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10 Cute Workout Items For Every Girl

10 Cute Workout Items For Every Girl

With the rise of biker shorts coming back into fashion, it is safe to say that athleisure is not going out of style anytime soon. We all want to look our best while working out, and for people like myself, cute workout items can be the motivating factor to go to the gym. Here are 10 cute workout items for every girl!

1. Free People Happiness Runs 2-Style Bundle 

Free People coming out with workout clothes is just about the best thing to happen to us women in a while. Not only is Free People full of cute, boho style clothes, they now have cute workout clothes that are subsequently super comfortable and chic. The Happiness Runs set is super stretchy; and they let you pick the size of each piece instead of selling the set as one size, because we all know how tricky that can be when buying sets. I purchased this in a neon orange color, and have gotten tons of compliments. You can wear it as just a day-to-day set, or to the gym and have the perfect outfit! 

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2. Alo Yoga Peak Bra 

This bra can be worn as a cute workout top, under a sheer shirt, or even be made into a set with black leggings. It is super cute, but fully supports you and keeps you covered so you don’t have to worry about spillage during your workout. A bra top like this one is good for those who like to look super fashionable while working out, or just running errands or whatever else you want to do. A versatile bra top is one of the best workout pieces you could have, and you’ll want to wear it everyday just because it goes with anything. 

3. Alo Yoga Airlift Set 

If you want a cute workout set that looks fashionable, but also will survive a super sweaty workout, look no further. The one shoulder cropped bra is extremely durable, and you won’t have to worry about anything moving around while you’re running. The material is like a second skin, so you get the naked feeling and there is no worrying about anything coming out of place. I love wearing sets like these to hot yoga because they are adorable and breathable, so you don’t feel like your clothes are in the way. The Airlift style from Alo is over-the-top comfortable and soft, so you will be obsessed with this new set. 


4. Lululemon Fringe Fighter Headband 

I always find myself pushing loose hairs out of my face when I am working out, no matter how well I have it tied up. There is actually nothing worse than having my hair cling to my sweaty face, so I do all I can to keep it out of my way. But, most headbands slip during workouts and end up flying off my head halfway through. Others have a grip that is extremely uncomfortable and squeezes my head to no end. The Lululemon headband may be on the pricier side of headbands, but it is one of the only cute, reliable headbands I have found for my workouts. It keeps my hair out of my face and they offer cute prints like tie dye and does not fly off my head when I start moving around. 

5. Booty Bands 

When I started personal training in the summer, my trainer introduced me to the glory of workout resistance bands. These bands can grow your butt with a few simple exercises, and it can grow it fast. They also are good for keeping your legs in place when you are doing weight training workouts such as weighted hip thrusts. I encourage every girl who likes to workout to buy a good pair of booty bands, which are targeted towards women and are really beneficial for those who don’t want to keep using the gym’s old bands. They also come in packs with different resistance levels, so you can determine the intensity of your workout. 


6. Lululemon City Adventurer Backpack 

Every girl needs a good gym bag for her workout, but not everyone wants to buy just a gym bag. Buying a versatile, waterproof backpack like this Lululemon one is a good investment for those who like to workout and then have other things to do. There are tons of compartments in this bag for you to keep your computer, clothes or anything else you need to carry for the day. Having your gym bag that can also serve as your daily bag is really convenient, and you can just tote it around campus without having to carry multiple bags. It’s a super durable bag that you will be obsessed with, and comes in multiple colors with a chic design. 


7. ASICS Jolt 3 Women’s Running Shoes

These all black ASICS are good for people who workout often and need a supportive shoe to accompany that. I always thought that shoes that truly supported your feet could not be cute, because most of them looked old and clunky to me. However, my trainer (shoutout recommended I get these all black ASICS for a shoe I could wear daily that would not kill my feet. Since a lot of weight is put onto your ankles and feet while you work out, you are at a heightened risk of injury if there is no support in your shoe. These shoes are perfect to wear daily, and are not as ugly as some supportive sole shoes are. 

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8. Hydro Flask 

A reusable water bottle is an absolute must for workout items, and just in general. Hydro Flasks are extremely popular, and you probably have already heard of them. Getting a 32 ounce insulated water bottle keeps your drinks cold or hot for longer periods of time. If you don’t even want one to workout with, get it for the beach so your water stays cold without a cooler needed. You can dress up your water bottle by adding stickers to it, like I covered mine in pictures of Harry Styles. It also is big enough that drinking multiple a day will get you your water intake faster. 

9. Fitbit Inspire 2

This fitness tracking smartwatch is sleek and under $100, the perfect substitute for an Apple Watch. It tracks your activity levels, steps, has a battery life of 10 days and is able to get wet so you can swim with it. If you are not one who wants to invest in a whole smartwatch, but still want something that tracks your workouts for you, this will do just the trick. It has three color options, an app where you can monitor progress, set goals, and even has the option to connect with a Tile. The slender design also gives it a more wearable look, so you won’t feel like you have a huge screen on your wrist if you wear it daily. 


10. Aerie OFFLINE Real Me High Waisted Crossover Legging

I have heard nothing but rave reviews regarding Aerie workout leggings, so it was only fair I ended this list with them. They are a cheaper alternative to brands like Lululemon, but are still fashionable and hold up well during workouts. They are also so soft, and a pair like these makes your waist look smaller because of the crossover design at the top. Having an alternative to expensive athleisure brands is really important to college girls on a budget like myself, so prepare to meet your new obsession. 


The perfect workout items are waiting for you! Let me know your go-to workout items in the comments below!

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