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10 Daily Accessories Every College Girl Should Have

10 Daily Accessories Every College Girl Should Have

Daily accessories. What do you think when you hear those? A pen, maybe a notebook, something to write with and on, with maybe a few odds and ends here to make up the rest. However, having a definite list of items that can be used for any purpose may be more beneficial to you. You need to know what’s in your bag and how to use it, but you also need to be prepared for many different scenarios. If you need a quick checklist of what to have in your purse or backpack every day, keep reading!


An essential to your daily accessories. As much as it may seem like overkill, safety is always a priority, and a pocketknife doesn’t just have to be a defensive weapon. It can help you to dig objects out of tough spots, or to cut something out of your skin if you get something stuck. Your daily accessories should always, always include having this useful tool on hand, since it has more uses than just serving as a fighting tool.


Something to write with? Yes, another daily accessory that is actually necessary. I don’t think pens need to be described, but it’s important to have them, even when you believe this specific daily accessory is not needed. You never know when you’ll need to write down a date, or when you’ll be required to put someone’s number in your book, and you never know when your classmate will need one. As far as daily accessories go, this one cannot be overestimated.


Essential. No question. When someone is in pain, this is what makes you the hero of the day. If you have a headache during class, or you have some unexplained neck pain, or you’re sore from sleeping weirdly, this is your way through the day. Thankfully, it isn’t illegal to carry either; this medicine is your healing daily accessory that cannot be beat. In the case of aspirin, it’s better to not need it and have it than have it and not need it.

Medicine is necessary when you have a headache!

Extra coins

When, you ask, will you ever need these? Extra coins, my dear, are something that you never know when you’ll need them, but it never hurts to have them. Perhaps there’s a parking meter in the one spot you can park in, or maybe there’s a machine you want to try your hand at in the arcade that requires a quarter. Not much is needed. Two dollars in change is plenty for your daily accessory.ย 

Snack and Drink

This may not seem like a necessary daily accessory, but trust me, it is. If you don’t have time to run back to your dorm in between classes, or something comes up to prevent you, you have to be prepared. Carry around a granola bar or a sandwich in a bag, and don’t forget the water or soda. This is your key to making sure you don’t lose focus during your lessons. The daily accessory of a snack and drink can be the difference between a passing and a failing grade in the end.


Daily accessory number six is something that you cannot undermine. We all know the importance of having something to write notes in, and if you have pens, why not complete the set with a notebook? This daily accessory is your ticket to making sure you never forget anything. If you don’t have a planner, write down that time for the party in the notebook, or jot down your group’s numbers to continue that project outside of class. Your daily accessories should always, always include something to write on: write that down so that you don’t forget it!

Notebooks are essential for, well, notes!

Mints or Gum

Daily accessory seven is meant to save you and your friends! The dangers of bad breath are as awful as they sound, and they make for an unappealing partner. Before you have to practice Latin or kiss your partner, make sure that you pop one of these for a minute. Don’t be afraid to offer them to your friends either: any good person will appreciate the gesture more than be insulted by it. This daily accessory will rescue your buddies and you from possibly the worst class experience of your life.

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Even if you are not a crier, this is the daily accessory to save your skin. Makeup smudges, tears, and ink stains can all be removed with water and a tissue, so it is important to carry them in your bag at all times. You never know when your friends will need them too. What if someone just went through a bad breakup and needs to cry? Besides, don’t you have that sad movie in history class tonight? Better be prepared.

Hair Accessories

Daily accessories mean preparation for all situations, so you should be ready with the hair too. Carrying a clip and a few ponytail holders in your bag is going to keep you looking stylish at all times and in all situations. The beauty of this is that it can be changed at a moment’s notice. Is it too hot? Put your hair up. If your head hurts, pop some Aspirin and pull the clip out. This daily accessory, or daily accessories depending on your hairstyle preferences, will save you from many different bad hair days.

Hair accessories are ALWAYS necessary!


Even if you have a notebook as a daily accessory, keep a planner as one too! This is your way to create your calendar for the week, month, or even semester. This daily accessory will save your skin when it comes to planning your ideas and scheduling every group meeting that you absolutely have to attend. So for all your daily accessories, this may be the most important in helping you keep yourself together. Keep up the hard work of planning and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

Every girl should have a daily accessory list. This can be yours. Make sure that when you leave in the morning, you have everything in your bag, ready to go. There’s no reason not to be prepared for almost anything if you’ve followed this and checked every item off here. Better safe than sorry, right?

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