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10 Cute Ways To Wear Your Scarf This Winter

10 Cute Ways To Wear Your Scarf This Winter

Figuring out how to wear your scarf is tricky – especially during the cold winter months. Eventually, the same old knots – and styles – grow mundane as the years go by, leaving you to question what more you can do to utilize your wardrobe. Fortunately, these 10 cute ways to wear your scarf this winter will not only serve as inspiration – but will help you take a step in the right direction – towards an even more fashionable outfit.

1. Wear Your Scarf As A Shawl.

While a light shawl oftentimes proves itself to be perfect during the season of Spring, a scarf can do just the same when more frigid weather presents itself. Fortunately, all you need to complete this look is a scarf that’s big enough to be draped over your shoulders. The best part about it is that you don’t have to freeze in the name of fashion; instead, you can be kept warm while still looking trendy in the process. Consider pairing your scarf with a cardigan for an even chicer look.

10 Cute Ways To Wear Your Scarf This Winter

2. Wear Your Scarf As A Headband.

Don’t let the chilly air force you to put all of your lighter scarves away. Make use of them – just as you would the rest – by using them as a series of stylish headbands to wear throughout the week. In doing so, you can sport a plethora of patterns – to match the rest of your attire. Just be sure that the scarf is of thinner material so that it can easily be wrapped around your head; pull the loose ends to the front – and let them drape over your shoulders – to finish off your stylish new look.

3. Wear Your Scarf With A Belt.

If you like wearing your scarf as a shawl, then why not spice things up – and take things one step further – by wearing it with a belt. This serves as the perfect winter look if you choose a neutral-colored scarf – and wear a black turtleneck as the base. But even if you don’t have this specific article of clothing you can still do the same with something similar – including dresses – depending on the occasion. Once you’ve wrapped the scarf around your neck and draped it forward – you can then tie the belt around your waist, and scarf, for a more elegant fashion.

4. Wear Your Scarf In A Loop.

One of the most popular ways that you can wear your scarf during the winter is in a simple loop. The best part about this is that it saves you time and money – especially if you already have an infinity scarf at home; this particular fabric is created for a diverse amount of designs, making it a whole lot easier for you to slip your scarf on and go. Fortunately, if you’re looking for something a little more complex than you can switch from one loop to two – by crossing your scarf, and then looping it over your head one last time.

5. Wear Your Scarf As A Sash.

Another way that you can wear your scarf this winter is as a sash. Just make sure that you choose a scarf that’s loose enough to complete this look. In other words, you don’t want a scarf that is too tight on your chest – because it can be uncomfortable by limiting your ability to breathe and restricting your mobility. Fortunately, when you sport a comfortable scarf, you’ll be able to compliment your outfit in all the right ways.

10 Cute Ways To Wear Your Scarf This Winter

6. Wear Your Scarf As A Vest.

If you want to go a step up then why not wear your scarf as a vest? In doing so, you’ll find that it serves as the perfect look – that can easily be accessorized with huge necklaces, bangles, and other related items. The best part about it is that it can be done with both short sleeves – and long sleeve shirts – giving you a ton of possibilities. In turn, all that you need to ensure that your scarf is secure is a simple knot around your waist – or neck; you can even go as far as using two larger infinity scarves – and wearing each as a sash in the opposite direction – allowing them to cross in the middle.

7. Wear Your Scarf As A Bandana.

During the dry seasons, what better way to lock in moisture – while still looking good in the process. This will protect your hair – but still leave you with a cute outfit to sport all day long. Just make sure you have the appropriate scarf to create this because if not it will be entirely too heavy for your head – and too thick to tie around the base of your skull. This will provide additional warmth – while acting as additional cover for the rain, snow, or sleet that tries to sneak its way underneath your hood.

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8. Wear Your Scarf As A Poncho.

A poncho – although much like an infinity scarf – can oftentimes cover a lot more surface area. Not only that, but this type of scarf is specially made to fight off the colder seasons by creating an ultra-thick barrier – but still enabling you to look stylish in the process. The best part about these is that you can easily slip them on over your head – and wear practically anything underneath – since they act as a huge blanket.

9. Braid Your Scarf Around Your Neck.

If you’re terrible at knots altogether – but are able to do a simple braid – then this look might be the perfect solution. It is easy to do – but also trendy – as you’re guaranteed to be one of the few to sport it. Not only that, but it only takes a matter of minutes to create; just make sure that you don’t braid it too tight – or it might be restricting and itchy around the perimeter of your neck.

10 Cute Ways To Wear Your Scarf This Winter

10. Braid Your Scarf Into Your Hair.

If you have a thin scarf lying around – then why braid into your hair – and add a pop of color. This serves as a cute winter look because you don’t have to deal with your hair being in the way during the more frigid season – but can still adhere to winter fashion. In turn, you can sport solid colors, patterns, or both. Just feel free to be creative.

We hope that these 10 cute ways to wear your scarf this winter help you when brainstorming your next look. Don’t forget to like – and let us know your favorites – in the comments below!

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