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26 Date Ideas For Every Letter Of The Alphabet

26 Date Ideas For Every Letter Of The Alphabet

It can be tricky to come up with new date ideas once you’ve cycled through the classics. However, there are so many fun date ideas, and you can go on a different one for every single letter of the alphabet!

Here are exactly 26 adorable and adventurous dates you can go on—one for each letter of the alphabet!

1. A – Art Gallery

Heading to an art gallery or museum is a very chill, yet sophisticated date. You can wander around together and enjoy all of the beautiful artwork, and you’ll learn so much about each other’s styles and preferences!

2. B – Bowling

Bowling is a fun way to bring out a tiny bit of the competitive streak in one another. It’s still a very fun and laid-back date, but you can compete with each other and have fun doing it! Plus, bowling alley food is usually surprisingly good!

3. C – Concert

While it can be a bit expensive—depending on the artist you see—a concert is such a fun date. You can go out together and enjoy a wild night, or you can attend a smaller event with a chiller vibe! You can totally make it your own and have a memorable experience.

4. D – Drive-In

If you have a car, this is a cute and classic date you have to try. Drive-ins, while a but old school, are so fun and it’s a great twist on the dinner-and-a-movie date.

5. E – Escape Room

Escape rooms will have you and your partner working together and testing the bounds of your relationship! It’s so fun to do one of these together, and it will also teach you a ton about each other in the process.

6. F – Flea Market

Flea markets are so fun to poke around at, and it’s even better to make a morning or afternoon of it with your partner. You can shop for anything you want to, or even look for some furniture you both like!

7. G – Go Karts

Go back in time to when you were little kids and have some fun in the go karts! If there’s a place with go karting near you, this fun date will have you and your partner laughing and playing around together in the best, most child-like way possible.

8. H – Hiking

Taking a hike out in the beautiful nature is a great way to get to talking with your partner more while simultaneously enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it’s more strenuous or more relaxed, a hike is such a fun date idea.

9. I – Ice Skating

You might assume that this is only a date you can do during the winter, but with indoor ice rinks, you can go ice skating any time of year! This is such a cute and classic date, and it’s a great excuse to hold hands with your partner for a long time.

10. J – Jazz Club

If you’re hoping for a fancier night out, hitting up a jazz club or bar is a classy date idea. You can get dressed up, get drinks, and enjoy some great live music!

11. K – Karaoke

Karaoke is such a fun group activity, so if you’re looking for double date ideas, get singing! Even if it’s just you and your partner, you can have a fun and silly time belting your hearts out to all your favorite songs.

12. L – Laster Tag

Another adventurous date is playing laser tag with one another! You can choose to team up or have a bit of competition, but either way, you’ll having a great time being like little kids together!

13. M – Mini Golf

Mini golf is a pretty popular date idea, but if the weather is nice and you’re looking for a chill way to spend an evening outdoors, mini golf is so much fun!

14. N – Nerf War

This is another date that will have you tapping into your childish side, but having a nerf gun war together can turn a boring day or night into the most exciting and adventurous date you’ve ever been on!

15. O – Orchard

Depending on the season, visiting an orchard together is a lovely date idea. For example, during the fall, head to an apple orchard to pick some apples, have some cider, and enjoy the autumn weather.

16. P – Picnic

While somewhat dependent on weather, a picnic date is an adorable way to mix up typical dinner dates and enjoy some good food and quality time with your partner.

17. Q – Quiz (Trivia Game Night)

Game nights can be super fun even if it’s just you and your partner! Play some quiz games or Trivial Pursuit and have fun testing your random knowledge!

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18. R – Rock Climbing

Indoor or outdoor, rock climbing is a great adventure to take on with your partner. You don’t have to be experienced at all, but just learning and experimenting with a bit of climbing is a fun and unique date.

19. S – Spa

If you’re both in need of some relaxation, splurge on a spa day! Get a couples massage and enjoy the sauna together, and just bask in the bliss of having no cares or stresses for a day.

20. T – Theme Park

This one requires a bit of extra planning (and money), but taking on a theme park with your partner is such an exciting adventure! It could be somewhere local, or it could take you on a bit of a trip, but either way, you’ll have a blast exploring the park with your significant other and running around together.

21. U – Uno

This is such a simple date, but Uno is one of those games that can spiral into a whole event! It might bring out your competitive sides, so you could make it extra fun by assigning a punishment to the loser each round.

22. V – Vineyard

If you’re both of legal drinking age, try exploring a vineyard together and do some wine tasting! It’s a classy, elegant date where you’ll learn a ton.

23. W – Workout

Working out doesn’t have to be a solo activity! Try doing it with your partner and help each other out; you can motivate and encourage one another!

24. X – X-Box (Video Games)

If one of you is a gamer, or if you just want to try your hand at a video game, play some X-Box together!

25. Y – Yoga

Much like working out, this doesn’t have to be something you do alone. Partner yoga is so fun, and there are even classes you can take together!

26. Z – Zoo

Exploring the zoo is such a fun way to spend time together and go somewhere new. The zoo is full of fun things to see and do, and you can make a whole day of it together.

Let us know which dates you want to try in the comments below!

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