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Date Night Ideas For Each Zodiac Sign

Date Night Ideas For Each Zodiac Sign

Brainstorming for date night ideas can be so stressful and nerve-wracking especially when you want to do something really amazing for the person you’re with! You want to do something unique, something that is romantic and even a bit cheesy as well, but how to make sure that you’re on the right track with your plan? Here are recommendations based on your zodiac sign for the perfect date night!


Aries are well-known adventurers and thrill-seekers so matching their level of energy is your go-to move. Doing something fun and competitive like playing pool, or even racing is the ideal plan!


Tauruses are probably the most underrated romantics of the whole zodiac. They are very exuberant with their romantic gestures, so they may expect you to put some effort as well! One of the best date night ideas for your Taurus partner is taking them out for a fancy dinner. It’s a simple gesture, yet a very effective one.


Gemini are infamous for their talkative nature but if you really want to get to know them your best move is taking them out somewhere that they can do just that! A coffee shop date is an ideal place for your Gemini significant other to open up and really be able to talk about anything and everything with you.


Everybody knows the sweet and emotional sides of the Cancer and that is exactly why you should consider date night ideas which will show them how caring and affectionate you can be. Bring your date to a farm or an animal shelter and they will have the best time with you!


Despite the very confident and self-sufficient nature of Leos, they very much appreciate attention and a big date night out will definitely be something that they would enjoy. A classy evening to see the ballet, or even something not as traditional like watching flamenco dancing, will really spice things up and bring out their passionate character out.


Well-known perfectionists, Virgos would not usually let you take control, but offering to stay-in and cook is one of the best date night ideas for you two. Making a fancy pasta dish together will allow them to relax, trust you, and have tons of fun!


One thing that you may not know about Libras is how much they love crowds! They love being among other people and when thinking of where you could bring them for a date you have to consider where you can find a busy location and still enjoy yourselves. A funfair is a great example of such a place.


Scorpios may not always reveal their passionate and romantic side to you right away but they do love opening up. Meeting up with them in a setting where it’s just the two of you is a great way to get to know their intimate sides. One beautiful idea is driving out together to a pretty view where you can watch the sunset, the stars or the city lights at night.


Even though known as a flirty sign, people carrying this sign are not known as big romantics. However, that’s a big misconception because all the Saggitarius ever wants is a big fat romance. Bring your Saggitarius date to a drive-in cinema. They would have the best time living that cheesy date night!

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Biking somewhere together and setting up a picnic afterwards is what a Capricorn would love to do on a date. Organising this sort of thing will show your fun side to the typically serious Capricorn and you would also get to know them little by little, which is super important for this sign.


The Aquarius is well-known for their quirks and unconventionality, so doing something crazy with them is what will definitely bring up their mood and attract them to you. Allow them to let their hair down and make sure you show how fun you can be, by doing something exciting and out-of-the-ordinary like crashing a house party or just sneaking anywhere you shouldn’t be!


Pressured to always be the creative and active sign of the zodiac, people with the Pisces sign actually really appreciate mellow and wholesome moments such as simply ordering pizza and watching a film at home. This allows them to relax and feel closer to you!


What do you think about these suggestions? Have you got any date night ideas that will be perfect for a specific zodiac sign? Leave a comment below!

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