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5 Date Night Ideas For Couples With Old Souls

5 Date Night Ideas For Couples With Old Souls

Having an old soul doesn’t particularly mean that you only get along with people who are much older than you or that you are antisocial in any way. It might be difficult to understand a person with an old soul, but when two people have this same characteristic, you can bet that their relationship is going to be much different than the typical, modern-day young couple. Even their date night ideas are unique because old souls tend to have a different idea of a fun, meaningful night together. Here are five date night ideas for couples with old souls.

1. Spontaneous Road Trips

Old souls look for experiences with true depth and meaning, not just a night of drinking and small talk. They jump at an opportunity to find new places and reflect on the importance of life and what is really out there. That’s why taking a spontaneous road trip is the perfect date night idea for couples with old souls! While it does require a bit of planning and is probably best to take a road trip on the weekend, a small adventure can be just what you both need, and you don’t have to go too far from home. Go into a nearby town or quiet countryside and cherish the long, quiet night drive with your partner and talk about things that really matter to you both. Get out of the car and gaze at the starry night together, take in the moment because you both know you will never be here again.

5 Date Night Ideas For Couples With Old Souls

2. Writing Letters

Another wonderful trait of being an old soul is that you delight in old-fashioned things such as writing letters. Romance to you is not just about flowers and chocolates and sex, you don’t need these things to be happy or feel close. You prefer to get to know each other better because you know you are both constantly changing and there are thoughts that sometimes you just can’t express verbally. So staying in and writing each other letters makes for a great date night idea! Make some hot chocolate and pour each other a glass of wine, turn on the radio and sit nearby and just write to each other. Pour out your deepest thoughts or questions, they’ll be great to read later on or years from now!

5 Date Night Ideas For Couples With Old Souls

3. Go Dancing

Being an old soul doesn’t mean you are a boring loner, but that you enjoy doing things a little differently. You thrive the most when you are learning or living in the moment, you think about life constantly, but not in the sense that you want to accomplish a lot or have tons of material things. Finding someone who understands that and feels the same way becomes a blessing because you have someone to share it with. So you should both try going dancing as a date night. You don’t have to dress up or go anywhere fancy, dancing in your living room or on your porch (or in the rain) is all the quality time you need.

5 Date Night Ideas For Couples With Old Souls

4. A Picnic On A Hill

Since old souls don’t rely on physical or fancy things to be happy, going for a picnic is another wonderful idea for a date night. Find a nice hill that overlooks your city, pack a simple lunch and lie out on a blanket and take in the view. Talk about life and think about the universe and how it worked to bring you together. Or enjoy the sounds of nature, the ocean, and appreciate the sunset before you.

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5 Date Night Ideas For Couples With Old Souls

5. Attend A Poetry Reading

Another good idea for a date night if you and your partner are old souls is to attend a local poetry reading. There are so many places nowadays that support and organize poetry readings and events. Instead of going to the movies, poetry readings can be very thought-provoking and encourage audiences to laugh and cry with them. Even if poetry isn’t quite your thing, it can be a nice way for both of you to appreciate creative expression and see raw emotion being performed with words that build connections between people.

5 Date Night Ideas For Couples With Old Souls

Which date night idea for old souls will you be trying with your partner this week? Tell us in the comments below!

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