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Dads- Please Teach Your Sons These 10 Things About Sex In College

Dads- Please Teach Your Sons These 10 Things About Sex In College

It's important for dads to teach their sons about sex and girls in college and how to approach them. These sex tips will help any young guy!

Sexual thoughts revolve around the heads of many college guys as their raging hormones are at their peak. While frustrations can be high, a little fatherly advice can come a long way to help them with sex in college.

Guys, generally speaking, have difficulty expressing their emotions and so are often afraid to ask questions about sex for fear of being viewed as a loser. So dad, end their misery and teach them these things:

1. Responsibility

Sexual diseases cannot enter your body unless you welcome them from engaging in reckless behavior. Clubbing, partying, and drinking increase your chances of randomly hooking up with some bimbo who has likely done the same with ten other guys. Rather than taking a chance, it is better to meet girls by joining common interest clubs where you will have similar values. It also helps to be them sober.

Here are some tips for sex in college.

2. Be Safe, Use Protection

No matter what she says, going in raw is taking a gamble, especially in America. You’re not living in the Garden of Eden. Sexually transmitted diseases are lurking, and you don’t want to be the sucker who caught something because he forgot to use a condom.

AIDS is not the main concern, you have a better chance of winning the lottery, but the other stuff is. Hepatitis, crabs, herpes, and syphilis, chlamydia, these are the more common ones that are easier to contract so you want to be smart about sex in college.

3. She’s Just as Scared as You Are

It’s okay if you’re nervous the first couple of times but realize that’s it’s a scary experience for her to. Neither of you are sex experts, so don’t worry about being a stud. You’re getting ready for pleasure, not war, so just relax, explore, and enjoy it. Odds are she is more afraid of it than you are.

4. Use the Erogenous Zones

Behind the neck, the palms, and lower back and waist. The buttocks, hips, and areas surrounding the vagina are also arousal. Breasts are a given but are more for the man’s enjoyment.

Here are some tips for sex in college.

5. Sex is Not a Sport

What you see depicted in pornographic films is not real. It’s a lie that falsely portrays male and female relations. It’s not a competition, there is nothing you have to prove, so don’t worry about how well you are “performing” while having sex in college. Pounding mindlessly like a maniac is likely to do more harm than good. Take it easy, relax, just feel and embrace her.

6. Hygiene is Important

Keep yourself well groomed and dressed. Sight, sounds, and smells are all enhanced during sex, so you want to make sure you shower and are kept neat and tidy. Girls spend long periods of time to look good for you, so the least you can do is spend a few minutes shaping up.

Appearance plays an vital part, so it helps to get fit. You want to look your best for her, so she can admire your physique while you make love.

7. It Gets Much Better Over Time

As with anything in life, the more you do it, the better you get. Once you do it a couple of times, you’ll be more comfortable with each other’s bodies and then it will be easier to communicate and express each others’ needs. Feel free to experiment and tinkle your fantasies.

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8. Size DOES NOT Matter

The average length of a full erection is 5-6 inches. The average length of a woman’s cervix is about 3 inches, however it can double or triple in some cases to accommodate the penis. Stop worrying about how big your weapon is and focus more on learning how to wield it.

Here are some tips for sex in college.

9. Make Your First Time a Happy Memory

Whether you have sex in college or on your wedding night, your first time needs to be special. Everybody, man and woman, remembers their first time. For some, it’s a pleasant experience while for others it’s a daunting nightmare that pops its ugly head when they try to forget it. So do everything you can to make it the best.

Rushing to do it in a dumpster, on the street, or in the laundromat is not likely going to create the ever lasting memory that the both of you will enjoy regardless of whether or not you stay together forever. Use your head, the one above your eyebrows, and exercise sensible action.

Plan it and do it right. It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile to make sure everything is set right and the place is romantic. It can be at a favorite vacation spot you both love, an island, a fancy hotel, or some exotic location. Or you can keep things simple. How ever you do it, just make sure that it will be done in such a way that when you look back, it will bring you a smile.

10. There’s No Shame in Abstinence

Waiting until marriage has been advised by many and it still is a very good option, if not better, especially today with all the false rape charges going on. Many guys feel pressured by peers, but it’s a personal choice. If a guy wants to remain a virgin until marriage, he has every right to do so and should not let the opinions or influence of others bother him.

Don’t fret it, you’re not the only one who felt scared. Sex is a very sacred and special bonding, so cherish it and be thankful for such a wonderful experience. What do you think of sex in college? Let us know!
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