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Cute Ways To Say I Love You

Sometimes we struggle with expressing ourselves and our emotions. It is hard to express how much we love someone or show that we love them through our actions. We often struggle with what it means to express love or show we love someone. Remember, saying I love you does not always need to be expensive or something traditional. There are many ways to show you love someone; here are some cute ways to say, “I love you.” 

A Tailored Date = Cute & Romantic

Everyone has an idea of what is romantic or what type of Date they like. If you know the person well enough, you can plan a date that is fun or falls under things they enjoy and will let you connect on many levels. For example, a picnic with their favorite foods allows you to have a good conversation and get to know one another over the food you and they both enjoy. You can choose the spot yourself and not have to worry about many people around you or interrupt your time together. Another fun choice could be painting your ceramics. You can paint a plate, a cup, or something else together. This allows you to have a conversation, express yourself, and at the end of the Date, you can give them the piece you made. A date tailored to your significant other’s interests or shared interests is fun, creates a comfortable atmosphere and good conversation. 

Note Cube

The Note Cube is a perfect gift to give a loved one tailored to them as an individual. You are given the ability to share all the things you love about that person presented in a crafted wooden box. You choose the traits and things you love about the person and then read through the note cards you like the most. You can also create notecards written by you and add pictures as well. This box is perfect to have a note a day about the things you love about that person, or they can read it on a rough day. Regardless it is a sweet reminder of what you love and appreciate most about that special someone. Your loved one can display the note cube on a shelf or a dresser without anyone knowing what it is. It is a discrete declaration of love for your special someone.  

Build A Bear For Your Love

Build a Bear has stuffed animals for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a holiday, birthday, or just because, the bears are great customizable treats for your love. For Valentine’s Day, Build-A-Bear has adorable bears that look like roses or that dawn sweet valentines outfits. Any bear can be customized by clothing, scent, and of course, sound. Build A Bear lets you record your voice, and you can leave a sweet message for your loved one to hear every time they squeeze the bear’s foot or hand. What better way to say I love you than to have a customized bear saying how much they adore your loved one. If you are looking to pop the question or give an extra special gift, you can give the bear to your loved one holding a special treat or attaching the item to them. Be creative, have fun, and share the love with an adorable cuddly friend!

Immortal Preserved Rose Teddy Bear Box

If you love the idea of a bear and a rose, how about an immortal preserved rose? There are 22 colors and designs to choose from, making it easily one of the cutest gifts! A box holds the Rose and bear that can be displayed anywhere. It is an excellent gift for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day at an affordable price. The box has a small drawer that opens up and can hold a special treat or small extra gift for your loved one. You can even slip a sweet love note inside the box or maybe an engagement ring. The functionality and cute design make the Immortal Preserved Rose Teddy a cute gift that they will remember for a long time.

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

This adorable bamboo box is a great way to send countless messages of love to your significant other. The small box opens to display a screen with a message or picture sent via the app from your phone. Give the box to your loved one, and whenever you wish to send them a message of love, you use the app on your phone to send the message. The heart on the box will spin to alert the receiver of the incoming message. They open the top of the box and view the message. The Lovebox takes up a notch on sending love notes to your SO. It is the perfect way to send as many messages as you like to your loved one and show you love them cutely and uniquely.  You can say I love you in many ways and thousands of times over with the Lovebox.

Customized M&M Candy

M&M’s are a favorite candy of many, and with the ability to shop their website and customize candy and orders, it is a cute choice to show your love to your SO. There are designs of champagne bottles, hearts, and more. You can put names and pictures on the candy or purchase premade designs such as flowers, the word love, or xoxo on M&M Candy’s. You also can choose colors and packaging designs for your custom candy treats. If you are unsure of what type of design you want, you can always peruse the galleries labeled for various events and holidays. You cannot go wrong with candy and a custom design to create an adorable treat that says I love you whenever you need to. 

See Also

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements have an array of treats to send to show your love, and they can add extra treats like a teddy bear, balloon, and other unique designs based on a holiday or event. You can order cookies, fruit, and chocolate-dipped fruit arrangements as well. If you are looking for a fancy bouquet or just a box of treats, Edible Arrangements has it all. You can choose to have it delivered, or you can pick it up for convenience. Edible Arrangements is also a cute choice for a dessert where you and your SO can enjoy a sweet treat together, whether on a picnic or watching a movie together or something else you have planned to make your night extra special. You can be creative with how you present your arrangement and make whatever you have planned sweet with a tasty treat!

Craft a Gift

I like to take things I am good at and mix them with things I know my SO will like. For example, I am an artist and writer. So I like to mesh the two together to show my love. I create art such as paintings and pictures of things my SO likes. You can also create things with your hands that you know your love will like. For example, if your significant other is a reader, you can create a bookshelf but add cute embellishments. Use wood to create a design that resembles a book, place images of you and your significant other, paint a sweet title such as The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. Be creative, and remember crafting something with your hands and marrying it with things you know your love will enjoy is the best and cutest gift of all!  

From making gifts to purchasing them, there are many cute ways to say I love you. Be unique, creative, and have fun. When you put in thought care, your SO will love anything you choose!

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