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10 Date Ideas For Your Gamer Boyfriend

Having a gamer boyfriend is full of laughter and fun. Yet unlike other boyfriends, gamer boyfriends have very specific interests that may be hard to keep up with. Here are 10 great date ideas for you and the special gamer in your life. 

1. Gamer Store Date

If you want to take your boyfriend on a shopping trip, then this date idea is for you. This date works best when you have a local game and or comic store near you. Although when in doubt, there is always GameStop to the rescue. This date is all about spending quality time together while appealing to his interests. On your next trip out, take your boyfriend to a gaming store and give him a budget of your choice. Note, that some games and accessories can be rather expensive, ranging upward of over $100. Yet there are some cheaper alternatives like giving your boyfriend $50 and letting him pick out a game of his choosing. Make his day by helping him get that new game he has had his eye on. 

GameStop Date Destination

2.  FIFA Showdown

This date idea is for all the sports gamer boyfriends out there. If you want to make your next date night special but don’t feel like going out, this date idea is for you. This date idea consists of staying at home and taking turns playing FIFA. FIFA is a one player soccer sports game. You pick players of your choosing based on their stats and age. Once you build your own team, you go to the playoffs around the world and compete. This is a one player game but there is a fun twist to it. After each game, you record your scores and then alternate who plays. This is a great conversation starter for any new relationship and is great for laughter. After you are both done playing a set of games, you compare scores, and the one with the highest wins! This is a great free way to have a date and spend quality time with your significant other. 

FIFA Showdown

3. Dinner And Arcade

A personal favorite date idea of mine is dinner and arcade. This date idea does require a bit of money but overall is rather minimal. The idea is you take your boyfriend out to dinner, ideally in a place that has an arcade close by. You have your nice dinner date and then after, go to the arcade. This is a great compromise for those who have a gamer boyfriend but who are not interested in gaming themselves. In an arcade there are so many games to choose from, it’s a great way to have a happy medium. You can both take turns in choosing games that you both like. All the while spending great quality time together and bonding over some good old fashioned games like air hockey. 

Arcade Date Night

4.  YouTube Play-Throughs

Do you want to watch something but your boyfriend isn’t really interested? Youtube gaming play-throughs are a great happy medium for any date night. There are numerous YouTubers to choose from to watch quality gaming play-throughs. Some play-throughs are all about the games and are rather serious. My personal favorite is to find ones that are both comedic and showcase a game. For this date idea, I recommend finding a funny YouTuber that is playing through a horror game. With the comedic relief of the YouTuber and the jump scares, it makes for a date full of laughs and snuggling. 

YouTube Play-Throughs

5. Drinks And Gaming Marathon

This date idea is for the homebodies out there. Having drinks and a gaming marathon is great to make your gamer boyfriend happy, while also relaxing in the comfort of your own home. You can kick back and relax as you make drinks for you and your boyfriend while playing games. For this date idea, it’s important that the games you choose are in fact multiplayer games. So that both you and your boyfriend can play together. Whether you choose to play against each other or work on the same team, this is a great idea for any relaxing date night. 

Drinks and Gaming Marathon

6. Controller Shopping

If you have a little money to spare for your gamer boyfriend, try this one out. Controllers can be as cheap $50 to upwards of $500 depending on the brand,color scheme, controls and ect. The next time you have a little cash, treat your gamer boyfriend to a new controller. Find your local BestBuy or any gaming store and let him loose. You can even get customizable controllers based on what he wants. And if your boyfriend only plays PC games, no problem. There are numerous customizable keyboards and mouses that will make him always think of you the next time he plays his favorite game. And while this date can be a little on the pricey side, it  will be an unforgettable date for that special gamer in your life. 

Controller Date

7. Exploring Gamer Merch

This is a great idea for the gamer boyfriends who are very invested in one gaming franchise. This date idea is something you can do both in stores or at home online. Depending upon the game, there are numerous types of gamer merch and items out there that your boyfriend will love. So treat him, take him shopping and let him pick out some merch that means something to him. Gaming merch can be found in GameStop, local game stores, and in some instances, skater shops. Some companies such as Zumiez, Hot Topic and Tillie’s feature special items of game merch. When you’re in the mood for shopping and want to treat him, consider this your next date night destination. 

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Gamer Merch

8. Gamer Conventions

Want your boyfriend to go to gamer heaven? This is the stop for you. And while this date is typically an all day adventure, it will show your boyfriend that you care about him and his interests. Comic Con and Gaming Conventions can be expensive and require you to purchase tickets months in advance. Tickets can range up to over $100 but are must see for any gamer. These conventions offer your boyfriend the opportunity to potentially meet the maker of his favorite game and franchise. There are a variety of booths for your boyfriend to choose from. Buy the tickets, let him loose and watch the smile on his face, as you take him to gamer heaven. 

Gamer Convention

9. Learning New Tricks Together In Game

This dating idea is great for when you see your boyfriend is stuck on a level of his favorite game. This date idea is great for fun problem solving that will make your relationship stronger, and your boyfriend happier. There are numerous websites and videos for all games of any kind online. If you want to be sneaky, research some fun tricks on his favorite game. And on your next gaming marathon date, show him what you got. Your boyfriend will be both impressed and touched that you took the time to learn about his favorite game. And maybe even teach him something new in the process. 

Learning In Game Tricks

10. Finding A Game You Both Love And Spending Quality Time Together

This is one of my personal favorite dating ideas. This one costs such little money and allows you to spend great quality time with each other. This gaming idea is very worthwhile. Not only do you collaborate together to find a game that you both will enjoy, it allows you to grow as a couple. Sometimes the best dates are staying in with each other. This date allows you to learn teamwork and problem solving, while having a great time in the process. Playing a game together is full of laughs and making quality memories. For your next date idea, find a game together, treat yourself and the gamer you love.

Gamer Love

With so many great ideas, you and your gamer boyfriend will have fun without fail. These date ideas are not only entertaining, but show your gamer boyfriend you care about what he loves.

Mary Cron

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