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Cutest Couple Halloween Costumes You’re Going To Love

Cutest Couple Halloween Costumes You’re Going To Love

Halloween is one of the best things about the beautiful season of Fall. It is a time of celebration with friends, families, and loved ones at parties. You get to be creative with what you want to wear during this special time, whether you are a fan of superheroes, romance, or just want to dress like real-life celebrities!

Of course, there will be couples who want to dress with the same theme, which is where I am going to help you. Wearing costumes as a couple can be an intimidating thing to think about doing, but when done correctly, everyone will compliment you and your partner’s outfits all night long! With that said, here are the cutest couple Halloween costumes you are going to love!

Joker And Harley Quinn – DC Universe

If you want to surely impress people with your couple outfit this Halloween, go with the Joker and Harley Quinn. They are arguably the most iconic partnership in all of the fictional relationships, and will surely turn eyes. The outfits will just show how crazy and strong your relationship is, just as it does for Joker and Harley. They not only look stunning, but jaw-dropping as well.

For the Joker aspect, you would most likely go with the original Joker theme, where you wear the long purple jacket, with your choice of pants and dress shirt (keep in mind, you would ideally want it to match your Harley’s outfit). You can also wear a suit if you would prefer, or go the Suicide Squad theme and wear an open shirt with painted tattoos on your body (you have plenty of wiggle room here).

For Harley, there are numerous options as well. You can wear her “daddy’s little monster” crop top with the shorts and the netted leggings, or if you prefer, you can go for her red and black outfit with the leather jacket (don’t forget your whacking bat!) Of course, there is a lot of face makeup that will be happening, so prepare for that! No matter which you two go with, you will not only end up sexy but getting compliments the entire night!

Cutest Couple Halloween Costumes You’re Going To Love

Sully And Boo – Monsters Inc

Sully and Boo are such a cute Halloween idea it almost sounds ridiculous. Monsters Inc is one of the most adored movie franchises out there, and the duo will definitely turn the heads of many others during your Halloween night out!

The costumes are not complicated either. For Sully, you would need some blue overalls with detachable horns (or if you are daring, get the full helmet with the horns attached). For Boo, you will need a very long pinkish shirt (that drips to your knees), some purple pants, and white sneakers. Bonus points if the two of you come up with your own unique interaction (like a special handshake or something) as well!

Cutest Couple Halloween Costumes You’re Going To Love

Woody And Jessie – Toy Story

Whenever you think of love stories that could have been, you think of Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. Dressing like these two will not only make you and your partner look extremely classy, but very cool as well. They have the cowboy/cowgirl theme that will certainly draw plenty of attention all night, and will make the two of you feel great!

When putting the costumes together, keep in mind that the patterns on Woody’s jacket should match those on Jessie’s pants. This is the same for the belt, as you would want the brand to be matching as well. Woody will need a cowboy hat, long sleeve shirt (preferably yellow), and some jeans. Jessie is very similar, as she will wear a cowgirl hat, long sleeve white shirt (with yellow engraving on the top).

Cutest Couple Halloween Costumes You’re Going To Love

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Fred And Wilma – The Flintstones

The Flintstones is one of the most popular fictional families ever created, and everyone will immediately know who you are dressed as. Dressing up as Fred and Wilma will make people shower you two with compliments for as long as you can imagine, and you will create this beautiful retro vibe wherever you go.

For Fred, you just need to wear his iconic orange overalls covered with black spots. You will also need Fred’s very famous blue tie that reaches all the way to his waist. Your partner, Wilma, needs what the character is well known for. You will need an all-white dress that is just below knee length (and if you want to go the extra mile, make the end of the dress the triangle-cuts that Wilma’s clothes have). To finish off the look, you will need a large pearl necklace (any choice of color). There you have it, looking like one of TV’s most adored couples!

Harry Potter And Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

Last but definitely not the least, everyone’s favorite duo from Hogwarts! You know this list could never be complete without including Harry Potter and Hermione right? And no, it will not be cliche to dress up as these two for Halloween; the costumes look great, stylish, and will make even strangers give you compliments!

For Harry, you have quite a number of options. You can either go for the usual Hogwarts male uniform (black overalls) with the school’s emblem embroidered on it. You can also choose to go with a white shirt along with a monkey jacket and some pants. Wearing the costume this way will allow you to use Harry’s favorite yellow and red scarf! For Hermione, it is a similar costume to Harry. You can either go with the black overalls (depending on what Harry wears), or a grey sweater along with a black miniskirt. Hermione wears ties often, so make sure your tie matches with Harry’s scarf! Lastly, don’t forget your wands!

During Halloween, you get to be creative. Whether you are a fan of super heroes, movies, or just want to dress like celebrities! There are couples who want to dress with the same theme, which is where I am going to help you. With that said, here are the cutest couple Halloween costumes!

Those are our cutest couple Halloween costumes you are going to love to wear this Halloween! Let us know in the comments which costume idea you and your partner plan on taking this Halloween, and why you love it so much!

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