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10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

If you have a sporty guy in your life, it can be hard to find some date ideas that he enjoys. Let’s give them a break from the movie nights, romantic dinners, and spa days, and let’s treat our sporty guy to a date night that he loves. It can be a great surprise to change things up but also to keep things balanced by going on dates that involve doing something that he likes too! Here is a list of 10 date ideas for the great sporty guy in your life.

1. Sports bar

It’s as easy as hopping in the car and driving to a local sports bar. Have a few drinks, eat some greasy bar food, and watch 20 different sports on 20 different tv screens. This can also be a good time to let him be the one to drink and you be the designated driver, because, let’s be honest, he’s probably the one who usually watches over you while you get white girl wasted.

Bonus points if you take him to see one of his favorite teams play on game day. Extra bonus points if you invite a few of his friends, or you can keep it just a date between the two of you.

10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

2. Baseball game

What boy doesn’t love a good baseball game? Whether they’ve played before or not, it’s still a fun, sporty atmosphere to be in. Now, this can be anywhere from a major league game (bonus points if you can pull that off), to a minor league game, to even a local rec baseball game that may be a family member is playing in. So, grab a hot dog, cold beer, and put your baseball cap on!

10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

3. Arcade

Believe it or not, arcades are still a thing. Whether it’s a big, chain company like Dave and Busters or even small, local locations have things like penny arcades. It might seem a little juvenile at first to bring your guy to play some old arcade games but you’ll be surprised when their inner child lights up. No one matter how old they are, guys will always be boys at heart, and boys love games, competition and winning. Also, you get bonus points if you let them win a game or two.

10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

4. Amature softball games

Recreation slow-pitch softball leagues are actually very popular and you would be surprised how many teams and leagues are near you. In my experience, people are always looking for extra players whether it be just for a game or two or even to start a whole new team. The great thing about rec is that it’s only about once a week so this can be a great date night each week, to either watch him play or to play together. It’s nice to get outside and be active in your community together.

10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

5. Gym

Whether you and your boy are gym rats or rarely ever go, this can be a fun date night where you can be active together. Maybe you can make this a once a week deal. You also don’t have to do cardio or lift weights when you go to the gym, you can also play basketball or volleyball instead. Most guys love being physically active and playing around so this can be a great way to indulge that side of them.

10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

6. Bowling

If you’re not that athletic or into sports, bowling is a great way to let your guy indulge in that while you get to just have fun. Bowling is a classic date night idea because it is easy, inexpensive, and a lot of fun. Enjoy some friendly competition, some drinks and good music with your man.

10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

7. Sport/action movie

We’ve all been guilty of forcing our man to watch romantic-comedy after romantic-comedy each night. Surprise him by putting on an action or sports movie or show that they like. Better yet, let them pick something. They’ll really appreciate the thought and consideration to change things up in his favor. Remember, it’s just a movie or show and it won’t last forever. So, pop some popcorn, think about how you’re going to watch Twilight for the millionth time tomorrow, and let your boy have his moment.

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10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

8. Fishing

Fishing is actually a really cute date idea. It’s peaceful, easy, and you get to be out in nature with your favorite guy. It’s also considered a great past time and a really relaxing sport. Now, you don’t actually have to participate in fishing, but bonus points if you do. If you’re not going to fish, just be sure to do your research, find a good location to fish, and figure out how you’re going to get your hands on some fishing gear. Don’t just present the idea and do nothing about it. We’re trying to treat our sporty guy here, so it requires genuine effort.

10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

9. Mini golf

Mini golf is another great, classic date night idea and for good reason. Not only is it for anyone, but sporty guys love it especially because it involves a literal sport, friendly competition and it’s a little challenging. We, however, love it for the cute, candid photos and how we manage to beat our guys without even trying. So, practice your swing and take him golfing.

10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

10. Hike to watch the sunset

How romantic is it to watch the sunset? Throw in an easy hike or a nice drive and the boys are all in. This is different from other date ideas because it’s not something you get to do every day and it’s a really special moment. Grab a cute photo of the two of you with the sunset to capture that perfect moment and make it a tradition to do once a month.

10 Date Ideas For The Sporty Guy In Your Life

Give your sporty guy a date night he deserves. Which one of these date ideas are you going to try? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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