats

Obviously video chatting seems like the most common solution for date nights, but somehow it can still be difficult to find time or motivation to follow through. By actually setting an appointment of sorts, you can both make the effort to make time for each other. Think of it as a ‘pick you up at eight!’ type scenario, and don’t be late!

Date Night Ideas For When You Can’t Quarantine Together

4. Make The Same Dinner Together

No matter how great or lacking your cooking skills might be, find comfort in your S.O. and guide each other through a new recipe. Try to start it at around the same time, or maybe video call throughout the process. It’ll be a laugh, give you lots of time for conversation, and you can answer each other’s cooking doubts and questions. 

Date Night Ideas For When You Can’t Quarantine Together

5. And Then Enjoy It (Make Sure To Dress Up!)

Once your meal is made, you can make a full on dinner date out of it. Wear something that’s cure to impress! You can even go as far as to set the table or light some candles in order to set the mood. Having dinner together on the regular is really really nice, but adding an extra layer of formality to the meal will really make it feel like a proper date. 

6. Create And Discuss Songs And Playlists

Music might be the most romantic or sensual way to send messages that’s out there! Spotify lets you create collaborative playlists, and you can add a bunch of different ones that remind you of the one you love. If you’re looking for a specific date night plan, send each other song recommendations and discuss them. Point out your favorite lyrics, or why they reminded you of one another. 

Date Night Ideas For When You Can’t Quarantine Together

7. Work Or Study Together In Silence

One of the things that I’ve found myself missing the most during this quarantine, is comfortable silence. There’s nothing like being in the same room as someone and just existing at the same time. If you’re both drowning in work, call each other up! Just having someone ‘in the same room’ as you while you work can help you destress, bounce ideas off of, or have someone to complain to. It’ll give you a sense of normalcy and comfort just knowing you’re together- even if it’s just virtually. 

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8. Get Ready For Bed Together

Another one of the things you’ll probably be missing most as well, will be bedtime together. Whether that be full on sexy times, or just cuddling while watching Netflix in cozy pajamas. Get ready for the night together, even from separate locations! You can spend some time flirting, chatting, or even falling asleep over video call. There’s no limit with how far you can go at night. You may even want to incorporate naps together! Just a calm, relaxing, little quarantine rest. 

Date Night Ideas For When You Can’t Quarantine Together

9. Get A Little Tipsy

It might not be the same as a long night out on the town, but it’ll have to do for the time being. Mix yourself your favorite drink, and make a fun date night out of the entire ordeal. You can laugh, chat, or plan an activity together. Lots of things are a lot more fun when you’re a bit drunk, so you can even incorporate anything else (like making dinner or binge watching a television series) into your drinking session. Just let loose!

10. Talk On The Phone

While a video call might be a common, expected, or more intimate way of having a date night conversation, you might also want to consider a good old fashioned phone call! Speaking on the phone strangely gives an entirely different set of emotions to your usual banter. Try to call at a time where you have fewer obligations, so you don’t have to keep track of time or worry about having to hang up. You can just let the conversation run its course, and freely chat about anything and everything in between. 

11. Send Them A Surprise Gift (Safely Of Course!)

There are a lot of nice ways you can surprise your S.O. or shower them with gifts of appreciation. While you can definitely do this all year round, the intensity of self-isolation proves to want us to find new and exciting ways to show affection. Check locally if different places are safely delivering things- flowers, candy, booze, meals, anything! You’re sure to brighten up their day by not only sending them something they’ll love and enjoy, but also proving to them that you really know them and are thinking of them. 

Just because the world is in complete disarray, doesn’t mean your relationship has to fall apart too! Keep on giving date night the importance it deserves to have, and let your creativity shine through. Any of these ideas are good starting points to get you back into the routine of having special nights together. You’ll both appreciate the effort, and grow even closer together, even when being isolated is currently the new normal. 

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