10 Places To Take Your Date Around The UVM Campus

Here are some date ideas where you can take that special someone on the UVM Campus! The campus has so many options that some of these date ideas are even free! So now you have no excuse, go ask someone on a date!

It may not seem like it but the University of Vermont is far more romantic than initial views would let on. Sure, there are old and decrepit places like Hills Agricultural Science, but don’t let them color your perception of campus! From the wooded back-areas of Trinity to the artistic buildings of Redstone, UVM Campus is full of places to take that special someone of yours. Here are just ten of them…

1. Centennial Woods Natural Area

Do you like nature, hiking and history? Centennial Woods has all three for you! Having originally started as an agricultural zone, the land was purchased by the University and has since been allowed to grow into into a decent sized forest, perfect for use by the environmental science students. But even if your major doesn’t involve this place, its hiking trails, biodiversity and fresh air will still please you and your date just fine. Breathe free, explore the wildlife and have fun!




2. The University Green

The nature spot on Main Campus, the University Green is one of the oldest regions still around, being a part of the college since opening. Whether you have a picnic, rest by the fountains, study for a quiz or gaze at the statues, you and your date will be doing things on top of 200+ years of UVM Campus history. Plus, it’s all very delightful and pretty; it’s fresh air that’s easily accessible and not too far away so take advantage!

3. Trinity Campus

Originally a small Catholic college owned by an organisation of nuns, Trinity Campus was bought up by UVM and turned into a secluded, but fascinating region of its campus. If you throw out this fact about UVM Campus your date will most definitely be impressed! The space between Farrell and Mercy Halls is a wonderful hang-out spot. Take your date under a tree or hang up a tire swing. Take a walk by the smaller dorms in the back and gaze at the natural landscape around you. This is a beyond beautiful spot to be in so get your lover and hop on the shuttle. You’ll be there in no time!



4. Redstone Campus

On the polar opposite of campus is yet another historical space that’s got creativity, fun and lots of grass. First a private estate, then a women’s college, Redstone campus now is the site of a multitude of different residence halls, the marvellous-looking Southwick Hall (and adjacent Music Building) and the most unique dining hall at UVM: Simpson Hall where one can order their own meals! Grab a bite, attend a concert or rest on the green near Southwick. The dating opportunities are endless!

5. The John Dewey Lounge

Any room with stained glass windows from the 1800’s can’t be too bad. The John Dewey Lounge’s stunning look is one that has made it one of the most preferred study-spots on campus, especially for English majors. But if a study date is not your thing, don’t worry. Just spending time here with someone else can be the most wonderfully pleasing thing. Just be mindful of others, should they show up, and you’ll be good.



6. The Royall Tyler Theatre

If you or your date love the theatre but don’t want to spend much nor travel far? Check out the schedule and get some tickets! For students, it is as low as $10. Plays that have been put on in the past include Sense and Sensitivity, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel of the same name, and The Exonerated,” a play about the horrors of being on death row. Learn a bit, watch the show and have fun! This is definitely a cute and creative idea for a date on UVM Campus!

7. The Arts Incubator at L/L

Located in the Fireplace Lounge, itself located a staircase above the University Marché, the Arts Incubator at L/L is a small student art collection that’s perfect for chilling out with a lover in. Rest on the couches, read some books or walk around and admire the work together. Students that come here often came be described as hipster yet rebellious, but even if you’re not either of those things, it’s still a fun little space open to anyone who’s interested. Be on the lookout for any activities that happen here too such as Open Mic, Movie showings or games of Jeopardy.

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8. The Fleming Museum of Art

If you’re looking for an art museum with more pomp and class than the incubator, the Fleming Museum is free to any students interested in it. With its marble, roman-esque architecture and wide variety of art to admire, you and your date will have much to do in one of the most beautiful buildings on campus.


9. Billings Library

First, it was the library before Bailey/Howe, then it was the student’s center before Davis and finally it became the location of UVM’s Special Collections. Whatever it being used for, the building itself continues to be one of the most spectacular spots on campus. Study together in the North Lounge or have lunch on the balcony in the Apse.


10. Central Campus Dining Hall

Perhaps studying and hiking aren’t your cup of tea when it comes to date ideas. For a more traditional dating experience, any of the dining halls on campus will do but perhaps the best one is that of Central Campus. With healthier food options, complex dinners available buffet-style and all the beverages under the sun, Central Campus is truly the most romantic place to eat out. Grab a seat near the window and enjoy your date!


Do you think these are good ideas for dates around UVM Campus? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: www.unsplash.com