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10 Cute Ways to Flirt via the Internet During Quarantine

In this COVID-19 ridden world, you may find yourself questioning your existence, scrolling through your Instagram feed for the 98th time by 10 AM, or worse, getting caught up in a quarantine fling. By definition, a quarantine fling is when an individual practicing self-isolation becomes so bored that they turn to a temporary significant other to flirt with and talk to. Typically found through dating apps, or simply sliding into the direct messages of an old high school hottie in one’s hometown, individuals involved in quarantine flings have to find alternate mechanisms for flirting via the internet due to lack of in-person interaction. If you are trying to find your quarantine match, but simply don’t know where to start, these 12 cute ways to flirt online will have your quarantine crush drooling over the keyboard. 

1. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is an extension you can add to your chrome browser on your computer. Netflix Party allows you to share the link of whatever show or movie you are watching, so another Netflix user can watch at the same time as you. It also syncs your screens, meaning when one person pauses the flick, it pauses for the other user as well. Netflix Party also has a sidebar chat room, allowing both people to make comments on whatever you are watching. This makes it feel as though you are watching with your quarantine fling in person. A good way to keep in contact during quarantine, while being flirty is to pick a show and Netflix Party each season with someone consistently. By watching a few episodes a day, it will be as though it is your show that you come home to watching every night with your significant other. 

2. Send Eachother Youtube Videos

When boredom takes over, it is easy to find yourself in the depths of Youtube, searching random and irrelevant videos, only to occasionally stumble across a cute or meaningful upload. If this happens to you, or if you are simply a Youtube buff in general, send the link to your quarantine significant other. This is easy and one of the cute ways to flirt via the internet because it shows the person you are thinking about them. 

3. Zoom Date

As the whole world has been turning to the online video chatting website and downloadable application service, Zoom, for important meetings and even social events, it only makes sense that you would have dates via Zoom. Try spicing it up by planning a specific time to Zoom and dressing up out of your sweat pants. By acting as though you are going on a real date, you will get more satisfaction out of the evening and not simply dwell on missing your quarantine lover the whole time. This also lets your significant other see your willingness to put effort into your relationship, even if you cannot show them that in person. 

4. Write Letters

Writing letters may seem weird and old fashioned, but do not hold back from using this method out of the cute ways to flirt if you cannot see each other in person for a while. A letter is a personal keepsake that both people in a relationship can cherish in the long term. Writing a letter also takes significantly more time and effort than simply drafting a text message, which will show your significant other how much you care for them.  

5. Make Eachother Art

This is an easy way to pass time in quarantine and please your significant other at the same time. If you are looking for a creative outlet in quarantine, do not hesitate to create something for your quarantine crush. 

6. Make a List of Things to do Post-Quarantine

Quarantine can feel long and boring at times, and an easy way to make the time pass faster is by having something to look forward to. By making a list of things you want to do with your significant other after quarantine, you will both be excited for what is to come, and have a listed line up of dates to go on prepared without even having to think. 

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7. Online Shop for Eachother

A fun outing to do with your significant other is shopping, however since quarantine prohibits the ability to do this, online shopping for each other is an alternative way to take part in this fun. By filling carts for each other and sending them to one another, you can show your significant other what you think they would look good in, or simply have a fun time playing pretend rich and acting as though you can buy everything in the world for you quarantine crush. 

8. Send a Present

Similar to sending your artwork to your significant other, consider sending them a present to their doorstep that can help them get through quarantine a little easier, such as a journal or book. Another idea that falls under cute ways to flirt in quarantine is to send them flowers. Being trapped inside all-day can become stressful and feel neverending, sending your lover a beautiful little piece of the outside world is a meaningful gift and will show that you are thinking of them.

9. Send a Hoodie

In relationships, one of the cutest ways to flirt is by giving your significant other your jacket, or clothes of yours to wear. An adorable way to replicate this in quarantine is to send your quarantine to crush one of your hoodies or T-shirts. 

10. Make Playlists for One Another

While you might not be able to share music with each other in person and discuss your favorite songs and bands, another of the cute ways to flirt is by making a playlist for someone via Spotify or Apple Music and sharing the link. This updated version of making significant others a mixtape might be new, but the feelings are so old and raw. 

How have you been flirting via the internet during quarantine? Let us know in the comment section below!

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