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Cute Ways to Decorate and Display Your Favorite Houseplants

There are so many cute ways to decorate plants, giving your plant so much-needed love, and adding some pretty uniqueness to your living space. When you have a few different plants where you live, you’re always looking for new or seasonal ways to display them that complement their beauty and liven up their arrangement. Here are some of my favorite suggested ways to decorate and display beloved houseplants that you can try and make your own.


There is something really cute about a surprise plant arrangement for the front of your fridge. It screams of healthy, freshness, and nature in general. To liven up an appliance-heavy kitchen area, find those little nooks and crannies for a surprise plant. On the back of your fridge in a magnetic holder or attached pot piece is a unique way to display your plants. Add colors and textures for personal touches and there are many other variations possible too. Since your fridge is already a protected back to a plant, you can even find or make your own half pot to attach.

Herb Garden

Speaking of your kitchen space, one of those totally kitchen-useful and cute ways to decorate plants is to create an herb garden space in your kitchen. Fresh plants in your kitchen that also provide endless herbs and other additions to your meals save money and look great too! 

There are many cute herb garden ideas including individual cube spaces, on tiered shelves, or a wall unit for more space utilization. A container or cute pot system with individual labels and spots can also be cute. For added kitchen vibes, you can use a milk crate, small kitchen jars, or even small teacups or espresso cups for each. 

Art Pieces

If you have any old art projects with character, they can also definitely be turned into cute ways to decorate plants. This idea also has some great opportunities to show your individual character and highlight your life and growth. Any old ceramic pots you made in any art class and saved or your family saved can be used. 

A way to save money on displaying your houseplants but keep all the character you desire in their displays is to see what you can already use that’s around your home. I love this idea because it has so much more personality, warmth, and personal meaning to those living in the space than a store-bought vase or ceramic piece.

Personal Interests

If you really like any specific animals, hobbies, or activities, there are also cute ways to decorate plants using those interests. If you really like cows or owls, there are many different deep ceramic bowls, holders, and boxes of your interest that can hold plants. The thing is, even if a container is not specified in its description or outright stated purpose as for plant holding, you just need to look for a few certain materials in your containers or vessels and they can be great, unique plant holders. 

The materials best for plant holding are clay ceramic, glazed ceramic, wood, metal, and plastic. Clay ceramic can be less expensive than glazed ceramic unless you have any pieces at home. However, there are many different variations in colors and patterns to glazed ceramic pieces versus clay. Wood, metal, and plastic pieces also have wonderful variations and are easier to either find at home or purchase inexpensively.

Wooden Boxes

When it comes to wood, there are many cute ways to decorate plants. Aside from wooden crates, any old wooden pieces you have at home can be turned into cute plant holders. They can even be easily painted and decorated further if you desire. A built or bought birdhouse is a cute, unique idea for plant storage, especially outdoors, just be sure the birds don’t try to dive in! 

Wood lighthouses are another idea. You can even hollow out interesting pieces of wood that appeal to you and create your own plant spaces in them. Just be sure to properly clean and protect the spaces as plant holders before using. Old wooden containers or chests, including carved or decorated, can also make great plant spaces. Wheelbarrows, especially small, can be used as great plant pieces outdoors. The more weathered or creative-looking, the better.

See Also

Hanging Plants

To utilize your wall space and add interest to your walls or ceiling at the same time, consider hangers or wall holders as cute ways to decorate plants. You can use cloth and macrame hangers to display your favorite houseplants. There are even tiered variations of these hangers, adding interest and depth to your corner and ceiling spaces. If you like metal decorations, you can also use metal or linked holders to display your plants from the ceiling.

Metal Holders

Metal pots and other holders are some of the cutest ways to display your plants, especially when it comes to outdoor displays and arrangements. A little rusting overtime can even add unique interest and coloration instead of ruining your holder and display piece. They can really serve as nice garden and yard accents. Many cute variations of metal holders include old cans, farm equipment, and any other weather-resistant metal piece with a hollowed inside space. 

Tiered Tables

There are many different small end tables that can make cute plant holders too. Especially if you get a tiered set, there can be great variation, dimension, and shapes possible to liven up your home space. The more unique your plant holders, the more true opportunity to make your plant decorations and displays your own. 

Get inspired with holiday themes, lights, and further art added or surrounding. Get an accent rug or floor piece to compliment. When you have plants that require specific light, temperatures, and water amounts, those are great opportunities to get creative with their spaces. 

For how to decorate plants in displays and areas of the home, indoor and outdoor, there are many great ways to get creative and make abundant beauty. Look to your interests, personality, and what you have at home for unique opportunities. Let us know what you thought of these cute ways to decorate plants today!

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