10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

Date night is always a fun and exciting way to destress by spending it with ones we care about. Everyone has their favorites, whether it be a walk by the beach, getting ice cream, or an outdoor movie, there are always ways to switch up the typical date night! Stay tuned for Summer 2020 date night ideas! Get ready for the sun, warm nights, and all of the other amazing things that are associated with summer. I’m biased because my birthday is in the middle of July. Can you tell?

1. Concert

When it comes to date night, sometimes just being with our significant other is what matters the most to us. This summer, grab some jean shorts and a crop top, and your girlfriend/boyfriend of course, and let loose at this fun setting! To make it a date weekend/ mini getaway, book a hotel room for the two of you and uber from the concert to the hotel room. This will allow you to really enjoy yourself without worrying about driving and parking. Date night is essential for our mental health, and it really helps us grow closer with our partner!

10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

2. Fruit Pick

I love this date night idea! When I was little, my mom took us to a blueberry farm in my hometown and I was amazed at how genuine this activity really is. Whatever your age, you are never too old (or too cool) to pick some fresh fruit! Take lots of photos, because fresh fruit is a total aesthetic. Depending on where you live in the United States, blueberry season ranges from late May to mid-August. If you do not like blueberries, don’t worry, because there are other fruits to pick naturally! Strawberries peak season is June through July, and depending on where you live this can be the warmest time of the year. Wear lots of sunscreen, take lots of pictures, and don’t forget to enjoy this with him or her. It is such a nice little break from the busy lifestyle around us, and nothing is more natural and beautiful than nature.

10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

3. Pizza On The Beach

Its summer, and who wouldn’t love dinner on the beach? It doesn’t have to be pizza, but you can bring burgers, salads, or subs to the beach in the summer and lay a blanket down. I live somewhere where there are plenty of beaches nearby, so finding a quiet spot isn’t too hard. Of course, summer is a tourist season, and that gets annoying. Find a remote spot, and live it up! Enjoy the beach scene around you, just don’t get sand on your food!

10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

4. Baseball And Ice Cream

There is seriously no better time to go to a baseball game, summer nights are warm, light, and fun. Take advantage of the sunshine and longer days, because people who live in the north, unfortunately, do not get much of it. Grab ice cream after the game, even if the home team doesn’t win! Nothing feels better than having a cold ice cream on a warm day.

10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

5. Sunset Watch

One of the most romantic things to do on a date is to watch the sunset. This could be after your dinner date, you could sit in your car and watch the sunset, or lay down a blanket and cuddle on the beach. Since its summer, I say lay on the beach and watch! This will capture the perfect sunset colors for the best photo, and you’ll feel extra special beside him or her. Clink a cold one or pop a bubbly, and the date is perfect!

10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

6. Skinny Dip

OK, this may not be a ‘date’, but it sure will intensify any evening together. I mean, who doesn’t want to recreate the scene in The Vow, where Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum went running into the water together? If you haven’t tried this, you have nothing to lose. Just make sure your significant other is on board, and check for people nearby. I mean, does anyone really care?

10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

7. Eat And Move

In the summertime, make the most out of the warm weather. Go rollerblading with your partner, biking, or jog the beach. Follow it up with dinner, and you’ve got the classic summer date. In the summer, the livin’ is easy. Walk, jog, bike, whatever floats your boat. Plus, being outside getting fresh air and being active is always refreshing.

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10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

8. Rooftop Bar

The most romantic date night happens on a rooftop bar. I mean, the view alone is pretty sweet, not to mention the warm summer breeze that is refreshing at night. Dress up in your favorite dress and pair of wedges, and hit the bar. Take lots of pictures, because this is a night to remember! When I visited Manhattan for my birthday in July 2019, it was the summer I turned 22, my boyfriend and I had a blast at the rooftop bar. There are lots of people in their 20’s!

10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

9. Vedge Out

One of the best things to do in the summer is to relax. Lay down a blanket, and watch the stars. Take a day off and head to the beach. Whatever the two of you most enjoy, do it. Try to avoid the tourists, though, because they make travel time 10 times longer. Don’t let the tourists get you down, and try to have fun!10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

10. Boat Ride

Depending on where you live in the United States, take a ferry to a nearby island and get dinner there. This will allow you to enjoy the warm summer night, fresh breeze, and you can think of it as a mini getaway, which we all need. The ferry near me is very affordable, and it mixes up the typical date night of going to the same restaurant over and over. Be spontaneous!

10 Date Night Ideas For Summer 2020

Summer is my favorite season, and I’m sure it is yours too. No school and warm weather for a few months straight are always nice. I hope everyone enjoyed this article, comment below what date night was your favorite!

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