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10 Cute Ways To Personalize Your Class Notebooks

10 Cute Ways To Personalize Your Class Notebooks

Going back to school allows you the opportunity to show off your creative side to others. Sometimes class notebooks can be plain and boring, so why not give them your pizzazz! Here are 10 cute ways to personalize your class notebooks to get you started. 

1. Cute Washi Tape Patterns 

This is a simple and easy way to cover your notebook with something you love. Washi Tape comes in many different colors, patterns, and even glitter. Here is where your creativity comes into play, to figure out what pattern you want your notebook to be in.

Cute patterns that always look great are covering the front with 3 to 4 different tapes, trading off between each of them either vertically, horizontally, or in a diagonal. Another way is you can start from the bottom right corner and work your way up with the tape. They can be right next to one another, or you can leave a space in between each row.


You can also start from the bottom and only put tape halfway if you still want to put the subject of the class on your cute notebook. A tip on using Washi Tape is to fold it all the way over to the back of the cover, this way it will not fall off and last you all school year. 

2. Super Cool Embroidered Details 

Something trending and cute for notebooks this year is embroidering designs onto the cover.


The supplies that you will need are an embroidery needle, embroidery yarn, scissors, tape, paper piercing tool, writing utensil, and scratch paper. Once you decide what design you will like, cut the scratch paper to the notebook’s size and sketch out the dots for where you will put your needle through.

With the finished sketch, open the notebook cover and place it on top, making sure the design is aligned to where you want it. Then poke holes through the paper and cover. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end and begin connecting the dots!

For extra security, add tape to the tied ends of the knots on the back of the cover. If you have never embroidered before, don’t worry! You can pick a simple design, like a sun or a triangle pattern. Once you become more familiar with how to embroider or already know how to, you can make incredible pieces such as a pineapple or flowers. These cute embroidered details on your notebook can show off your interests and will be so fun to make. 


3. A Magazine Cut-Out Collage 

We all have old magazines lying around our house that we will never read again, so why not turn them into a super cute personalized collage for your notebook! All you will need are your old magazines and some Mod Podge or a lamination sheet.


Cut out any pictures that really resemble you or quotes that will give you inspiration to complete all your schoolwork. Make sure to lay out all the cut-outs on the notebook before gluing them on, to make sure it is how you want it to look.

If you are using Mod Podge, put on the first layer, lay out your collage, then add the final coat and let dry. If you are using a lamination sheet, you can glue down the cut-outs first to make sure they do not move. Then add the lamination sheet on top and be sure for it to fold over to the backside of the cover, this way your notebook has a clean finish to it. Be creative and have fun making a mini-collage on your class notebooks.


4. Cute AF Stickers 

There are so many cute stickers out there! So you can cover your notebook with stickers from top to bottom. You can find super cheap ones on the internet or even in craft stores. It will be fun to start a collection of stickers for your notebooks too.

This can be a fun DIY to do with a group of friends as well. You will need acrylic paint in your favorite color, and stickers, that’s it!

Open the notebook cover and paint it to make a perfect background for your stickers to stand out. Let it dry completely so that the stickers will adhere with no problem. Don’t forget to first place the stickers the way you want before sticking them on. Stickers are a cute and simple way to personalize your notebook, and they can also be a good conversation starter to meet new people! 


5. Adorable Fuzzy Fabric 

Adding a cute and funky new texture to your class notebook will definitely keep you entertained even in the most boring class. If you go to your local craft store you will find crazy and colorful fuzzy fabrics that you can cover your notebooks with!

Before going to buy the fabric, measure your notebook to be sure to know how much you will actually need. Keep in mind to add an inch to the top, bottom and side of the notebook to fold it over to the back of the cover and give it a clean finish. One way to adhere the fabric to the cover is by using hot glue.


The fuzzy fabric will make your notebooks adorable and one of a kind. A perfect way to start off the school year. 


6. Cute Minimalistic Look 

If you like a more simple and minimal look to your things, this is a very cute idea for you. You usually can not find notebooks at are all the same, but you can make them yourself.

Brown Kraft Paper gives notebooks the look you are always searching for. All you need is the Brown Kraft Paper, scissors, and glue. Measure your notebook to know how much paper to cut. Add an inch to the top, bottom and side to fold it over to the back cover for a more clean finish.

If you have a spiral notebook, add half an inch to that side so you can cut slits into the paper so it fits between the spirals and makes it easier to open the cover and gives it a more uniform look. Once you fold the brown paper over the cover, glue the extra pieces to the back.


If the all brown is too minimal for you, you can also bring out your calligraphy skills and put the subject of the class on it. The minimal look is super cute and will put you on the path to success. 

7. Artistic Watercolor Painting 

If you love to paint, this is a great way to showcase your talent. Watercolor paper is thick and sturdy enough to be put on the cover of your notebook.


You need watercolor paper, watercolor paints, scissors and glue. First, cut the paper to size and if it is a spiral notebook, leave about half an inch of paper to be able to cut slits and fit it onto the cover for a clean finish.

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Then take your time in being creative and finding the perfect drawing you want your notebook to show. Paint it with the watercolors and let it dry completely. Then, glue on your masterpiece to the notebook cover, and voila! A new and improved notebook that is truly personalized to be your own. 


8. Classic But Cute Scrapbook Paper 

Scrapbook paper is always a quick and easy way to cover up a plain notebook and make it cute. There are so many to choose from and that is the fun of it!

You can pick a pattern or one that has animals or flowers, whatever your heart desires. You can decorate it even more by accentuating what you like about the paper you chose, this can be by adding glitter glue.


You can also take different pieces of scrapbook paper and cut them into a variety of shapes that will cover up the notebook. It is all up to you the direction you want to take it!


9. Pom-Poms 

Big, medium or small, pom-poms are a very cute way to decorate your notebook. You can pick some up from your local craft store or you can even make your own. Depending on how many you want to see, there are endless ways you can personalize your notebook with pom-poms!

To start off as a base to your creativity, you should paint the notebook cover with your favorite color in acrylic paint. Once it is dry, you can add the pom-poms in a polka dot pattern sticking them on with hot glue to make sure they stay.

You can also print out a picture you like and add the pom-poms to it, such as blooming flowers on cacti or beach balls on the noses of sea lions. If you want to take a leap into the DIY there are many ways to make pom-poms at home! Making your own will make your notebook even more cute and unique!


10. DIY Marble Print 

Marble print is something that will never go out of style! And there definitely is a way you can paint it onto your notebook to make it look cute and personalized.

The supplies you will need is white cardstock, light grey and dark grey paint, scissors, paintbrush, a thinner paintbrush, and Mod Podge. First, cut the cardstock so it can fit onto the cover of your notebook. Then start painting the marble print with the light grey paint. Taking the thinner paintbrush and the dark grey, go over where you first painted your lines, this will add the details that will make it look like marble!


Once you let it dry, glue it onto your notebook by using Mod Podge, for a complete final look. It is a simple and cute way to make a notebook look more personalized. It can be fun to try it out with your favorite colors as well.

Are you going to try these cute ways to personalize your class notebooks? Which idea was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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