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7 Date Ideas For Introverts

7 Date Ideas For Introverts

Maybe your significant other is a less than a social butterfly. Maybe you aren’t the “going outside and talking to people” type. Or maybe neither of you are, but you still enjoy each other’s company.

Whatever the situation, dating as an introvert can be difficult. So here are some fun date ideas for introverts that can make things a little less awkward.

1. Visit Your Local Art Museum

Sure, maybe existing the four walls of your home can be a tedious effort, but an art museum can be a nice place to interact with the one you care about, without necessarily dealing with those you do not. Museums tend to be quiet and serene, plus it is heavily implied that strangers need not talk to one another. You simply walk around for as long as you please, hand-in-hand with your date. And, as an added bonus, it gives you an excuse to dress nicely without the pressure of impressing people; no one is looking at you, they are looking at the art!

7 Date Ideas For Introverts

2. Board Game Night

Nothing is wrong with wanting to stay inside for the night with your boo, so you might as well do so with some board games at your disposal. Layout your game pieces, grab some junk food and spend the evening rolling the dice. Your date will think it’s cute, you’ll have a reason to stay in pajamas, and your board game night can turn into that time you stayed up all night counting Monopoly money. Be warned though, a relationship can end over Uno cards.

7 Date Ideas For Introverts

3. Netflix and Chill  

Probably the most infamous date idea for introverts has yet to fail. Simply log in, cuddle up with your one and only under a warm blanket, and let what happens, happen. You could rewatch an entire season of The Office again… again. Or if you are looking for a movie, I suggest something easy on the eyes and cute, like the sci-fi romance Her, or a childhood classic like Lilo & Stitch. But let’s be honest, it doesn’t really matter what’s on!

4. Watch the Sunrise

That’s right, the sunrise. Before you turn it away because of the sheer effort it is to get up in the morning, think about this. You wake up with your significant other at 6 in the morning, take a ride down to the beach or someplace with a good enough view, and hold each other as the sun rises, all before other people show up to ruin the moment.

7 Date Ideas For Introverts

5. Reading Date

If you and/or your date is an introvert, you might run into the issue of having nothing to say to each other. In this case, why say anything at all? This date idea is for introverts that just want to catch up on their reading alongside someone they care about.

Just invite them over and tell them to bring whatever book they’re working on, brew some coffee, and read quietly. It can be very refreshing for both of you.

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6. Indoor Picnic

Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, it’s way too much effort. But the look on your date’s face when they see a checkered blanket topped with a picnic basket, candles, and a full meal laid out on the living room floor will be worth it.

All the fun of a real picnic without dealing with other park-goers and hungry ants? It sounds like a good date idea for introverts to me!

7 Date Ideas For Introverts

7. Go Out and Eat

When it comes right down to it, any date with your significant other is perfect if you’re both really like and care about each other. So put on a brave face, go out, and pretend to be like socially people. Because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is enjoying each other’s company, introverts or not.

7 Date Ideas For Introverts

Have any more date ideas for introverts? Let us know in the comments below!

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