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11 Cute Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Overdoing It

11 Cute Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Overdoing It

These cute ways to let you know you love them are perfect for anyone who is afraid of overdoing it! Feel free to customize any of these suggestions to best fit you and the one you love.

Leave Post-It Notes In Unexpected Places

If you’ve ever seen the Extra gum commercials where the boy draws pictures on the gum wrappers to propose, this is the same concept. Leave a trail leading up the ultimate conclusion: “I love you.” Draw pictures, count down to your top ten favorite things about them, leave coupons redeemable for hugs, free massages, and other personalized cute things or simply have arrows pointing them in the right direction. You can lead them to the beginning and watch then follow the path or leave it somewhere you know they’ll be arriving at soon, (for example, their house after getting off of work), and wait at the end for them to find you with the big announcement!

11 Cute Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Overdoing It

Hide A Hand Drawn Picture In Their Things

Hand draw a cute picture or just color in one from a coloring book and attach a little note casually telling them how you feel. Slip the picture in a book they are reading, on their desk, or wherever you can be sure they will find it soon. 

Arrange A Heart Out Of Hershey Kisses

For a simple way to declare your love, buy a bag of Hershey kisses and lay them out on a table or any other flat surface in the shape of a heart for a clear, yet subtle message.

Hand Pick Flowers Or Have A Single Rose Delivered With A Card

Avoid purchasing a whole bouquet of flowers, as this can seem like a lot. Picking flowers you find is casual and sweet, while a single rose is elegant and romantic. Attach a card with a heart and sign it however they would best know you, then leave the flower on their doorstep to find.

11 Cute Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Overdoing It

Design A Personalized Build-A-Bear With Voice Recording

If you have a Build-A-Bear Workshop nearby, you can pick up the perfect gift to profess your love with! Pick from a large variety of animals in differing colors and designs, grab a heart to fill up with love, record a short message on the audio insert saying “I love you”, (include their name for a more personal touch), then fill the bear with as much stuffing as desired and stick the voice recording inside! You can then dress up the bear in any clothing and accessories that best fit their personality. 

11 Cute Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Overdoing It

Make A Collage Or Photo Album

If you have known each other a while and you have a collection of pictures together, make a collage or photo album to document all the good times you’ve had together. This can be done by hand, or you can use the printing services at many major department and office supply stores. Walmart printing and phot department has tons of options from custom water bottles and mouse pads to wall calendars and canvas posters, including several photo album designs, so you can do the whole thing from the comfort of your phone or laptop if desired. Leave a message at the end of the album or on the back of the collage admitting your love. When you give them the present, reminisce over the memories together before revealing the hidden message!

11 Cute Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Overdoing It

Make A Mix Tape With Your Own Hidden Message

If your loved one still uses a CD player, take advantage! Make a mix of songs that remind you of them, but add your own recording in by simply uploading it as a media file. Then, when they are listening to the CD, they will stumble upon the confession. You can add more than one message if desired and use the music to help you describe your feelings towards them.

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Have It Written On A Cake In Icing

This can work with most food items, though it is easiest to call ahead to a bakery rather than trying to get the ketchup just perfect on their burger bun. Your message can be as simple as a heart or “I love you”. The best part is you’ll have a cake to celebrate with when they say I love you back! You can also make arrangements with a restaurant in advance to have them arrange a statement on the plate during one of the courses of you and your partner’s meal.

11 Cute Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Overdoing It

Make Your Own Card And Leave A Heartfelt Message Inside

Hand made cards are a great way to express yourself and can be as simple or compelx as you want, so there is tons of room for personalization and creativity! It’s easy to deliver and provides the perfect adorable memorabilia for the moment.

Give Them A Simple, Engraved Piece Of Jewelry

The price range here can range drastically, but don’t feel pressured to spend your life’s savings! You can often find necklaces, bracelets, and rings that come with a free engraving for under $20 on the low end, so there is an option that is right for everyone. Be sure to be aware of what they enjoy wearing in order to give them a gift they will like to use. 

Just Let It Happen When The Moment Feels Right

Rather than stressing over doing everything just right, sometimes it is best to just let things happen naturally. If you love someone, the most genuine, heart-felt time to express it is whenever you feel it the most. You can preplan the idea of what you want to say in advance, but don’t get caught up on knowing exactly what to say ‐ you’ll likely just end up adlibing anyway. Just try to be honest and give them a full explanation of your feelings, then allow them time and space to respond. 

I hope these cute ways to tell someone you love them have helped you express your feelings to that special someone! Please share this article with anyone else you know who may be struggling to say those three little words or are looking for more little ways to show their love!

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