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10 Daily Healthy Habits That Will Make You Appreciate Life

10 Daily Healthy Habits That Will Make You Appreciate Life

Taking up healthy habits every day can have a significant effect on your overall wellbeing. When life seems to get too overwhelming, you can still find small bits of happiness anywhere, especially in the little things. These healthy habits are meant to help ground you and take a moment to appreciate life.  

1. Express gratitude

It’s funny how two simple words can have such a lasting impact. In this case, saying the two words “thank you” holds so much weight as you express gratitude to those around you. The small interactions with people every day that may seem menial can really be where this gratitude shines. The people who serve you food or clean the buildings are often seen as unsung heroes in our society. They still deserve gratitude especially from those who benefit. Try saying thank you more often. You never know how much it will mean to someone. Even the people in our daily lives will appreciate displays of gratitude. Whether it is by saying “thank you” or doing something for them once in a while, these actions demonstrate how much they mean to you. 

2. Breathe 

As the most basic human function, breathing keeps us alive but can also help us stay grounded. As oxygen flows in and out, you can really let everything around you melt away as your only focus becomes to just breathe. Try making this a daily healthy habit: close your eyes early in the morning when the day starts or ends and just focus on your breaths for a few minutes. As you take in each breath in and out, allow your mind to clear. You can do this in silence or with calming music in the background.  Doing so can put you at ease before tackling whatever is needed. Your to-do list can wait. First, put yourself in the right headspace and breathe in and out. When you feel like you’re ready, open your eyes and get ready to face what’s ahead of you. 


3. Plan out the day

Life can often seem chaotic and unpredictable. Some things we might be able to control and others simply cannot. What we can control is organization to put as much chaos in order as possible. Use a physical or digital planner to see what is coming up for tomorrow and the week ahead. Whether it is classes, work, meetings make sure to take note of everything that is coming up on your radar. This healthy habit can put you can make sure you are not caught by surprise or suddenly remember that you have something to take care of that day. Make sure to refer to your planner at night before going to bed to prepare for whatever is on your plate tomorrow. 

4. Get outside

Sometimes being in the same environment for a prolonged period of time can take a lot out of us. This is why it’s important to make a healthy habit out of experiencing the outdoors every day. Even if it’s just for a short time,  feeling the fresh air will definitely make you appreciate life a bit more. It’s not that hard especially while being surrounded by life. Even when it’s raining or slightly chilly, nature still offers plenty of beauty. Bundle up, grab an umbrella or sunglasses and experience the beauty. 10 Daily Healthy Habits That Will Make You Appreciate Life

5. Get active

Speaking of going outside, this requires moving around which is another of the most important healthy habits. Getting up and going for a walk helps to make sure that you are still moving around rather than staying in one position for a prolonged period of time. Getting active doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym for a high-intensity workout. Of course, you can always do this if you are up for it. Even the smallest actions can make a big difference, which is a common theme for these daily healthy habits. 


6. Journaling

Journaling your thoughts can serve multiple purposes. By writing down your thoughts or actions, this action is cathartic as a journal can be used as an outlet that can always be relied on. This one of those healthy habits that might be more helpful when writing in a physical journal. Although typing in some form of document works as well. You can either look up prompts to write about online or just write whatever comes to mind. This is one of those times when grammar or structure doesn’t matter as much, so feel free to let all your creative juices flow. 

7. Be social  

Humans are inherently social creatures. This might be true for some more than others, but deep down we all value the people in our lives. With that said, try to keep in contact with loved ones daily. This habit would mean a lot especially if you are away from home at college or otherwise don’t see them daily. Sending a text message to a family member, friend or group chat even if it’s just to say hi or wish them well can brighten up their day. It can also help you remember and appreciate your own social circle that you can always reach out to. 

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8. Look at the sky

Making this a daily habit will definitely help ground you in times of distress. Looking up at the sky either outside or through a window can help give you a break from everything. Take between 5 and 10 minutes each day to just unplug from everything and look up. The vastness and slow movement of the clouds can help put your mind at ease. Being surrounded by the fresh air definitely makes everything seem a bit more at peace. 

10 Daily Healthy Habits That Will Make You Appreciate Life

9. Listen to music

Everyone has their own unique taste of music that means a lot to them. The power music inherently has in indescribable. It can lift us up and provide a sense of comfort. Try filling your days with your favorite music to make the daily routine a bit more exciting. Taking a walk around the block, getting work done, riding public transport becomes much more enjoyable once you put in your headphones and press play. Making this a daily habit will help you appreciate music as an art form and the messages they can have within them. 


10. Look in the mirror

It’s probably the last thing we do before walking out the door. It’s mainly for final looks before going to class, work or hanging out. Does our hair look good? Is our outfit put together? Even if we spend a brief amount of time looking at ourselves in the mirror, it’s still a powerful healthy habit that we should take advantage of. As we look at ourselves, it can be a time for self-criticism, noticing the slightest imperfections and acting as they compromise our entire beauty. Do your best to change this narrative. Look in the mirror and accept yourself as you are because you are undoubtedly enough. Say some positive affirmations if you feel compelled. Get those final looks in and get ready to face the day ahead. 10 Daily Healthy Habits That Will Make You Appreciate Life

What are your daily healthy habits? Let us know in the comments!

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