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10 Cute Ways to Show Your Friends You Care

10 Cute Ways to Show Your Friends You Care

Do you have a friend who’s feeling a little down and out? Do you have a friend who is constantly giving to everyone around them so you want to return the favor? Or do you simply want to show a little kindness to a person you love?

There are many cute and unique ways to show your friends you care! Here are a few little ways to put a smile on their face.

1. Send a Care Package

Sending a care package is an incredibly adorable way to show your friend how much you love them. The more you personalize it, the better. Gather a few of their favorite things – like their preferred chocolate or their favorite animal printed on a pair of socks — and put them together in a box with a handwritten note.


There are also some great online businesses that will help you customize your own care packages — like Huneybox. Huneybox lets you choose from a variety of cute products; all from ethically-sourced and sustainable businesses. You can also personalize your Huneybox with a picture of you and your friend. Huneybox will take care of the packaging and shipping, which can save you a lot of hassling and time. Check out Huneybox’s website here.

10 Cute Ways to Show Your Friends You Care

2. Compliment Them Out of the Blue

Compliments are great pick-me-ups and necessary self-esteem boosters. It’s especially sweet if you compliment your friend on something they don’t hear enough of. For example, let them know that their passion for something they do inspires you, or tell them that the way they continue to push through adversity is extraordinary. Also, you can never go wrong if you compliment someone’s style, hair, or cute face. 


3. Write a Cute Letter

Sending your friend a good ole fashioned greeting card will really show them how much you care. There is something special about receiving a card in the mail from someone you love that you just can’t replicate in a text or social media post.

In your letter, remind them why they are such an amazing human and friend. Include some nuggets of encouragement and maybe even some silly jokes.

10 Cute Ways to Show Your Friends You Care


4. Listen

It’s rare to find people in life who will give you their undivided attention without any strings attached. If you do this for a friend, they will definitely appreciate it.

Cut out a chunk of your time to be there for your friend, and just sit and listen. Let them talk for as long as they need, and try not to interrupt unless it’s necessary. Giving them that time will not only show them how much you care, but it will probably deepen your friendship as well.

5. Drop By With Their Favorite Drink

Go to their home or place of work and bring them their favorite coffee or tea order. Make sure to send them a quick text before coming (maybe with a little bit of an alibi so they are properly surprised). Or, if you dare, just show up unannounced. Their face will light up when they see that you went out of your way to bring them something they love. 

6. Bake Them a Delicious Treat

Everyone loves homemade baked goods – and I mean everyone! It’s impossible not to appreciate a cookie or a brownie someone bakes just for you.

Find out what your friend’s favorite baked treat is and make it for them! It will definitely make them feel loved. Food is love, after all.

10 Cute Ways to Show Your Friends You Care

7. Surprise Party!

Have you ever seen those moments in TV shows where the main character comes home to find all their friends and family waiting to surprise them? I’m sure we’ve all wished for that to happen to us at some point.

If your friend’s birthday is coming up, or if they just received some good news that is worth celebrating, plan a little get together to commemorate them! You can invite a few close friends for a small dinner party, or go out for a nice meal. The element of surprise will definitely make your friend incredibly happy.

8. Randomly Send a Kind, Uplifting Text

Random texts filled with loving words are wonderful to receive. Send your friend a text telling them how much you care and what you love about them. Or just send them random uplifting words of inspiration.

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You can make it even cuter if you send them a text every day (around the same time) for an entire week! When your friend receives the texts, their mood will instantly brighten.

10 Cute Ways to Show Your Friends You Care

9. Offer Your Services

A great way to show you care is by lending a helping hand to a friend who is feeling overwhelmed. If they have children, offer to come over and babysit them for a couple of hours so they have some time to get things done. Or, if your friend just has too much on their plate, offer to run some errands for them or help them with any other tasks they might need to complete. Helping a friend out when they are stressed is a great way to show how much you care.

Also, offering your skills in whatever trade you specialize in is a wonderful act of friendship. For example, if you are great with repairs, offer to repair something for them. Or if you’re a talented artist, give them a piece of your beautiful art. These are just a few of the many possibilities.  

10. Commemorate Your Friendship on Social Media

Nothing shows love more than a public display of affection, right (lol)? It may be a little cheesy, a little corny—a little over the top, even—but randomly dedicating an Instagram post to your friend may just make their day ten times better.

In your post, list a few reasons why you love them for an extra caring touch. Or just share a really cute picture of the two of you together. A little nugget of love can go a long way.

“Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.” – Paulo Coelho

10 Cute Ways to Show Your Friends You Care

How do you show your friends how much you care about them? Share your own cute ways in the comments below!

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