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50 Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

50 Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Cute Valentine's Day gifts for him and for every stage of the relationship! Cheap and affordable options that are funny, creative and unique gift ideas!

Picking out Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend can be really stressful! With factors like how much you should spend, how long you’ve been dating, and what he likes, choosing the right gift for him can be pretty hard. That’s why we’ve come up with the perfect gift guide for every stage of your relationship! Whether you’re just starting out or have been going strong for years, there is a gift he’ll love, and a gift for any price point you have in mind! Below are some cute Valentine’s Day gifts for him! Take a deep breath, you got this!

If You’ve Just Made It Official

So you guys made it official 3 weeks ago, and you’re asking yourself, “do I get him a gift?”, “how much money should I spend?” To answer these questions, it’d probably be a nice gesture to give your new boo a gift, but keep it light-hearted or get a silly gift. There are lot’s of cute and affordable gifts out there that will be sure to put a smile on his face!

Unexpectedly Delicious Treats.

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!

There are no two better things than bacon and chocolate, and chances are your new man likes both. So why combine the two and get chocolate with bacon in it? Or opt for some candied bacon if he’s not big on chocolate. Both sound delicious.


Beer Jelly Beans

Another amazing combo. What guy doesn’t love beer? These ‘Draft Beer’ jelly beans taste like the real thing with a sugary twist.

A Funny Pair Of Socks.

If You Can Read This Socks

Ideal for the guy who loves to throw back a pint or two on the reg, but hates getting up to get another.

Some Cute Foodie Socks

Let’s taco ’bout how cute these are.


If He’s A Beer Fan.

This Beer Prescription Cooler

Okay, this is pretty funny. Perfect if you’ve been dating for a month and you’ve noticed he orders a beer on every date.

A Nice Bar Of Soap

Not because he smells bad, but because when else will you get the opportunity to combine washing yourself with beer?

If It’s Been Months And Counting

By now, you two have definitely warmed up to each other, and you can see this relationship going places. You know all of his friends and he knows all of yours. You have frequent sleepovers and do many things together from date nights to Target runs. A cute gift with a little more thought is a good idea. Try some grooming accessories or something that supports his Friday night drinking habits.

Grooming Accessories Because Every Guy Can Use Some Pampering.

Lush Prince Shaving Cream

If he’s courting you around like a princess by now, get him some shaving cream made for a true prince.

A Grooming Box

This gift covers all the essentials: shaving cream, aftershave, pre-shave, hair products, shampoo, face and body products, and grooming tools!

The Perfect Gift For His Guys’ Night.

Bud Light Shots And Glasses

These cool glasses and shot glasses are handmade from real beer bottles. The boys will definitely be impressed.

A Skull Shot Glass Set

Nothing screams ‘bad boy’ like these cool shot glasses. Comes with six glasses.


Some Fun Undies.

A Pair Of Boxers He’ll Love

Do you know his favorite TV show? His favorite cartoon character? His favorite food? Well, there’s a pair of boxers for all those.


Keep Him Smelling Nice With A New Scent.

A Cologne Sampler

He’s never had a girlfriend as good as you, so chances are he hasn’t had a female help him pick out a signature scent. Get him started on the right path with a cologne sampler set.

Lot of 12 Vial Samples - Men's Fragrance Cologne Sampler

A Rugged Scent For A Rugged Man

Get him a manly scent like “wood” or “leather” to bring out his inner lion. Any guy will love a good manly man’s gift.


A New Phone Case.

A Case With A Built-In Wallet

These awesome phone cases are perfect for any guy; sleek looking and has a wallet attached. What more could a guy ask for?


A Life Proof Case

If he’s prone to breaking things, opt for a super sturdy phone case so he’s incapable of destructing his phone. He’ll thank you next time he’s at the bar and drops his phone.


If It’s Been A Year

So by now, you might be in the “I love you” stage or getting pretty close. Things are serious, and you’re okay with him peeing with the door open. You’ve seen each other’s gross habits and still adore him for who he is. You can always go for a silly gift that shows him how much he means to you or maybe even a sexy gift to keep those flames alive!

Give Him An Ego Boost.

The Best Boyfriend Ever Award

If he’s stuck around you for this long, he deserves to know how great he is. Award him with the ‘best boyfriend ever’ honor.


