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Dance Your Way Through Pandemic Times With These 10 Spotify Playlists

Dance Your Way Through Pandemic Times With These 10 Spotify Playlists

Sheltering-in is a real stress on everyone, but these Spotify playlists might just help you get through these trying times. Music is a great source of comfort, and one that people sometimes forget too easily.  While good music can be comforting and warm like a nice blanket, you might limit yourself to what you know. I doubt there’s a person who wouldn’t be pleased to expand their musical boundaries. Take the time to just relax, lay back, close your eyes, and appreciate just how important music really is. Whether it’s the fast-paced beat, emotional lyrics, or catchy instrumentals, music can impact you in hundreds of ways. With that in mind, here are ten Spotify playlists to keep you centered, even in during a pandemic.

1) Rock Classics

It’s like they say, old but gold; you might not hear these classics as often any more, but they are always worth the listen. With the musicians who were pioneers for the modern genres of rock and pop, you might fall deep into this playlist and forget about the rest of the world. These are the names everyone knows: Led Zeppelin, Queen, the Beatles, AC/DC. Their hits are true jams that never miss the mark, and you may just discover some of their lesser known work. These guys are famous for a reason, after all. We dare you to try skipping through any of these essential songs, comforting in their familiarity while still offering that energetic vibe.

2) Chill Hits

Opposed to the fire behind the rock classics, these Chill Hits are cool as ice and are great at calming you down. Let’s be honest, a lot of us are carrying stress on our shoulders, and can use some relaxing music. This playlist is great to have playing in the background while working, lulling you to sleep at night, or just when you’re in the mood for the more subtle aspects of music. Fast beats and gutteral screams can be a great part of music, but you’ll find none of that here.  Instead, just relax, and let the music wash over you. Like the title says, these songs really are chill.

Dance Your Way Through Pandemic Times With These 10 Spotify Playlists

3) Best Indie Playlist Ever

It’s really easy to stick with what you know, but if this pandemic is good for anything, it’s the chance to expand your horizons. Sit down with this Indie playlist and explore the underground of the musical world. Maybe you’ll never hear these songs again. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite band.  There isn’t anything to lose. Listen to these musicians experiment with their craft, mixing genres and styles into things you’d never expect to hear. And if I might make a personal recommendation, try to come back to this playlist more than once. Often, it’s hard to really appreciate a song on your very first listen. Remember what you’ve listen to and give them that second chance they deserve.

4) Disney Hits

All of your childhood favorites are right here! Disney songs are amazingly well-written and performed, but sometimes they can be pushed to the back since the movies are marketed more towards children. But anyone would be lying if they said they didn’t enjoy these emotional, beautiful songs.  Embrace the nostalgia for years gone by, think about your favorite animated classics, and enjoy these songs about hope and belonging. These songs have earned their place in our hearts for good reason. From Frozen II to the Little Mermaid, Disney songs are a welcome comfort in stressful times like these.

Dance Your Way Through Pandemic Times With These 10 Spotify Playlists

5) Pumped Pop

Motivate yourself and push that heart rate up with this playlist. Designed to make you feel the intense energy, this playlist is perfect for a workout routine or to energize you when you’re feeling down. It’s very easy to sit around the house and accomplish nothing, but this playlist will get you past that with the push we all need. With many modern classics, like P!nk, Maroon 5, or Katy Perry, these songs will hit you with the beat and get you ready to conquer the world.

Dance Your Way Through Pandemic Times With These 10 Spotify Playlists

6) Jazz Classics

This genre may be beyond the younger generations, but it’s an important one. Jazz not only provided an important political message back during it’s heyday, but it helped define the modern genres of music we still have today. Experiment and expand beyond the typical modern genres, you may be surprised at how catchy these flowing, playful songs can be. One of the musical styles best known for improvisation, revel in how these artists truly mastered their craft. Jazz is such a crucial music genre, you owe it to yourself and these musicians to truly appreciate their work.

Dance Your Way Through Pandemic Times With These 10 Spotify Playlists

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7) Gold School

If you’re into hip hop, this Spotify playlist is just for you. This is vintage rap, the classics of their genre. Listen carefully to the lyrical prowess these rappers demonstrate. These catchy songs will get stuck in your head and pull you back again and again. You might notice how the genre has changed over time, or how the messages differ. These songs are so iconic and well-made, it’s easy to see why they’ve become well recognized. This playlsit is a fun, powerful listen you need to induldge in during these times.

Dance Your Way Through Pandemic Times With These 10 Spotify Playlists

8) Butter

This playlist is named well; it’s songs are smooth and easy to listen to. Filled with strong instrumentals, these are the songs to truly appreciate the orchestras and bands behind great music. This playlist is great to vibe to, and just let yourself feel the rhythm and soul behind these lyric-light songs. 

9) Anti Pop

If you’re looking for meaningful music, then you’ll need to remember this Spotify playlist. Easy listening songs are extremely popular nowadays, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But this playlist is out to change minds and bring out a passionate fire. Anti pop is music with something to say, so listen carefully. Not all music has a message it’s trying to get across, but these playlist proves how excellent music is as a medium to sway people’s minds. This is an important playlist for people to listen to, and get involved with the causes that these musicians are so passionate about.

10) Pigeons and Planes

This is the ultimate playlist for those trying to expand their musical taste. Pigeons and planes is a Spotify playlist that constantly updates, and the only theme is variety. All types of music are constantly being added, so you may find it difficult to find the same song twice. Considering how much time people have these days, this playlist is so relevant and needed. It even helps artists get their music out there, so do them a favor and add this playlist to you library right away!

Which playlists were your favorite? Do you have your own playlists you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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