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6 Date Ideas Perfect For Fall

6 Date Ideas Perfect For Fall

Fall is the prime time for uber-romantic dates! There’s just something about the cozy sweaters and the crisp weather that makes you snuggle closer to your significant other!

Here are some romantic date ideas that are perfect for fall time!

1. Coffee Shop Date

What’s better than escaping the cold in a warm coffee shop? Having coffee with your partner, that’s what!


Dress up in your coziest gear and scout out a local coffee shop. We bet they even have some fresh, warm pastries to split with your date!

Sip on some espresso and and give your date a coffee kiss! Coffee shops are romantic because they have lots of cozy arm chairs and warm color palettes.

A coffee shop date is casual, not too expensive, and perfect for fall.


2. Apple Picking

Apple picking is a requirement for fall time! There’s nothing better than holding hands and traipsing around an apple orchard picking out the tastiest apples with your beloved.

After an hour or so of picking apples and you’re almost too cold to talk, grab some warm apple cider and cinnamon sugar donuts to get warm! We bet your local apple orchard has some on hand.

After you’re done, you can even see if you’re significant other is up for making a warm apple cinnamon pie!


3. Ice Skating

Most people think of ice skating as a winter activity, but most ice skating places open beginning in the fall! If you go during the fall, you’ll probably have the place mostly to yourself meaning a more intimate setting for you and your date.

Ice skating is a really fun date, even if you’re not very good at it! This is because you know that you have your date to keep you from falling down!

Ice skating is the perfect time to break out your cutest hat and scarf and twirl around with the one you love!


4. A Walk In The Park

Going on a date doesn’t necessarily equal spending money! You can have fun with your date just going on a simple walk in the park.

The crisp weather of the fall gives you an excuse to hold hands and lean against each other for warmth!

You can admire the beautiful fall foliage as well as the person beside you!

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Try choosing a park that you’ve never been to that you can have fun exploring with your partner!

5. Pumpkin Carving

As Halloween comes up, consider carving pumpkins with your date! It’ll be great fun to pick out silly designs and scoop out the slimy pumpkin guts with your partner!


Once you are done with this activity, you’ll have two adorable pumpkins that you can admire for all of the Halloween season. This activity also lends itself to cute and Instagram-worthy photos.

While carving your pumpkins, you and your partner can begin discussing couples costumes for Halloween!

6. Movie Night

Movie nights are super romantic! Whether you stay in or actually go out to a theater, watching a movie with the one you love is super fun!


If you stay in, create a cozy paradise on a bed or couch and load up on popcorn and candy! If you go out, try going to a small cozy movie theater you’ve never gone to before! It’ll be a mini adventure.

If you stay in, you have the freedom to choose any movie you want! You can watch your favorite movie or a new one that you’ve been looking forward to. Scary movies and romantic comedies alike are perfect for cuddling.

Are you ready for your date night yet? Comment down below your ideal fall date!

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