Give The Gift Of Your Face (And His.)

A Picture Frame Of The Two Of You

A cute frame that displays your overwhelming amount of affection for one another will do. Just make sure to add a picture before gifting it!


If He Still Doesn’t Know How To Cook.

A Grilled Cheese Toaster

Make it easy for him with this toaster, that way he won’t burn down the apartment next time he tries to make a grilled cheese.


A ‘Star Wars’ Themed Waffle Maker

What’s better than a waffle maker? A waffle maker that’s Star Wars themed, of course. Chances are, your guy is a big fan of both. Now maybe he can start doing more of the cooking with this super easy-to-use waffle maker.

Promiscuous Gifts To Keep It Spicy.

Sex Dice

A pair of these dice with endless possibilities will make for a fun and adventurous night in with bae.

A Racy Game Of Truth Or Dare

This game will be sure to heat up your love life with 100 sticks containing sexy truths or dirty dares!

If He’s Consumed At Least 1000 Beers Throughout Your Relationship.

A Beer Cap Map

This awesome gift is totally unique and perfect for any beer lover. Hopefully you won’t be finding the caps all over the floor anymore.

A Craft Beer Cook Book

This book allows him to recreate his favorite beer infused dishes from popular breweries and pubs!

A Handcrafted Wooden Beer Mug

This beer mug is the real deal. It’s handmade with oak wood and contains a stainless steel cup on the inside that can hold 20 oz of beer!


If You’re In It For The Long Haul (2+ Years And Counting)

You think you’ve found the one and you have no intentions of leaving him anytime soon. You know each other’s insides and outs like the back of your hand. And you can practically finish each other’s sentences and are totally in loooove.

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Techie Gifts Are Always A Great Choice.

Those Beats He’s Been Eyeing

A good pair of wireless Beats is almost like an investment. But if he’s been eyeing these and you think he deserves them, then go for it!

A Fitbit 

If your man is athletic or likes to stay in shape, he’s bound to love this Fitbit that will maximize his workouts!

Personalized Man Accessories.

A Wallet

Every man needs a quality wallet, so why not take the extra step and get his personalized? He’ll feel super special with this awesome gift. Not to mention, he’ll think of you every time he opens his wallet (if he doesn’t already do that!)


A Beard Or Mustache Comb

Guys groom their hair just like we groom ours. And by hair I mean facial hair. Get him a comb made exactly to do this.


A Leather Briefcase

If he’s always on the go and wants to sport his laptop and papers in style, then get him a nice leather briefcase!

A Sentimental Gift.

A “Reasons Why I Love You” Jar

So this is probably the cutest and definitely one of the most affordable gifts on the list. What better than a jar filled with all the reasons why you love your guy. After all, it’s the thought that counts the most!

A “Reasons Why I Love You” Notebook

This is another totally adorable and affordable gift that will mean so much to him!

Getting Dressed Up (Or Down) For Him Is Never A Bad Idea.


What guy doesn’t love lingerie? If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom or make him pleasantly surprised, lingerie is the way to go!



 If He’s Your Hubby

You’ve spent countless Valentine’s Days together and have exchanged an endless amount of gifts. At this point, you might even be over Valentine’s Day! If you are, there’s nothing like a silly gift to make him laugh… and if you’re not, there are so many sentimental gifts that he will be guaranteed to cherish forever!

A Funny Gift To Keep The Laughs Flowing.

A New Set Of Pillowcases

Okay, these are great. And if we’re being totally honest here, they’re pretty realistic.

This Toilet Paper

This toilet paper, quite literally , tells it like it is. He’ll get a kick out of this for sure and definitely put it to use.

An Interactive Gift That Your Relationship Can Benefit From.

A 3-Year Q & A Journal

This journal is perfect for creating a time capsule of your relationship throughout the years and provides an exciting and fun way to look back on all your memories together!

A Gift Filled With Memories

A Photo Frame To Cherish Those Mems

Nothing says true love like these adorable photo frames! *Que the tears.*


Some Adorable Wall Art

This wall art is way to cherish the day you said “I Do” forever! You can add your names, where you were married and the date your relationship was “established.” So cute!

Can you think of any other cute Valentine’s Day gifts for him? Share in the comments below!

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These are such cute Valentine's day gifts for him!

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