8 Cutest Hairstyles For Festival Season

Festival season has arrived, so it’s time to start planning your perfect looks for the festivals you attend. When it comes to hair, we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 great hairstyles that are perfect for any festival you attend this season!

1. Space Buns

Space buns is a classic hairstyle on the festival scene. It’s perfect for long hair and will not only look cute, but keep your hair from going crazy if you leave it down-cause we all know how that can get at hot summer festivals!

All you have to do is separate your hair from the part, and pull each side up into ponytails. Then wrap the hair around each ponytail to create super cute space buns!

8 Cutest Hairstyles For Festival Season

2. Braids

The great thing about braids is that there’s so many different kinds you can do! From complex to simple, braids are a great hairstyle to incorporate into your festival looks.

Whether you try french braids or dutch braids, this look is definitely one of the cutest hairstyles for festival season. You could even try having a friend do french braids up into your space buns!

8 Cutest Hairstyles For Festival Season

3. High Ponytail

A high ponytail may seem simple, but aren’t the simplest things sometimes the best? Try a cute high ponytail this festival season and you can even dress it up by putting little braids throughout the ponytail or adding some volume!

Rock a high pony this festival season and bring back this adorable look!

8 Cutest Hairstyles For This Festival Season

4. Sparkles

Dust any hairstyle with glitter and it will bring your festival look to the next level! You can purchase any color glitter you like at your local craft store, and use a makeup brush to sprinkle it on your hair.

You may even find some spray on glitter that would work perfect for this hairstyle. Use some of that extra glitter from the craft store to sprinkle around your eyes and on your body, and you’re all set!

8 Cutest Hairstyles For This Festival Season

5. Temporary Die

This festival season hairstyle is perfect for you if you have lighter colored hair. Just talk to your hair stylist about the safest brands of temporary hair die and you’re on your way! Whether you choose pink or blue, you will definitely stand out in a colorful way with this sweet hairstyle.

Don’t worry if you do have darker colored hair, you can always just buy some colored clip in extensions to add a splash of color to your festival look!

8 Cutest Hairstyles For Festival Season

6. Feather Extensions

Feather extensions are a bit of a throwback, but that’s not to say they aren’t super cute. You can purchase some adorable clip in extensions here. Feather extensions will definitely give you the perfect hippie vibe for the festival of your choice!

8 Cutest Hairstyles For This Festival Season

7. Beaded Braids

Scatter simple braids throughout your hair and place cute beads on the ends of them, or braid little hoops into the strands of hair. This hairstyle is simple and easy, and perfect for when you are in a rush.

Even though it doesn’t take much time, these braids are unique and definitely one of the cutest hairstyles for this festival season!

8 Cutest Hairstyles For This Festival Season

8. Wig It

Do you ever feel like you just don’t want to mess with your hair? Well then this hairstyle is perfect for you! Pick out a funky wig that fits your style for this festival season.

There are many cute options of wigs at places like costume stores, and if you pick this option you won’t have to worry about damaging your natural hair!

8 Cutest Hairstyles For This Festival Season

From braids to wigs, these hairstyles are the without a doubt the cutest for this festival season. Let us know which ones you try in the comments below!

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