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10 Cute Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Clothes

10 Cute Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Clothes

Sometimes it can be hard figuring out what to do with clothes that are either too small, too big, or damaged beyond repair. In turn, having those items may take up a lot more room than what they’re worth – making them a hassle to keep around. That’s why we came up with these 10 cute ways to make use of your old clothes so that your closet can be restored to its former glory. 

1. Make A Scarf Out Of Your Old T-Shirts

One trendy way – that you can make use of your old t-shirts – is by altering them into a scarf. In doing so, you can easily put together all your favorites shirts – that may have grown too small for you over the years. Fortunately, this allows you to hold onto those cherished memories, instead of having to get rid of them; memories are something you should never be forced to outgrow, and now you don’t have to. 

10 Cute Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Clothes


2. Make A Sock Monkey Out Of Your Old Socks. 

If you are big on stuffed animals then you’ll love this way to make use of your old socks. Some people are rough on their feet, and as a result of such their socks oftentimes pay the price. But instead of throwing them to the side at the first sight of shrinkage, holes, or faded color – try and use them to craft your next sock monkey. Fortunately, you save yourself money while making an adorable decoration in the process. 

3. Make A Tube Top Out Of Your Old Dress. 

Do you have an old dress that you may have outgrown – or aren’t too fond of any more? Every one of us has had one of those – at least one time within our lives; consequently, it may have come as a product of buyer’s remorse. Fortunately, no matter the reason you can still alter your dress into a fashionably cute tube top. 

4. Make A Pillowcase Out Of Your Old Sweater.

It’s devastating when you find a hole in your favorite cashmere sweater – because the material isn’t as easy to patch as one might think. In turn, when you find that your sweater is damaged beyond repair consider altering it into an adorable pillowcase for one of your throw pillows – if not all. Fortunately, this will not only put the item to good use but allow your furniture to feel warm and inviting during the fall and winter months. 


10 Cute Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Clothes

5. Make Wall Art Out Of Your Graphic T. 

Have you been hoarding all of your favorite graphic T-shirts from middle school to now? If so, then it may be time to use them as wall art – rather than to dispose of them – like so many people have told you to do. The best part about this is that it can be done within a matter of minutes; all that you need to do is cut the middle – into the shape of a square – so that it can easily be centered within the frame. Your cute and trendy work can then be on display for all to see.  

6. Make Crop Tops Out Of Long Sleeve Shirts.

Your favorite long sleeve shirt shouldn’t have to hide away – during the spring and summer months. Instead, make use of it by turning it into a long-sleeved crop top. All that you need – in order to DIY this adorable piece – is some scissors, and a sewing kit to tie up any loose ends. After you’ve cut the bottom half of your shirt, you can then decide whether or not you want to add accessories to it – such as a bow, frayed edges, and so on.  


7. Make An Infinity Scarf Out Of Pajama Pants.

Do you have pajama pants in your closet that are simply wasting away? One way to put them to good use is by making an infinity scarf out of them. This works especially well if they have a plaid design – or something similar – because it will aid in making your scarf all the more stylish. Your chic new item can then be paired with any outfit of your choosing, and be used throughout the season.

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10 Cute Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Clothes


8. Make Crafts Out Of Your Old Clothes. 

One way which you can do this is by cutting out the denim pockets of your jeans. In doing so, you can use each pouch to keep things organized – such as pencils, and other forms of stationery. This unique idea beats having an ordinary pencil holder any day – and is beneficial when you have jeans that no longer fit you. Fortunately, you can even make use of the leftover fabric, by using it as decoration for a bulletin, or other DIY activity. 

9. Make A Purse Out Of Your Old Denim. 

Looking for a way to save money on designer purses? Well, here you have it. By using your old denim you can create a trendy tote – and even pick or choose your color depending on what shades of jean material that you have. This will not only have you getting back to back compliments, but have people questioning you on how you made something so stylish.  

10. Make A Cardigan Out Of Your Old Sweater. 

This is perfect for all my girls out there who know the struggle of buying an item that’s too small – only to lose the receipt. Fortunately, this fixes the problem as a whole by allowing you to turn your cute sweater into an even cuter cardigan. The best part about this is that it doesn’t take much time, and can be done easily by making a few cuts straight up the front of your sweater.  


10 Cute Ways To Make Use Of Your Old Clothes

We hope that these 10 best ways to make use of your old clothes can help you style up your closet. Be sure to share – and let us know your favorites – in the comments below! 

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