5 Date Ideas For The Uncreative Person Who Just Wants To Find Love

Are you bored of the normal dinner-and-a-movie dates that you always seem to go on? Are you wanting to ask someone out but can’t think of something cool to do? Are you lonely and just want to find love but are also lazy and don’t want to go on a date unless it’ll be worth getting out of bed for? Then try out our 5 creative date ideas for the uncreative person that are sure to help you find true love while also having the time of your life!

1. Go Thrifting

This is an unusual date idea that will have your date enamoured with you! Take a day to hit up some of the thrift stores in your town and browse through them. Not only can you take this time to check out what kinds of things your local thrift stores carry, you can turn your time in the thrift store into a fun activity! Challenge your date and compete to find the weirdest thing in the store, the creepiest doll on the shelves, or the most expensive item of clothing. Try and look to find a useful item that you need or split up and shop for an outfit for the other person to wear to a dinner date. Have fun getting your date to try on the weirdest clothes you can find. Going to a thrift store can be a great way to get to know someone, plus, if you don’t want to buy anything, you don’t have to! Besides transportation costs, this date is totally free!

5 Date Ideas For The Uncreative Person Who Just Wants To Find Love

2. Go to a Used Bookstore

Used bookstores are often cozy little shops filled with stacks and stacks of books. If you both like to read, take your date to a used bookstore and poke around the stacks to find those little hidden treasures. Maybe try to find your favourite books and convince your date to buy them, learn about their favourite books, or pick out some books for the two of you and find a place to sit and read for a bit. You can learn a lot about your date by what they like to read!

5 Date Ideas For The Uncreative Person Who Just Wants To Find Love

3. Make a Crazy Recipe Together

Now’s the chance to make that totally over-the-top and exciting recipe you’ve always wanted to make! Grab your date, raid both of your pantries, and go to the grocery store to buy any extra ingredients you might need for the recipe you choose! Divide the tasks and get to work preparing your dish. You’ll always have something active to do which can help smooth out awkward pauses in conversation as you get to know the other person. By the end of it, you’ll have a new recipe that you know you can make or a hilarious mess that you two can laugh over. It’s a great way to make a good memory no matter the outcome!

5 Date Ideas For The Uncreative Person Who Just Wants To Find Love

4. Stargaze

Stargazing is a romantic and adorable way to spend time with someone you like! It’s often and unexpected invitation, but it’s always welcome! Grab some blankets and climb up onto your roof or drive just outside of town to a place where there are no artificial lights. You can lay on top of your car or on the grass and stare up at the stars. There’s something about stars that makes people want to open up! Try talking to your date about the universe, aliens, their life, their biggest fears and their greatest hopes, or anything at all that you feel comfortable asking them!

Make sure you go with someone that you know and feel completely safe with! Often, the best stargazing locations are outside of town away from the city lights, which can mean that help (if you need it) might be far away. To make sure that you’re safe, tell friends where you’re going and when you expect to get back.

5 Date Ideas For The Uncreative Person Who Just Wants To Find Love

5. Do a DIY Self-Care Night

Everyone loves self-care! Invite your date over for a DIY self-care night. You could try doing a night where you put on face masks and do each other’s make up (if your date doesn’t know how to apply makeup, you might have the funniest result ever) or you could give each other mani-pedis! Try making comfort food that both of you like! Cook a giant pizza, pop a big bag of popcorn and drizzle caramel on top, or toss some pre-made scoops of cookie dough in the oven. Get creative with your self-care night and incorporate a mixture of things that you do to help you relax and things that your date does to make them feel relaxed!

5 Date Ideas For The Uncreative Person Who Just Wants To Find Love

Did you like these unusual and creative date ideas? Comment below to let us know which ones you want to try!

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