Cute Ways To Spice Up Your Tailgate Apparel

Tailgating is the best part about fall when you are in college. Football games, hanging out with your friends, having a drinks, talking to some guys, what could be better? It is also fun to dress up in university apparel and colors, but sometimes you get bored of the same old same old. Here are some fun and easy ways to spice up your tailgating apparel so you look great next football season.

Customized T-Shirts

There are a million Etsy vendors that sell customized university shirts. Whether that be a lace up shirt, tube top, or cropped shirt, the options are endless. It takes a plain university shirt and turns it into something super trendy and cute. If you are really crafty, you can even make these shirts yourself. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to craft your one of a kind tailgate shirt. And if you make if yourself, you know that you are never going to find someone wearing the same thing as you.

DIY Shirt

Check Out Victoria’s Secret PINK

PINK has a whole section of university apparel. There are tons of universities on there so check out if they have yours. There clothes are trendy and fun. This adds spice to an outfit if you aren’t feeling like your university’s appeal is cute enough to wear to the tailgates.

School Colors

Are you not super into school spirit but still like attending the tailgates? Try wearing your school’s colors in a trendy outfit without wearing anything that has your university’s name on it. It will still be obvious what team you are supporting, its easier, and you will still look great. No one is going to think you are lame for not trying hard enough. This is every lazy college girls best tailgate look.

School Colors



This is the most fun part about planning a tailgating outfit. If its cold, throw on a cute bobble beanie. Throw on some university socks to bring attention to your cute sneakers. Throw on a cute baseball hat if you aren’t loving your hair that day. Put on a fanny pack; they are trendy and practical when you need to throw in your lipgloss or maybe some snacks! Buy some university tattoos and put them on your cheeks if you are feeling extra spirited. Accessories are an important part to every outfit, and tailgating ones are extra fun. 

Cheerleader Skirts

If you are feeling like jeans or shorts are just too plain, try wearing a cheerleading skirt. They come in all colors so you will be able to find some that are your university’s colors. There are even some that come with university logos. It will be a great addition to whatever top you decide to wear. They are fun and flirty and even comfortable.

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Cheerleader Skirts


Go All Out

There is nothing more fun than showing your school pride. Buy a jersey! Or pick up some of those stripped overalls in your school colors. No one is every going to think you look too extra at a tailgate. After all, they are meant to be fun. So bring out all your imagination and don’t be afraid to look too crazy because there is no such thing!

Tailgate Overalls

Hopefully these tips gave you some good ideas for your tailgating wardrobe. You’re going to go back to school looking better than ever in these fun and spirited outfits. You only get to go to tailgates for four years, so make the most of it. Everyone is going to be asking for your help on planning their next tailgating outfit when they see your new look!

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