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Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Date nights are a must but date ideas can feel impossible. If you’re looking for new date ideas on how to spice up your relationship, try going on a date that best fits you or your partner’s zodiac sign. Better yet, use them both so now you have two new date ideas.

Aires March 21 – April 19

Date ideas for the bold and ambitious Aires should bring adventure. Show off your courageous and determined personality while rock climbing with your partner. Make it a race with the loser has paying for the post-climb meal. Head to the mountain if you’re seasoned climbers and are ready for rugged terrain. Or, find an indoor gym near you. Learning to belay one another will help you build trust while staying active.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Taurus April 20 – May 20

For our grounded and practical Taurus, there’s no place more fitting than a book store. But, don’t just think of shopping; get more creative than that. Tumblr is chock full of ideas on how to put a twist on this top contender for cute and casual date ideas.

One user suggested going to the romance section and pulling out a random book. One for each of you. Flip to a random page and read the sexiest part of the page aloud. Whoever has the sexier scene gets a point. Also, it might inspire some activity for later in the night.

However, if you’re looking for a more mild adventure, have your date pick out a book they want you to read and a CD that pairs with it perfectly. You do the same for your partner. You have one week to finish the book and listen to the CD. On your next date, you discuss everything you felt, thought, and enjoyed.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Gemini May 21 – June 21

Have you fallen into a date ideas rut? Be honest. That’s okay because we’ve got a fun date idea for our witty and adaptable Gemini friends. Create your own crawl. Do you and your partner crave coffee? Bond over brews? Whisper over wine? Create a list of places in your town that fits your theme. Try branching out and trying new places.

Order one item for the other person at each of your stops. Creating your own crawl is one of those date ideas that can be repeated without feeling like a rut. Pick a new theme every month. Get out there and find your next favorite place. You don’t know what you’re missing until you try it.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Cancer June 22 – July 22

Let your imagination thrive in a place where you can escape the noise. Really this serves as more of a multiple night date when it comes to new date ideas. Pack your car or the camper and head to the woods for an extended date night.

Show off your intuition skills by foraging or how to navigate in the woods. Or get creative around the campfire and see if you or your partner has the best ghost story.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Leo July 23 – August 22

Maybe Leo’s can be a tinsy tiny bit theatrical. Well good thing for them cooking is art. One of the date night ideas that keeps on giving. Sign up for a cooking class with your partner and learn how to make new meals at home for the date nights you don’t feel like going out.

There is energy and love all around food which makes the perfect atmosphere for the vivacious and passionate Leo. Get lost in the rhythm of cooking and the comfort of being close to your partner.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Virgo August 23 – September 22

For our analytical Virgos it’s not just about being perfect in what they do, but understanding as much of the world as they can. Satisfy their curiosity with a tour of a local distillery, factory, or brewery. This is one of the few date ideas that claim fun and education. Basically, you’re making your adult field trip. Remember how awesome field trip days were. Why not recreate that feeling on a date?

Appease the practical nature of the Virgo while still having fun and feeling more connected to your own city.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Libra September 23 – October 23

We know it feels like it Libra, but the weight of the entire world does not only rest on your shoulders. One of the best date ideas for you is to visit a botanical garden. Get lost in the serenity of the plants and breathe in their fresh oxygen.

You and your partner will find the perfect spot, or five, for pictures. Make a memorable date and frame the occasion to remind yourself to breathe when it feels like the world is collapsing.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Scorpio October 24 – November 21

Scorpio, now’s your time to tap into your strength from the psychic realm. This is one of those date ideas you’ll want to document and post all over social media. You’ll start a trend. Instead of just watching the scary movie, try dressing up for it.

Let you and your partner practice horror movie makeup on one another before snuggling into the couch. It’s the best way to use the untouched colors on your makeup palette and have some homegrown comedic release when the movie gets a little too creepy.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

Take a little adventure in your own backyard. Sagittarius will love having a water balloon fight with their partner. There’s nothing more straight forward than one to one combat, out of love of course.

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Get sneaky and playful with your partner and then help each other dry off after. It’s one of those date ideas that make you feel like a kid again and brings out the fun and humor of youth. You’re never too old to get a little messy.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Capricorn December 22 – January 19

Sometimes Capricorns can get lost in their own heads. That’s okay and we all know the best way to think is go for a drive. A Capricorn will love this more than most other date ideas. Rent a sports car for the day and just take a drive. Explore the mountains, the coast, or even just the back roads.

This date mingles and intimate casualness and encourages talking and chilling to the perfect playlist. You can escape everyone around you and find peaceful closeness in your car for the day. Just hop in and let your intuition do the rest. Take a chance and for once don’t plan every little thing out.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Aquarius January 20 – February 18

It’s time for the most humanitarian side to get a little competitive. Show off your independence and speed in a go-kart racing date. Zip-around the corner and remind your partner what it means to chase you.

A little healthy competition never hurt anybody and you never know what else it could spark later. This is one of those date ideas that get the blood pumping and adrenaline flowing.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Pisces February 19 – March 20

There’s something new around every corner you just have to have the right perspective. Here’s where Pisces shows off their divided attention between fantasy and reality makes the world a better place. For the most creative of date ideas you and your partner are heading to a museum or historical attraction.

But here’s the catch; you’re the tour guide. Make up the most ridiculous tour you can think of complete with outrageous facts and inaccurate anecdotes. Pisces can tap into their artistic side while also looking at art. Get creative, get fun, get cozy with your partner. This date is sure to reveal a side you never knew.

Date Ideas Depending On Your Zodiac

Tell us the next date you and your SO are going on next below. Or, share the article with them and let them pick what will date is best.

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